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Morse Keys


British Army Morse Key Trainer
Made by Irwin Desman Ltd. in England, NSN 6940-99-219-2848. These keys were used by the MOD in the training of new radio operators. The unit uses 2 standard 9 Volt PP3 Batteries. Built in sounder with external speaker jack. Has Tone and Volume adjustment controls. Morse key is fully adjustable and is of sturdy metal construction.
British Army Morse Key Trainer Model BZ-1000
This is a nice practice Morse key to learn Morse code with. Totally self contained and easy to move around.

The trainer isMade by Morse Equipment Ltd. in England, Model No. BZ-1000. These Morse Trainer keys were used by the army in the training of new radio operators in the art of Morse Code. The unit uses one standard 9 Volt PP3 Battery and has a built in sounder, that produces a pleasant sound.

The high grade Morse key is manufactured by Hi-Mound in Tokyo, Japan. Model No. HM-HK708 and can be connected to external equipment and used as a normal Morse key.

The key and the sounder unit is mounted on nice bevelled wooden base with felt backing. Overall dimensions 17*17*6 cm. Supplied in good condition, tested and operational.
Larkspur Morse Key
NSN 5820-99-102-5319. Can be used with Larkspur Radio Equipment. Has standard Larkspur audio connectors.
£32.50 (Approximately US$ 41.60)
No.1 MKII Morse Key
Morse Key, type YA S414. Plastic version of the KEY, WT-8 AMP enclosed in a metal housing for use with a field radio.
£36.50 (Approximately US$ 46.72)
J-37 Morse Key
Morse key for use with GRC-9, BC-1306 and other war time radios. Complete with spring type leg strap.
£24.50 (Approximately US$ 31.36)
J-37 Morse Key Desktop Version
Morse key for use with GRC-9 and other W.W.II Radios. Can be mounted on a table top.
Key and Plug Assembly No. 9
Key for use with Wireless Set Number 19, supplied in very good condition, complete with canvas straps. Supplied in good condition, Black colour.
£32.00 (Approximately US$ 40.96)
British Navy Morse Key
Just in!, another one of these great Morse Keys.

These Morse keys were manufactured in England in the 1950's for the British Navy. It is a large heavy desk top key and is fully adjustable and very enjoyable to use. On / Off Switch is provided on the front. The key is supplied in very good used condition.
£145.00 (Approximately US$ 185.60)
Clansman Robust Vehicle Morse Key
The vehicle and fix station robust Clansman Morse Key. It is used with the VRC-321, VRC-353, can also be used with Clansman back-pack radios such as PRC-319, PRC-320 when used in a stationary role. The cable terminates with a 7 pin standard Clansman audio plug. It is a great Morse Key to use and can easily be modified and used with other radio equipment. NSN: 5805-99-652-6572. Supplied in good condition.
£34.50 (Approximately US$ 44.16)
Clansman PRC-319, PRC-320 Morse Key
These Morse keys are used with the British Clansman PRC-319 and PRC-320 or other Clansman back-pack radios. designed to be strapped to the leg, the cable terminates with a 7 pin standard Clansman audio plug. Can easily be modified and used with other radio equipment. The Belt Buckles are missing from these keys.
£28.50 (Approximately US$ 36.48)
Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder and Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder
These Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder Unit and the Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder Unit were originally made by Racal for Iraqi Army before the Gulf War and have Arabic letters on the keypad.

The units are supplied as a pair, one MA-4230A Morse Encoder and one MA-4231 Morse Decoder and in very good condition, like new. Also included is the MA-4230 CD-ROM user / workshop manual.

The MA-4230A Morse Encoder Unit enables a message to be transmitted in Morse code. The Morse message is entered using an alpha-numeric keyboard therefore no knowledge of the Morse code is necessary to operate the unit. The MA-4231 Morse Decoder decodes the Morse code being received and displays it one letter at the time on its red dot matrix display or sends it to a printer. Both units are powered by an internal rechargeable battery which provides approximately 16 hours use without recharging. The case fully sealed and waterproof.

Message entry is done via the keyboard which contains forty three Arabic alpha-numeric tactile keys, including SP space and seven function keys. Three indicators are provided showing when power is available, data is being emitted, and when the store is nearly full. The power indicator extinguishes when the battery voltage is low, and when the unit is switched off.

1024 character, non-volatile electronic memory Message store, Normal Transmission speed of 15 w.p.m. and High Speed 120 w.p.m. Keyed Tone Data output - Normal frequency: 1.0kHz. Amplitude: 20mV ? 3dB from 300 source. Contact closure Data output - normal speed only Contact rating 0.5A max.

£125.00 (Approximately US$ 160.00)