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American Radios


H-161M Headset Microphone Cable Kit
This cable kit consists of a CX-8650 Headset connecting cable, a Throat Microphone and a key switch. The release-to-listen action key switch has three positions. Centre OFF position, a spring-loaded push-to-talk RAD position and a ICS position. Headset is not included with this kit. The following US audio accessories as well as others can be used with this cable. H-161/C, H-161/D, H-161/E Headsets and MK-1039/G Headset / Microphone.
£25.00 (Approximately US$ 32.00)
T-17 Microphone
Carbon granule microphone with push-to-talk switch, available in metal or black plastic, for use with BC-1306, GRC-9, and other radio sets. Includes cord with PL-68 Plug.
£18.50 (Approximately US$ 23.68)
H-33/PT Handset
Handset H-33/PT is a combination microphone and ear piece and push to talk switch in a plastic case. Connecting cord terminates in a U-77/U connector. Microphone impedance 40 Ohms, ear piece 300 Ohm.
£16.50 (Approximately US$ 21.12)
LS-7 Loudspeaker
LS-7 for use with BC-1306, GRC-9 or other radios. Permanent magnet type loudspeaker, with a 4 diameter cone and 4000 Ohm matching transformer in metal box. Includes cord with PL-55 Plug.
IN-127 GRC-9 / BC-1306 Antenna Base
Antenna base for mobile configuration of GRC-9 and the BC-1306 radios.
£25.00 (Approximately US$ 32.00)
Vehicle Antenna Rod Set for Landrovers & Jeeps (Same as MS-116, MS-117 & MS-118 Antenna Rods)
This is the standard vehicle antenna rods that were fitted to many military vehicles such as the British Landrovers using the Clansman radios and American Jeeps.

The antenna rod sets are supplied as a set of three 1 meter 3 feet painted copper-coated steel antenna rods. The rods are sequentially screwed into one another and extend to 3 meters 9 feet.

Up to two extra bottom section rods can be added to extend height to 5 meters 16 feet total.

The antenna rods would fit the following American antenna mast bases, MP-65, AB-22, AB-24, as well as most British mast bases such as the Clansman Base Aerial Support No. 31 and NATO vehicle antenna mast bases. American part number for the rods is MS-116A, MS-117A, MS-118A.

The standard set is supplied as a set of 3 rods, extended rodset is also available, please choose below. The rods are supplied in good used condition, grade 2.
£15.00 (Approximately US$ 19.20)
MP-65 Vehicular Mast Base
MP-65 Mast base for MS-116, MS-117, MS-118 or AB-21, AB-22, AB-23, AB-24 mast sections. Spring action with 4 * 3 diameter ceramic insulator. Antenna connection is on the bottom of mast base. Requires a 2 diameter mounting hole.
£32.50 (Approximately US$ 41.60)
J-37 Morse Key
Morse key for use with GRC-9, BC-1306 and other war time radios. Complete with spring type leg strap.
£24.50 (Approximately US$ 31.36)
C-2289 Control Box for VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System
The C-2298 is the standard Crewmember Control Box in a VIC-1 Intercom system. The C-2298/VRC allows vehicle crewmembers to select, by means of the MONITOR switch and the audio accessory controls, to communicate with other crewmembers via the intercom circuit, or remotely operate or monitor any radio equipment connected to the AM-1780/VRC.

When connected to a special port on the AM-1780/VRC, the standard control box becomes a Commander's Control Box, allowing the vehicle commander to control and/or override crewmember functions of the intercom and radio equipment.

AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System Over-View
The AN/VIC-1 is a part of electrical harness of vehicles such as Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Self Propelled Howitzers. The AN/VIC-1 Intercommunications system provides tactical vehicle crew members with facilities for communications with radio connected to the system, as well as facilities for communicating with each other. It includes the AM-1780 and intercommunications remote control box C-2298. The number of remote control units used are dependent upon type of vehicle and its operational requirements.
  • Can support 2 Transmit / Receive radios and 2 Receive only radios.
  • Provides up to six intercom stations.
  • Push to talk can be selected for all stations or just the commanders station.
  • Each intercom station can select ALL or Radios A/B/C or intercom only operation.
  • Radio volume is reduced automatically when intercom is keyed.
  • Passive mode operation of radio's audio when the system is not powered.
  • Simplifies radio and intercom wiring.
  • Stations can use a Headset, CVC Helmet, H-180 headphones, H-250 Handset or M-80 Microphone.
  • Ruggedly constructed, water resistant and weather proof to military specification.
  • Operates from 24 Volt DC vehicle power supply.
CW-140 / GRC-9 Radio Canvas Bag
CW-140 / GRC-9 Radio Canvas Bag for carrying the GRC-9 radio sets. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
BG-174 Antenna & GN-58 Legs & Seat Canvas Bag
BG-174 Canvas Bag for Antenna Equipment and GN-58 Legs & Seat. Used with GRC-9 and BC-1306 radio stations as well as some other radio stations. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
£28.50 (Approximately US$ 36.48)
BG-175 Generator Canvas Bag
BG-175 Canvas Bag for carrying GN-58 Hand Generator. Used with GRC-9 and BC-1306 radio stations as well as some other radio stations. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
BG-186 Remote Control Canvas Bag
For storage of the RC-261 Remote Control Kit. Used with the GRC-9, BC-1306 and other W.W.II radio stations. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
£13.50 (Approximately US$ 17.28)
PRC-77 Back-Pack VHF Radio
The AN/PRC-77 is a light weight Synthesised VHF man-pack radio. Solid state construction with 2 Watts power output. The radio provides 920 channels in 2 VHF frequency bands 30-52.95 MHz, and 53-75.95 MHz FM. These PRC-77 Radios have a channel spacing of 25 KHz. Requires 12.5-15 Volts DC @800 ma. Frequency selection by front panel knobs, frequency display by digital mechanical read-out.

The radio is supplied in good tested condition and includes the battery box with D Size Battery Adapter, Back-Pack and H-189 Handset, but no antenna!
£325.00 (Approximately US$ 416.00)
GN-58 Field Hand Crank Generator for the GRC-9
GN-58 Field Hand Crank Generator for use with BC-1306 and GRC-9 radio sets. Outputs 425 VDC @115ma, 105 VDC @32ma, 6.3 VDC @2.5A, 1.4 VDC @465ma. The kit comes complete with Hand Cranks, Legs and Seat.
£85.00 (Approximately US$ 108.80)
RC-261 Remote Control Kit
RC-261 Wire Remote Control Kit, used with GRC-9, BC-1000, SCR-619, BC-1306, and other similar radio sets. This kit allows remote operation of a transceiver, from 0.5 Miles away, using 2 core field telephone wire. Has Hi/Low impedance matching switch, operates on 3 VDC using two BA-30 D cells.

RC-261 Remote Control Kit, Includes RM-53 Local Control Box and RM-52 Remote Control Box.
£38.50 (Approximately US$ 49.28)
BX-49 Crystal and Coil Kit for BC-611
Crystal and Coil Kit for BC-611. Box is dated 1943. Has 12 sets of coils and crystals.
RT-77/GRC-9 Backpack or Vehicular Transceiver
The AN/GRC-9 Radio Station is a low-power radio transmitter and receiver that was used in either ground or vehicles applications. Made in USA or under licence in Germany and France.
Receiver Section, covers 2-3.6, 3.6-6.6, and 6.6-12 MHz continuously tuneable in 3 bands AM-CW, 456 KHz IF, 200 KHz Calibration Points. AF and RF Gain Controls and Headset jacks. Tubes 2* 1L4, 3* 1R5, 1* 1S5, 1* 3Q4. May require a new grid bias battery. Requires 1.4 VDC @450ma and 105 V @20ma.
HS-30 Head Set
HS-30 Headset with CD-804 cord, for use with GRC-9, BC1306, BC-1000, and other war time radios.
£10.50 (Approximately US$ 13.44)
BX-53 Spare Parts and Tube Box Empty Box
Empty BX-53 Spares and Tube box for the BC-1306 and GRC-9 Radios.
Please note: the pictures shows a full box with spare parts.
£8.50 (Approximately US$ 10.88)
PRC-6/6 Miniature Tube Set
Spare Tubes for the German PRC-6/6 radio. This set include the following miniature tubes in new condition.4* DF61, 2* 1AD4, 1* 5672, 1* 5678, 1* 6397. Total 9 tubes.
£23.50 (Approximately US$ 30.08)
German PRC-6/6 Empty Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6 radio set. Picture below shows a full crystal box for demonstration.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
PRC-6 Crystal Pair
Crystals for the American PRC-6 sold as matched pairs. (No choice on Frequency).
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
CY-853/PRC-6 Full Crystal Kit
Full Crystal Box for the American PRC-6 Radio. The kit includes 42 Crystals.
£45.00 (Approximately US$ 57.60)
PRC-6/6 Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
FT-515 Side Antenna Holder for GRC-9
The side antenna holder for the GRC-9 radio. The FT-515 allows the IN-127 Antenna Mast Base to be fitted to the radio when the radio is used in a horizontal position.
£11.50 (Approximately US$ 14.72)
RT-524/VRC VHF Vehicle Radio Station For M-151 Mutt Jeep, Humvee
Receiver-transmitter, FM, 30-74.95MHz, 50 KHZ spacing, 920 channels. Manual tuning version of RT-246/VRC with built-in loud-speaker. The RT-524/VRC is the major part of AN/VRC-12 vehicle radio station typically used in M151 Truck, Utility ?-Ton, 4x4 Mutt Jeeps series of vehicles as well as in older Humvee's and tanks.

Operates from 24 VDC vehicle battery or power supply. Transmitter output power 8W (low) and 35W (high).

Noise-operated squelch as well as an advanced tone-operated squelch (150 Hz) is provided. The tone squelch provides reliable retransmission when two receiver-transmitter are used as an automatic relay station.

The AN/VRC-12 is a combat-proven vehicular radio set that lends its self particularly well to applications of tactical deployment and specific operational missions because of their ability to be assembled into various configurations and of being installed on most types of military vehicles such as M-151 Mutt Jeeps, Humvees, heavy armour, etc.

The RT-524 is supplied in good working order Grade 2. Some Accessories and cables are also available.

£365.00 (Approximately US$ 467.20)
R-442/VRC VHF Vehicle Radio Receiver For M-151 Mutt Jeep, Humvee
The R-442/VRC is a VHF FM radio receiver working in the 30-75.95 MHz range and has 920 channels.This receiver is part of AN/VRC-12 vehicle radio station, typically used in M151 Truck, Utility: ?-Ton, 4x4 Mutt Jeeps series of vehicles as well as in older Humvee's and Tanks. The radio can be used on its own as a VHF receiver or with the RT-524 as auxiliary receiver. The radio receiver operates from 24-28 VDC @0.75A.

The R-442/VRC is supplied in good working order Grade 2. Some accessories and cables are also available.
£165.00 (Approximately US$ 211.20)
MX-6707/VRC Vehicle Antenna Mast Base
The MX-6707/VRC Antenna mast base and Automatic Antenna Tuner ATU operates over 30 to 76 MHz VHF range in 10 band segments. Automatic Tuning of any one of 10 segments automatically selected by a solenoid-driven switch in the matching unit. Solenoid is controlled from receiver-transmitter RT-246/VRC or RT-524/VRC, or from amplifier power supply OA-3633/GRC.
£75.00 (Approximately US$ 96.00)
Antenna Rod Set for MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base
AS-1730 Lower Antenna rod and AT-1095 Upper rod. For use with the MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base. Fibre glass construction. Total length 10.5 feet, 3.25 meters.
These rods were used in Hummvee and Mutt Jeeps with VHF radio sets sush as the RT-524/VRC and R-442/VRC.
£42.50 (Approximately US$ 54.40)
MT-350 GRC-9 Vehicle Mount
The MT-350 vehicle mounting plate for the GRC-9 radio set. The MT-350 mount bolts on to the FM-85 Mount, The GRC-9 is then strapped on.
The MT-350 is supplied in good condition and includes the canvas straps.
£34.50 (Approximately US$ 44.16)
RT-524 Handle Protectors
RT-524 Handle protectors screw on to the left and right side of the RT-524 Radio transmitter. It provides additional protection to the radios existing handles. They can also be used if existing handles are missing or broken.

The handle protectors are supplied in pairs left and right side and are in used condition, as removed from radios.
£16.50 (Approximately US$ 21.12)
IP-710/APQ-99 Phantom Fighter Jet Radar Indicator
The IP-710/APQ-99 radar indicators were removed from RF-4 Phantom Fighter Jets. Made by Texas Instruments the indicator unit is part of the AN/APQ-99 radar system still in use today.

The radar system was specially developed for the RF-4 version of Phantom Jets. The AN/APQ-99 radar unit is an elevation twin lobe mono-pulse system with ground mapping and terrain following capabilities operating in the J-band frequencies.

The IP-710/APQ-99 Radar Indicator is supplied in good condition, Grade-3 Un-tested.
R-1051B HF Communications Receiver
From the mid 1960's through to the 1990's the R-1051 and its variants were the HF receiver of the choice for the U.S. NAVY. Easy to operate it was the work horses of every ships radio room. The receiver was used in all Navy ships from patrol boats through to carriers. With its amazing stability, it was tune and forget!

R-1051B Radio receiver, frequency range 2-30 MHz, 2-4 microvolt sensitivity, direct digital frequency synthesis, 0.1 KHz tuning increments, modes of operation USB, LSB, ISB, AM and FSK. Bandwidths: 3.1 and 6 KHz depending to operating mode. Operates from 115 VAC 48-450 Hz 55 Watt. Made in USA by General dynamics.

The R-1051B is a Triple conversion Superheterodyne HF receiver. Solid state construction except for two 6BZ6 tubes, which are used as the RF amplifiers in the front end delivering excellent performance and immunity to signal overload. The receiver is isolated against signal leakage to prevent enemy detection of the local oscillators.

The frequency selection is done by turning mechanical decade knobs. The Mhz stage is tuned by an internal motor. Frequency stability is 1X10-8 per day! The B model has a 100 Hz synthesizer which can be unlock for accurate tuning.

The receiver is supplied tested and operational Grade 2. Grade 3 Untested may also be available, please E-Mail for details.

R-1051B Receiver Specifications:
Frequency Range: 2.0 to 29.9999 MHz in 0.1 kHz increments
Receiver Type: Triple conversion Superheterodyne
Frequency Stability: 1 part in 10 to the 8th power per day
Frequency Accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 Hz at 5 MHz
Modes of Operation: LSB, USB, ISB, AM, CW, and FSK
Sensitivity: 1 uV for 10 dB (S + N / N) in SSB mode, 2 uV in CW and FSK modes, and 4 uV in AM mode
Receiver IF: First IF 20 or 30 MHz, second IF 2.85 MHz, third IF 500 KHz
IF Rejection: -75 dB
Image rejection: -80 dB
Bandwidth: SSB, 3.2 KHz, AM and CW, 7 KHz
Antenna: 50 ohm impedance
Power Consumption: 55 watts
Power Requirements: 115 VAC 48-450 Hz
Audio output: 60 mV (minimum) into 600 ohm balanced, two local headsets connections
£375.00 (Approximately US$ 480.00)
AN/SGC-1A Radio Teletype Terminal Set
The AN/SGC-1A Radio Teletype Terminal Set permitted the transmission and reception of radioteletype messages between stations that were similarly equipped. It employed 200 Hz audio frequency shift keying FSK using 500 and 700 Hz tones to represent mark and space conditions. This terminal set was manufactured in 1950 by the Remler Company Ltd. of San Francisco and operates from 115 VAC 50-60Hz. Supplied in good condition, Grade 3 Untested.
£125.00 (Approximately US$ 160.00)
PRC-68 U.S. Marine Corps Radio
The AN/PRC-68 was first introduced in the 1970's and was used by the U.S. Marine Corps. The radio is a small lightweight hand held device working in the VHF frequency band of 30-79.95 Mhz. Frequency Synthesizer operation with ten preset channels that can be programmed using internal selector switches. The design was so successful that it lead to the development of other radios in the series such as PRC-PRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136. The PRC-68 is probably the first military radio to use a Synthesizer Chip and is completely solid state and has built in battery saving features. Using discrete components and a modular construction the radio is easy to serviced.

The radio has a built in speaker / Microphone, Volume control and Squelch facility. External audio connector is also provided to allow operation with a H-138, H-139 and H-250 Handsets. The radio can be used with a short or long antenna and operates from a 15 Volt battery not available.

The PRC-68 radio is supplied in good working condition Grade 2 and includes the carry pouch and short antenna.

Frequency Range: 30.000 MHz - 79.95 MHz
Available Channels: 1000 possible Channels, 50 Khz steps
Minimum Channel Spacing: 50 kHz
Preset Channels: 10 Channels
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Power Output: 1 Watt
Frequency Control: Built-in Synthesizer
Frequency Stability: 0.005 percent
Sensitivity: 0.5 microvolts for 10 dB SINAD
Squelch: Carrier operated, also sends out 150Hz tone
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +65 C
Weight with Battery: 1.3 kg
Size: 212 x 96 x 38.6 mm
Approximate Range: 2 Km with long antenna, 500 meters with short antenna
£245.00 (Approximately US$ 313.60)
T-45 Noise Canceling Microphone
The T-45 microphone can be used with most war time American radios such as the BC-1000, BC-1306, GRC-9. The microphone is normally used along with the HS-30 headset and SW-141 PTT switch. The HS-30 and SW-141 are available separately.

The T-45 microphone is a carbon type Noise Canceling microphone designed for operation on a nominal current of 50 miliamps. The resistance of the unit is between 50 and 125 Ohms at 1000 cycles per second. Frequency response is substantially flat from 200 to 4000 cycles per second. The microphone is worn close to the operator
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
CD-307 Cord For HS-30 Headset
The CD-307 cord is used with the HS-30 Headset, total length is about 170 cm and had a PL-55 plug to connect to radio and a JK-26 socket for HS-30 headset. Used with old war time radios such as BC-1306, BC-1000 and GRC-9 Radio sets. The CD-307 lead is supplied in very good condition.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
TS-15 Handset for BC-1000 Radio Set
The TS-15 handsets were normally used with BC-1000 radios and could have also been used with BC-1306 and GRC-9 as well as other war time radios, It has a PL-55 plug for the speaker and a PL-68 Socket for the microphone. The TS-15 handset has a built in PTT switch Push to Talk Switch.

Unfortunately these handsets do not have the speaker or microphone elements installed, other than that they are in good condition. Useful to recondition a TS-15 handset which has a bad cable or the rubber is rotting away.
£18.50 (Approximately US$ 23.68)
PRC-77 Parts and Modules, NOS New Old Stock Original American Parts
Here we have a bunch of PRC-77 Modules and spare parts. These are all in NOS New Old Stock condition and are original American made parts made by Napco and Associated Industries & Equipment in USA. Once these parts are gone, that's it, there would be no more available.

Below is a list of the PRC-77 modules and the quantities available. These modules are for bulk purchase only, they are not available in single units. Please email for prices and details.