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NATO Radios


JB-4615 Audio Cable Adapter
JB-4615 Audio Cable Adapter for use with the RT-4600. Can also be used with the PRC-25,77,68, 126 as well as many other radios with U-183/U Connector.

Converts the audio socket U-183/U on the RT-4600 and similar to one U-79/U and one U-183/U type sockets.
£14.50 (Approximately US$ 18.56)
H-33/PT Handset
Handset H-33/PT is a combination microphone and ear piece and push to talk switch in a plastic case. Connecting cord terminates in a U-77/U connector. Microphone impedance 40 Ohms, ear piece 300 Ohm.
£16.50 (Approximately US$ 21.12)
LS-166/U Speaker
The LS-166/U is used with the older style military radio sets which have a U-79/U audio connector. Speaker is permanent magnet cone type producing 3 Watts in to 8 Ohms, and is coupled through a sealed, 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms impedance transformer. Frequency response 300Hz to 7Khz, Field or vehicular use modes switch. The connecting cord is terminated with a U-77/U connector.
£22.50 (Approximately US$ 28.80)
French TF.PP-1A Sound Powered Telephone
Sound powered telephone equipment provide facilities for talking and signalling with-out the use of any batteries or a power source. The telephone handset contains a sound-powered transmitter and receiver units.
£35.00 (Approximately US$ 44.80)
Digital Radiological Test Equipment PDR-7000
The digital Radiological Test Equipment PDR-7000 is a modern, professional Geiger counter with extensive features. Manufactured by FAG Kugelfischer in Germany to very high military standards.

The counter is auto-ranging with a built-in LCD display that shows the results both digitally and analogue. A power on self test routine makes sure the unit is functioning correctly. The Geiger Counter is so sensitive that it can measure very low normal background radiation. For example, the normal background radiation in London is between 0,07 ?Gy/h and 0,09 ?Gy/h. The unit can take readings externally with a 15 meter probe extension cable and the Gamma Probe DT 7002 as well as the Beta-Gamma Probe DT 7003 and a special probe DT 7004 for testing radiation in liquids.

Operation is by 2 standard 1.5 Volt D size batteries Not Supplied or by a external mains (220-230 V) or by a adaptor from the 12 Volt vehicle supply. The power adapters are supplied with this kit. The test equipment also comes complete with two Carrying Straps, one Earphone and several plastic bags and beakers for taking samples. The complete equipment is stored in a extremely strong airtight and watertight Aluminium carrying case. The equipment is supplied in Brand New condition.

Measurements Units: ?Gy/h or cGy/h (Intensity), in cGy (Dosage) oder CPS (Impulse).
Measuring Range: 0 to 999 cGy/h, 0 to 999 cGy or 0 to 9990 CPS.
Switch-able alarm threshold values in five steps (up to 20 or 100 ?Gy/h,0,1 or 1 or 10 cGy/h).
FH-40T West German Geiger Counter
The FH-40T is a very sensitive Geiger Counter for measurement of Beta and Gamma Radiation. Manufactured by Frieseke & Hoepfner in Germany it was used by the West German Army during the cold war. Measures Beta and Gamma radiation in the ranges of 0-1 R/h, 0-25 mR/h and 0-0.5 mR/h. Very low radiation levels can be measured with this device. A Probe Extension is provided for distant measurement and a Ear Piece for audible indication. The counter is radiation proof 1-10000mR/h as well as 0-320 Impulse/Minute. Analogue display of radiation level. Operates from a 6VDC Battery. Approx. Size 16 * 10 * 4.5 cm.
French ER-56-A VHF Radio Station
French made Remote Control VHF FM radio station operating in the range of 27-39.9 Mhz. Approximately 25 Watts output, with squelch function. Operates from 110-220VAC 50/60 Hz. The station includes Power Supply, Transceiver, Mount, Remote Control Head and Interconnecting Cables.
£225.00 (Approximately US$ 288.00)
Thomson TRC-300-3
Manpack HF, SSB, transceiver. Frequency range 2-30 Mhz. 28000 possible channels in 1 Hz steps. Transmits HI Power 20 Watts, LO 6 Watts. Power Supply 14.5 Volt from Nicad battery's.
CRT/CPRC-26 Receiver/Transmitter
CPRC-26 Canadian version of SRA-40. Six channel crystal controlled, FM VHF Receiver/Transmitter, 47-55.4 Mhz, 38 possible channels. Power output 250mW, requires 1.5,45,90, -3VDC. Used by the French Army and built by Phillips Telecommunications, Dated 1959. Complete with webbing, handset, and antenna.
LV-80 RF Power Amp
French made RF power amp for the GRC-9 Radio set. 24 VDC input, Power output is about 80 Watts. Frequency Range 2-12 Mhz.
TR-PP-11 Receiver/Transmitter
Six channel, 47-55.4 MHz, FM, Walkie-Talkie, 500 MW output, crystal controlled. Supplied with Antenna but no crystals. The crystals may be available separately, please enquire.
£65.00 (Approximately US$ 83.20)
PRC-600 RT-601 Man Pack HF Radio
Similar to a PRC-2000 Made by M.B.L.E. HF Transmitter / Receiver, USB, NBCW, CW, AM, Fully synthesised, Mobile back-pack radio, has rechargeable batteries 14.4 Volts, or external power. Supplied with back pack harness, remote control with cable, batteries, hand set and antenna.
FH-40H Geiger Counter Faulty For Spares
We have a number of these Geiger Counters that are faulty. The fault is usually the needle indicator moment. The unit comes with the wooden carry case and a some accessories including Geiger Muller Tubes. They are great for experimentation or spare parts.

The FH-40H Geiger Counter was manufactured by Frieseke and Hoepfner of Germany, was used by German, Belgium and the U.S. Atomic Energy in the 1950's and 1960's. The FH 40H Geiger Counter comes in a wooden case that contains two drawers that are loaded with accessories such as a selection of Geiger Muller Tubes all of which are of glass construction, extension cables and external probes. The unit has two ranges of 0-25 mR per hour and 0-1 R per hour and operates from normal D size batteries.

The radiation measuring instrument FH-40H Geiger Counter serves for measuring the intensity and dose rate of gamma radiation, X-rays and detecting of beta rays as well as alpha rays when using certain accessories.

The Radiometer is supplied in faulty condition Grade 4 and with some accessories, not all accessories are present in the box.
Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver
The Telefunken ELK-639 Receiver was made in Germany during 1969-1970 and used by the NAVY. Made for Fixed or Mobile applications. Frequency range is from 9.8 KHz to 30 MHz and is divided into two separate groups. Group one is from 9.8 KHz to 570 KHz in five ranges and group two from 250 kHz to 30 MHz in 10 ranges. Modes of operation are A1, a2, A3 and A4 (for facsimile) also the modes of operation F1, F4 and F6. Has a built in loudspeaker. The receiver allows the attachment of 4 different antennas and operates from 110 and 220 VAC 50-60Hz and with 21-31 VDC External power supply for mobile applications.

The Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver is available Grade 3 Untested / Repairable.
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Mounting
This is the mounting for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter. This mounting was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army to fix the DOM-410 in to vehicles.

Supplied in new condition.
£45.00 (Approximately US$ 57.60)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter
The DOM-410 Geiger Counter or radiation meter was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army in the late 1970's early 1980's. It is manufactured to high standard under license from SRAT. It is hermetically sealed unit and water tight.

The internal X & Gamma sensor is easily removable and is capable of measuring from 1 Milli Rad per hour up to 1000 Rads per hour.

Six measurement ranges by direct reading on a single scale. The scale is illuminated for night reading.

Overall, it is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is portable and self contained, it is robustly built and designed to take a lot of abuse.

The DOM-410 Counter is powered by two standard 1.5 Volt D cells and is supposed to last up to 16 hours on a fresh set of batteries.

The DOM-410 counter is supplied in very good working condition with-out any accessories. Some accessories and English language manual are available separately.
£50.00 (Approximately US$ 64.00)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Internal Probe 5 Meter Extension Lead & Holder
This is the 5 Meter Extension lead and holder for the Internal Gamma Probe of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

The internal Gamma Probe is unplugged from the side of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter and plugged into this extension lead, the extension lead is then plugged in to the DOM-410 where the Gamma sensor used to be, allowing remote operation from upto 5 meters away, please see pictures below.
£23.50 (Approximately US$ 30.08)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter External Probe 5 Meter Extension Lead
This is the 5 Meter Extension lead for the External Beta / Gamma Probe of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

This extension lead uses very unusual connectors that are very hard to find! These connectors look similar to BNC connectors but they are not!

This lead can be modified and plugged into any of the three sockets that are provided on the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

The three sockets on the DOM-410 Geiger Counter are the External Beta / Gamma Probe Socket, External Warning Light Socket and the External Headset Socket. Please see pictures below.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Plastic Neck Carry Strap
This is the plastic carry strap for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter, see pictures below.
£4.50 (Approximately US$ 5.76)