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Clansman Loud-Speaker PM Free Standing
A free standing Clansman loud-speaker with volume control. The speaker can be connected directly to all Clansman radio equipment such as PRC-319, PRC-320, PRC-344, PRC-349, PRC-350, PRC-351, PRC-351M, PRC-352. It also works with Clansman vehicle radio sets such as VRC-321, VRC-322, VRC-353.

Supplied in good condition. NSN: 5965-99-117-6264.
£32.50 (Approximately US$ 41.60)
Clansman Speaker PM Vehicle Mounting (LSV)
The Clansman PM Vehicle Mounting Loud-Speaker LSV can be connected directly to a Clansman vehicle harness and radio installations such as VRC-321, VRC-322, VRC-353.

It also works with Clansman man-pack radios such as the PRC-319, PRC-320, PRC-344, PRC-349, PRC-350, PRC-351, PRC-351M, PRC-352 if directly connected.
Supplied in New Grade 1 condition. NSN: 5965-99-117-6263.
£27.50 (Approximately US$ 35.20)
Clansman Amplifier AF Loudspeaker (A-AFL)
Amplifier AF loudspeaker is an audio amplifier which can be connected in to the harness ring and used to select and amplify a radio or intercom signal. It can drive up to four fixed or free standing loudspeakers and it can also be used completely separate from the harness using an independent 24-28 volt power source. Vehicle radios that are supported in a harness are VRC-321, VRC-322, VRC-353 as well as some Clansman Man-Pack radios that are installed in vehicles with a harness. NSN: 5820-99-117-6143.
£36.50 (Approximately US$ 46.72)
Clansman Amplifier Intercommunications Box (AIB)
Normally used on the rear exterior of a Self Propelled Artillery Vehicle, the Clansman Amplifier Intercommunications Box (AIB) provides cordless intercommunications between the interior of vehicle and ammunition numbers outside the vehicle.

It is switched on at the Radio Lines Box (RLB) and allows ammunition numbers to monitor the harness intercommunications channel or to be addressed by the commander. The unit has a Press-To-Talk button to permit ammunition numbers to reply by connecting the loud-speaker in to the harness circuit as a microphone!

An internal microphone amplifier inside the AIB raises the output level of the loud-speaker to a level compatible with the other crew box outputs. Volume control of the loudspeaker is controlled by the volume knob on the AIB.

A standard 7-pin Clansman Headset or Handset can be externally connected to the AIB using the socket provided. NSN: 5820-99-633-6562.
£32.50 (Approximately US$ 41.60)
LS-7 Loudspeaker
LS-7 for use with BC-1306, GRC-9 or other radios. Permanent magnet type loudspeaker, with a 4 diameter cone and 4000 Ohm matching transformer in metal box. Includes cord with PL-55 Plug.
LS-166/U Speaker
The LS-166/U is used with the older style military radio sets which have a U-79/U audio connector. Speaker is permanent magnet cone type producing 3 Watts in to 8 Ohms, and is coupled through a sealed, 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms impedance transformer. Frequency response 300Hz to 7Khz, Field or vehicular use modes switch. The connecting cord is terminated with a U-77/U connector.
£22.50 (Approximately US$ 28.80)