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Aircraft Radios


Marconi Type AA-14201-1 Airborne HF Transceiver
No details are presently available for this set. Weight 10kg.
Please help if you know anything about this Transceiver.
Plessey PTR-1751 Airborne UHF/AM Transceiver
The PTR1751 is lightweight UHF military airborne transceiver designed to provide air-to-air and air-to-ground communications under severe electrical and environmental conditions. Used by RAF, British Army and Royal Navy, it is suitable for use in all types of helicopter and fixed-wind aircraft, and is intended primarily for air traffic control, but this role can be extended with optional extras to include homing and continuous AM reception on the international distress frequency of 243 MHz. The PTR1751 operates over the 225 to 399.975 MHz frequency range and provides 7000 channels at 25 kHz intervals throughout the range. The channel spacing is 50 kHz with 25 kHz spacing available as an option. The power output is 10 or 20 W minimum, under all conditions of operation. Part Number: 630/1/37851/119, Nato Number: 5821-99-778-7570. Weight 8Kg.
618P-6 Aircraft Receiver/Transmitter

£65.00 (Approximately US$ 83.20)
51X-3 & 17L-8A Receiver/Transmitter
VHF Aircraft set made by Collins Radio Co. 108.0 to 126.9 Mhz.
AN/ARC-73 VHF Aircraft Transceiver
VHF Aircraft radio set made by Collins Radio Co. The radio set consists of , R-1123A (51X2B) receiver, T-879 (17L-7A) transmitter, C-4074 (614U) remote tuning control and MT-2699 rack. T-879 transmitter covers 116-149.95 Mhz AM in 50 KHz steps, 680 channels, 25 watts output. 100mw side-tone level into 500 Ohms, Mic impedance 100 Ohms, Antenna impedance 52 Ohms.
R-1123A receiver covers 108-151.95 Mhz in 50 KHz steps, 720 channels. Sensitivity 3uv, 500 Ohms audio, Antenna impedance 52 Ohms.
RT-294 / ARC-44
Complete Aircraft radio set, 24-51.9 Mhz, 280 channels, 100 Khz channel spacing, FM, power output 8 watts. Provides FM communication for aircraft and attachment of a homing device. Remote control unit has frequency selector with mechanical digital frequency display, on/off switch, and volume control.
The kit consists of RT-294 Aircraft radio, Dynamotor power supply, Antenna junction box, and the Remote control box. Used connectors are supplied for RT-294 and remote control.
£135.00 (Approximately US$ 172.80)
VHF Comms Rx / Tx. All in one unit. Goes into a standard aircraft instrument panel cut out.
RT-178 / ARC-27 UHF Aircraft Transceiver
Receiver-Transmitter, RT-178/ARC-27 UHF Aircraft Transceiver. Frequency Range 225-399.9 MHz, A2, A3 emissions. Power output: 9 watts. 18 preset frequencies on any one of 1750 frequency channels. Transmitter may be tone modulated at 1020 Hz for emergency or direction finding purposes. One guard channel in the 238- 249 MHz range can be simultaneously monitored. The Radio is supplied in good condition Grade 3 Un-Tested.
STR37E VHF Aircraft Radio Transceiver
The STR37E VHF Aircraft Radio Transceiver is made by STC Standard Telephone and Cable. It is a small VHF Aircraft Radio Transceiver that can be directly panel mounted in the aircrafts cockpit, easy frequency selection by two large knobs mounted on the front panel. It operates in the frequency range of 116.00 MHz to 135.95 MHz, 400 total channels with 50KHz Channel Spacing. The Squelch and Volume Control along with the ON/OFF Switch are also mounted on the front panel. Transmitter Power Output 1 Watt. It is very nicely constructed with metal chassis. Uses a standart 36 pin Centronics connector on the back panel for DC power and audio interface to speaker / headset and microphone. The radio runs from a standard aircraft 28 Volt power supply.

These radios are supplied in very nice condition and include the test certificate.

The Centronics pin-out is:
Pin-1 Negative & case (GND)
Pin-2 Radio +ve (+28 Volts)
Pin-3 PTT
Pin-19 Panel Bulb +ve (+28 Volts)
Pin-21 & Pin-22 Audio output
£150.00 (Approximately US$ 192.00)
Indicator Attitude
Attitude Indicator shows the aircraft's position relative to the earth's horizon. The Top part painted in light blue represents the sky (CLIMB), and the lower black part the ground (DIVE). The white (-w-) In the centre represents the aeroplane in relation to the horizon. Also has vertical and horizontal needle indicators and a red 'Power Off' warning indicator.
£125.00 (Approximately US$ 160.00)
Air Speed Indicator
Aircraft speed indicator in Knots. Made by Pandect Precision Components Ltd. in England, Part Number PPC-2367/79. Available in limited numbers, supplied in very good condition. Connection is by a 19 pin connector at the back of the unit. No further details are presently available.
£35.00 (Approximately US$ 44.80)
Indicator Turn & Slip MK 2A
The Turn & Slip MK 2A Indicator shows the rate and direction of a turn of a aircraft. There is also a white ball which indicates if the aircraft is slipping to the left or right. Power Off warning indicator. These indicators were removed from British Military aircraft's. Connection is by a 2 pin plug at the back of the unit. No further details are presently available. The Turn and Slip indicators are available in limited numbers and are supplied in very good condition.
£28.00 (Approximately US$ 35.84)
Fuel Level Indicator
These were removed from British Military aircraft's. They indicate the amount of fuel in the left and right hand wing of the aircraft, calibrated in UK Gallons.
£18.00 (Approximately US$ 23.04)
Pressure Indicator
These were removed from British Military aircraft's. They indicate pressure in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and the scale is market from 20 to 0 X100, with the indicator needle starting at 20.
£18.00 (Approximately US$ 23.04)
AN-ARM-92 Test Set
This test set is available in untested condition and includes some accessories.
IP-710/APQ-99 Phantom Fighter Jet Radar Indicator
The IP-710/APQ-99 radar indicators were removed from RF-4 Phantom Fighter Jets. Made by Texas Instruments the indicator unit is part of the AN/APQ-99 radar system still in use today.

The radar system was specially developed for the RF-4 version of Phantom Jets. The AN/APQ-99 radar unit is an elevation twin lobe mono-pulse system with ground mapping and terrain following capabilities operating in the J-band frequencies.

The IP-710/APQ-99 Radar Indicator is supplied in good condition, Grade-3 Un-tested.