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Our Museum Items

The Items in this section are provided for study and reference as a museum display of vintage equipment!


Clansman Soft DPM Man-Pack Radio Ruck-Sack
Clansman DPM Radio Ruck-Sack for carrying a man-pack radio on the back, will fit the following radios, PRC-320, PRC-351, PRC-352, PRC-344 and some other Clansman portable radios. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman Light-Weight Carry Frame / Back-Pack for PRC-320,344,351, 352
The light weight carry frame is used to carry a Clansman PRC-320, PRC-344 or PRC-351, PRC-352 and other Clansman back-pack radios. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman Vehicle Radio Mount for VRC-353, VRC-321, VRC-322
This is the Landrover or other vehicles radio mounting tray for the Clansman VRC-353, VRC-321 or VRC-322 radio stations. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman UK RT-321 / VRC-321 40 Watt HF Vehicle Transceiver
The British Army Clansman UK RT-321 / VRC-321 HF system has been designed and developed by MEL Communications Ltd in Crawley, England for mobile or static use. It is primarily designed as an HF vehicle station for mobile ground-wave operation, but can also be used as a ground station or for sky-wave operation over long distances. With the addition of a 250 Watt RF amplifier the station becomes a VRC-322, which is available elsewhere on this website.

Digital frequency selection in 100 Hz steps over the 1.5 to 30 MHz frequency range. All frequencies are synthesized from one reference oscillator. The receiver / transmitter frequency is selected by decade switches. Power output, High Power 40 Watt PEP (SSB), 25 W CW Low Power 5 Watt PEP (SSB), 5 W CW. Beta light illumination is provided to enable the meter and Setting Switches to be read in the dark.

The equipment operates from 28 VDC power supply which can have a wide variation in nominal voltage
Clansman RT-350 / PRC-350 VHF/FM Man-Pack Radio
The Clansman RT-350 / PRC-350 is a narrow-band FM VHF man-pack radio that operates from 36-57MHz in 2KHz steps, total of 841 programmable channels with 2 Watts output. The radio operates from a 15VDC battery pack. The desired frequency is set by four knobs on the side of the radio which can be operated even while the operator is wearing Arctic mittens, or in the dark by counting clicks from the end-stops.

Having set the four frequency control knobs the operator has then to set the only remaining control, the system switch, to one of its four positions: Off, Whisper, Loud and Noise-On.

In the Whisper position the audio output is reduced by a factor of 10 and the microphone sensitivity is increased by about the same amount. This position is used in situations close to the enemy where a minimum amount of noise is desirable.

The Loud position enables the set to be used in conditions of high ambient noise levels, such as may be encountered in active service.

Noise-On position the squelch or muting circuit is disabled and receiver noise is heard in the absence of a signal.

The optional accessories include a Terylene harness for carrying the set on the hip or back, Battery Pack, Flexible Antenna & 2 meter Long Whip Antenna.

Normally the 2 Meter Whip Antenna is used and a rotating mounting socket on the set enables the rod to be rotated rough 90? when the operator is lying down. The headset and handset provided with the complete station can be connected to the set at the same time to enable an officer or a second operator to monitor the radio.

The radio is supplied in very good condition, tested and working. Please select accessories option that can be used with this radio below.
UK-AC1-2870 14/28 Volt AC Adaptor
The UK-AC1-2870 AC Adaptor operates from 110-240 VAC and provides 14 or 28 Volt DC via a user selectable toggle switch with LED indication. Made in England by WIDNEY AISH LTD. This AC adapter was designed to be used with Clansman range of radios and equipment that require 14 or 28 VDC to operate and can be used with other radios and equipment that require 14 or 28 Volt DC. Internally it has two switch mode power supplies that are made by WEIR type SHS100/15 A30.

Supplied in good tested condition and includes the power input cable.
R-234 HF SSB Radio Receiver
The R-234 is a high frequency HF
Clansman Mass Battery Charger ACCU
The Clansman mass battery charger ACCU
PRC-68 U.S. Marine Corps Radio
The AN/PRC-68 was first introduced in the 1970's and was used by the U.S. Marine Corps. The radio is a small lightweight hand held device working in the VHF frequency band of 30-79.95 Mhz. Frequency Synthesizer operation with ten preset channels that can be programmed using internal selector switches. The design was so successful that it lead to the development of other radios in the series such as PRC-PRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136. The PRC-68 is probably the first military radio to use a Synthesizer Chip and is completely solid state and has built in battery saving features. Using discrete components and a modular construction the radio is easy to serviced.

The radio has a built in speaker / Microphone, Volume control and Squelch facility. External audio connector is also provided to allow operation with a H-138, H-139 and H-250 Handsets. The radio can be used with a short or long antenna and operates from a 15 Volt battery not available.

The PRC-68 radio is supplied in good working condition Grade 2 and includes the carry pouch and short antenna.

Frequency Range: 30.000 MHz - 79.95 MHz
Available Channels: 1000 possible Channels, 50 Khz steps
Minimum Channel Spacing: 50 kHz
Preset Channels: 10 Channels
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Power Output: 1 Watt
Frequency Control: Built-in Synthesizer
Frequency Stability: 0.005 percent
Sensitivity: 0.5 microvolts for 10 dB SINAD
Squelch: Carrier operated, also sends out 150Hz tone
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +65 C
Weight with Battery: 1.3 kg
Size: 212 x 96 x 38.6 mm
Approximate Range: 2 Km with long antenna, 500 meters with short antenna
Clansman Battery Charger 14 Volt DCCU
Clansman Fast Battery Charger D.C. 14 Volt, NSN 6130-99-620-2114. Charges 24 volt batteries from 14 Volt DC input. Features include a shorter charging time, automatic termination of charging when the batteries are fully charged and a fully charged battery indicator. Can charge 1-3.3 Ah 24 Volt Batteries. Supplied in good tested condition, input and output cables are not included, but are available separately, See options below.
Clansman PRC-349 / RT-349 VHF Transceiver
The Clansman PRC-349 is a modern synthesised VHF/FM radio Frequency range is 37 to 46.95 MHz in 25 KHz spacing providing 400 possible channels and a maximum output power of 1 Watt. Frequency selection by 3 small thumb wheel knobs on the side of the radio which can be operated even while the operator is wearing Arctic mittens, or in the dark by counting clicks from the end-stops. Has Clansman compatible squelch and whisper modes of operation with battery saving function. Operates from 12 VDC using 10* AA batteries inserted inside the battery cassette.

The Racal Clansman PRC-349 / RT-349 is a VHF/FM transceiver intended for personal communication in combat conditions. The radio is designed to be fully compatible with the existing range of Clansman VHF equipment.
The radio can be mounted on the shoulder, chest or back with adjustable quick release holster. It can also be carried inside a back pack or pocket of a combat jacket. The Radio is supplied in Grade 2 condition, in good condition, tested and operational.
Clansman PRC-319 SAS Special Forces HF/VHF Man-Pack Radio
The Clansman PRC-319 is a real Spy Radio as used by the British Special Forces (SAS) in England as well as USA, Australia, and New Zealand. There were only 350 units manufactured for use in England by MEL.

The PRC-319 is a 50 Watt modern microprocessor based radio transceiver that transmits in both the HF and VHF bands, up to Aircraft frequencies for ground to air communications. Frequency range is 1.5 to 40 MHz with LCD frequency readout. The Electronic Message Unit EMU is a small alphanumeric keyboard that allows transmission of written words when voice transmissions would be dangerous, as well as data, coordinates, and direct communication with fire control and direction computers. The PRC-319 is also a burst transmitter which can store messages for up to 500 hours before automatically transmitting it at a high data rate. The radio can be operated by remote control from up to 50 meters away. The burst transmission feature allows considerable security over conventional radios. Transmitting range is 20Km with short antenna and up to 5000Km with a whip antenna. The radio operates from a 24VDC standard Clansman battery.The equipment and accessories are supplied in very good condition, tested and operational.
RT-178 / ARC-27 UHF Aircraft Transceiver
Receiver-Transmitter, RT-178/ARC-27 UHF Aircraft Transceiver. Frequency Range 225-399.9 MHz, A2, A3 emissions. Power output: 9 watts. 18 preset frequencies on any one of 1750 frequency channels. Transmitter may be tone modulated at 1020 Hz for emergency or direction finding purposes. One guard channel in the 238- 249 MHz range can be simultaneously monitored. The Radio is supplied in good condition Grade 3 Un-Tested.
Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver
The Telefunken ELK-639 Receiver was made in Germany during 1969-1970 and used by the NAVY. Made for Fixed or Mobile applications. Frequency range is from 9.8 KHz to 30 MHz and is divided into two separate groups. Group one is from 9.8 KHz to 570 KHz in five ranges and group two from 250 kHz to 30 MHz in 10 ranges. Modes of operation are A1, a2, A3 and A4 (for facsimile) also the modes of operation F1, F4 and F6. Has a built in loudspeaker. The receiver allows the attachment of 4 different antennas and operates from 110 and 220 VAC 50-60Hz and with 21-31 VDC External power supply for mobile applications.

The Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver is available Grade 3 Untested / Repairable.
VRC-9 Vehicle Radio Set RT-67 & PP-112
The VRC-9 Tactical Vehicle Radio station is a Transmitter / Receiver which operates in the frequency range of 27-39 Mhz FM. They were mounted in Jeeps M-38A1 as well as other vehicles. 1960's dated used by US Army and some NATO countries.

Receiver-Transmitter, Frequency Range 28-39 MHz, continuous tuning or presets, FM, 2 or 15 Watt Output, uses 27 tubes, operates from 24VDC PP-112, Power supply, Tube line-up: 4 * 1U4,2.00E+24, 2 * 1A3, 2 * 1L4, 4 * 1R5, 1S5, 4 * 3Q4, 3A4, 3 * 3A5, 2 * 3B4 and 6AK5.

The station on offer is tested and operational Grade 2 and includes the following units listed below. Accessories such as LS-166 Speaker, H-33/PT handset or Antenna equipment is not included but is available separately.

RT-67/GRC Radio Transmitter / Receiver
CX-1211/GRC Interconnecting Cable
PP-112/GRC 24 Volt Power Supply
MT-299/GRC Vehicle Mounting Plate with power input cable
PRC-9 Receiver/Transmitter
Radio set AN/PRC-9, frequency range 27.0 to 38.9 MHz, Super-Heterodyne FM Receiver / Transmitter. Man-Pack or Vehicular fixed station operation.1 Watt transmitter Output. Uses 16 miniature wire ended tubes. Power requirements 1.5V, 6V, 67.5V, 135V powered by BA-279 battery.

The AN/PRC-9 is part of a family of radios AN/PRC-8, AN/PRC-9, and AN/PRC-10 which were used as a squad radio by US Army in Korea and Vietnam Wars and by many NATO countries. Made in USA in 1950's and 60's, each radio had a different frequency range.

AN/PRC-8 >>>> 20.0 to 27.9 MHz
AN/PRC-9 >>>> 27.0 to 38.9 MHz
AN/PRC-10 >>>> 38.0 to 54.9 MHz

These PRC-9's are supplied in good complete untested condition Grade 3 with a Battery Box which may be slightly corroded. No other accessories is supplied with the radio set. The H-33/PT Handset, antenna rod may be available separately.
IP-710/APQ-99 Phantom Fighter Jet Radar Indicator
The IP-710/APQ-99 radar indicators were removed from RF-4 Phantom Fighter Jets. Made by Texas Instruments the indicator unit is part of the AN/APQ-99 radar system still in use today.

The radar system was specially developed for the RF-4 version of Phantom Jets. The AN/APQ-99 radar unit is an elevation twin lobe mono-pulse system with ground mapping and terrain following capabilities operating in the J-band frequencies.

The IP-710/APQ-99 Radar Indicator is supplied in good condition, Grade-3 Un-tested.
MT-350 GRC-9 Vehicle Mount
The MT-350 vehicle mounting plate for the GRC-9 radio set. The MT-350 mount bolts on to the FM-85 Mount, The GRC-9 is then strapped on.
The MT-350 is supplied in good condition and includes the canvas straps.
AN-130 Antenna for BC-1000
AN-130 Antenna for use with the American / French BC-1000 Radios. The antenna is in two sections that is extendable to total height of 83 Cm and has a flexible base. The antenna is supplied in very good condition.
German SEM-52S Synthesised VHF Transceiver
The SEM-52S radio is the modern synthesised version of the SEM-52A radio set. It was until now a hard to find item and it is still used even today by the German Army. The SEM-52S is a portable handheld synthesised VHF radio transceiver which operates 46.000-57.975 MHz. 6 channels can be programmed internally by rotary switches from 400 possible channels in 25 KHz steps.

A speaker / Microphone are now built in to the radio as well as the PTT switch. Noise-operated squelch is provided for quiet operation and the radio is also DATA capable. External Audio accessories such as Handset or Headsets can still be plugged in to the radio. Power Output 1 Watt and operates from 12 Volts DC using 8 standard AA 1.5 Volt batteries.

The radio is normally worn on the left chest using the carrying harness and is very easy to operate in that position with the flexible Tape Antenna extending over your left shoulder. The antenna socket is very cleaver in design as it allows a normal BNC plug to be used or the Tape Antenna to be plugged in.

The SEM-52S is supplied in excellent working condition Grade-2 and comes pre-programmed with the following accessories, Battery Box, AA Battery Holder, Carrying Harness, Strap and the Flexible Tape Antenna.

Please Note: The girl in the picture is not included with the radio deal!! :-)

Specifications of the SEM-52S
Frequency Range: 46.000 to 57.975 MHz.
Number of Possible Channels: 400 channels
Selectable Channels: 6 Selectable Channels
Channel Spacing: 25 KHz
Output power: 1 Watt
Sensitivity: better 0,5 Micro Volt @ 20 dB S/N
Modulation mode: F3 (FM modulation)
Power Supply: 12 Volts using 8 standard 1.5 Volt AA batteries
Power consumption: receiving 70 mA, transmitting 400 mA
Provisions for data transmission and low level audio
Built in Microphone / Speaker
Dimensions: 95mm x 219mm x 39mm
Weight: 1.3 kg

Order Two Radios at the same time and save
WRT-2 500 Watt US Navy Ship Transmitter
Here is a transmitter for a serious radio ham or collector / restorer who likes a challenge and wants a piece of US naval history. Perhaps you are restoring a radio room in a ship and need some units or the complete transmitter.

These transmitters were made by Cosmos Industries and some of them are from the famous USS Gurke D-783 which was a DD type destroyer before it was finally sunk in 1977 in naval exercises. See

Only a few hundred WRT-2's were ever manufactured by a few manufacturers for the US Navy and very few remain in existence in private collections and ship museums today, most were sunk in naval exercises or destroyed.
Antenna Rod Set for MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base
AS-1730 Lower Antenna rod and AT-1095 Upper rod. For use with the MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base. Fibre glass construction. Total length 10.5 feet, 3.25 meters.
These rods were used in Hummvee and Mutt Jeeps with VHF radio sets sush as the RT-524/VRC and R-442/VRC.
CX-4722 Cable For MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base
Connects an RT-246, RT-524 or OA-3633 to an Antenna Matching Unit MX-2799/VRC or MX-6707/VRC, providing power and tuning control signals to the matching unit via the antenna control circuits of the Radio Transmitter or Amplifier.
MX-6707/VRC Vehicle Antenna Mast Base
The MX-6707/VRC Antenna mast base and Automatic Antenna Tuner ATU operates over 30 to 76 MHz VHF range in 10 band segments. Automatic Tuning of any one of 10 segments automatically selected by a solenoid-driven switch in the matching unit. Solenoid is controlled from receiver-transmitter RT-246/VRC or RT-524/VRC, or from amplifier power supply OA-3633/GRC.
Racal RA-2309B 20-1000MHz Communications Receiver
Racal RA-2309B VHF / UHF Synthesised Communications Receiver capable of working up to 1000MHz. The RA-2309 is the updated version of the earlier RA-2091 communications receiver.

The receiver covers 20-1000MHz in six bands using three interchangeable RF tuner heads.

Tuner Head #1 RA-2294 covers 20-40MHz and 40-90MHz,
Tuner Head #2 RA-2295F covers 90-195MHz and 195-400MHz.
Tuner Head #3 RA-2296 covers 400-650MHz and 650-1000MHz.
Phillips RT-4600 30 Watt VHF Transceiver
The Phillips PRC/VRC-4600 family of modular radio equipment is designed to be very configurable and can easily be adapted to different roles by adding or removing units. The RT-4600 is the successor to the successful RT-3600 family of radio equipment and was in service with the Dutch army during 1980-1990?s.

The equipment consists of a number of basic units which can be combined into various configurations, ranging from a simple low powered man-pack to a complex 30 Watt vehicle or Tank configuration as well as radio repeater roles. Various configurations make for greater tactical flexibility.Duplex working, retransmission, intercom, telegraph facsimile, medium speed data transmission, are all possible with this radio station depending to the units used. Advanced circuitry, rugged and 100% solid state construction assures easy, reliable and trouble-free operation under severe combat operations.
FH-40H Geiger Counter Faulty For Spares
We have a number of these Geiger Counters that are faulty. The fault is usually the needle indicator moment. The unit comes with the wooden carry case and a some accessories including Geiger Muller Tubes. They are great for experimentation or spare parts.

The FH-40H Geiger Counter was manufactured by Frieseke and Hoepfner of Germany, was used by German, Belgium and the U.S. Atomic Energy in the 1950's and 1960's. The FH 40H Geiger Counter comes in a wooden case that contains two drawers that are loaded with accessories such as a selection of Geiger Muller Tubes all of which are of glass construction, extension cables and external probes. The unit has two ranges of 0-25 mR per hour and 0-1 R per hour and operates from normal D size batteries.

The radiation measuring instrument FH-40H Geiger Counter serves for measuring the intensity and dose rate of gamma radiation, X-rays and detecting of beta rays as well as alpha rays when using certain accessories.

The Radiometer is supplied in faulty condition Grade 4 and with some accessories, not all accessories are present in the box.
GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver
The GRC-106 is a Fully Synthesized 400 Watt HF SSB mobile vehicular Receiver ? Transmitter Radio Station operating on CW and USB, 28 000 selectively tuned channels spaced in 1 KHz increments in the 2 to 29.999 MHz providing full coverage from 2 to 30Mhz frequency range. It is beautifully constructed radio station with no expense spared in its construction and makes an ideal rig for ham radio work or installing in a military vehicle such as a M151 Jeep.
PRC-349 External PSU Connector
The Power supply connector / adaptor for the PRC-349. Fits as a normal battery pack and allows the radio to be connected to an external 12 VDC PSU or battery. NATO Part Number 6625-99-649-5584. Supplied in New condition.
German FSE-38/58 VHF FM Portable Transceiver
The German FSE-38/58 is a VHF FM Portable Transceiver with a frequency range of 38-58 MHz. Includes audio squelch facility. Output Power 10 and 50 mW. Powered by a 6 Volt Rechargeable Battery ( Not Supplied ) or a external 24 Volt PSU. Plug-in Crystal Frequency Selection. FSE-38/58 is modular constructed on a die-cast aluminium chassis. The water proof outer case is made from impact resistant plastic, with a aluminium front panel. Up to nine spare crystals can be stored on a holder inside the case. Uses a H-33/PT Hand Set. The radio can easy be modified for 650 mW Output.
PP-112/GRC 24 VDC Supply
For RT-66, RT-67, RT-68 transceivers provide all the voltages from 24 VDC @6.5 Amp input.
PRC6-6 German Six Channel Receiver - Transmitter
Six channel German Army version of American PRC-6 radio. The PRC-6/6 is a portable VHF radio with a operational Frequency of 47-55.4 MHz, FM, 250 mw Output, uses miniature tubes, crystal controlled, requires 1.5,45, and 90VDC to operate. Supplied complete in good working order with Canvas Strap, Tape Antenna and one crystal.
RT-196 PRC-6 Receiver - Transmitter
A new batch of early PRC-6 hand held radios as used in the Korean, and Vietnam wars. 47-55.4 MHz, Crystal Control, 200 mw Output, 13 tubes,1.5,45, and 90V DC. ( Supplied Complete, Grade 3 Untested Repairable ).
PRC-6/6 Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6.
CY-853/PRC-6 Full Crystal Kit
Full Crystal Box for the American PRC-6 Radio. The kit includes 42 Crystals.
German PRC-6/6 Empty Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6 radio set. Picture below shows a full crystal box for demonstration.
VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom system Basic Kit
The VIC-1 basic kit includes one AM-1780 Junction box / audio amplifier and two C-2298 Control Boxes.

AM-1780/VRC Audio Amplifier Is the main junction box for the AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System. It provides control of the 24 Volt DC power to the associated crewmember control boxes and to the radio system that may be connected to the amplifiers. The amplifiers also amplify and control the audio signals in the intercommunication (intercom) and radio circuits.

C-2289 Control Box The standard Crewmember Control Box, The C-2298/VRC allows vehicle crewmembers to select, by means of the MONITOR switch and the audio accessory controls, to communicate with other crewmembers via the intercom circuit, or remotely operate or monitor any radio equipment connected to the AM-1780/VRC.

AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System Over-View
The AN/VIC-1 is a part of electrical harness of vehicles such as Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Self Propelled Howitzers. The AN/VIC-1 Intercommunications system provides tactical vehicle crew members with facilities for communications with radio connected to the system, as well as facilities for communicating with each other. It includes the AM-1780 and intercommunications remote control box C-2298. The number of remote control units used are dependent upon type of vehicle and its operational requirements.
  • Can support 2 Transmit / Receive radios and 2 Receive only radios.
  • Provides up to six intercom stations.
  • Push to talk can be selected for all stations or just the commanders station.
  • Each intercom station can select ALL or Radios A/B/C or intercom only operation.
  • Radio volume is reduced automatically when intercom is keyed.
  • Passive mode operation of radio's audio when the system is not powered.
  • Simplifies radio and intercom wiring.
  • Stations can use a Headset, CVC Helmet, H-180 headphones, H-250 Handset or M-80 Microphone.
  • Ruggedly constructed, water resistant and weather proof to military specification.
  • Operates from 24 Volt DC vehicle power supply.
Racal RA-17 HF Communications Receiver
The Racal RA-17 is Triple Conversion Super-heterodyne general coverage communications receiver. Using 23 Tubes it is built on a heavy duty cast aluminium chassis. Frequency range 980kHz to 30MHz. 145 feet long Film Scale frequency read out, AM/CW, Selectivity 8,3,1.2,0.75,0.3, 0.1 kHz -6dB. Has 2 parallel 100kHz IF outputs, AF outputs, 600 Ohms Headphone Socket, Signal/AF meter, RF Gain control, 100 kHz calibrator, BFO 8 kHz, built in 2.5 Speaker. Operates from 100-125 / 200-250 VAC, 45-65 Hz, 85W. Physical size 520*305*556mm, 29 kg.
PRC-10 Receiver/Transmitter
Radio set AN/PRC-10, frequency range 38.0 to 54.9 MHz, Super-Heterodyne FM Receiver / Transmitter. Man-Pack or Vehicular fixed station operation.1 Watt transmitter Output. Uses 16 miniature wire ended tubes. Power requirements 1.5V, 6V, 67.5V, 135V powered by BA-279 battery.

The AN/PRC-10 is part of a family of radios AN/PRC-8, AN/PRC-9, and AN/PRC-10 which were used as a squad radio by US Army in Korea and Vietnam Wars and by many NATO countries. Made in USA in 1950's and 60's, each radio had a different frequency range.

AN/PRC-8 >>>> 20.0 to 27.9 MHz
AN/PRC-9 >>>> 27.0 to 38.9 MHz
AN/PRC-10 >>>> 38.0 to 54.9 MHz

The PRC-10 is supplied in good working condition Grade 2 with the Battery Box, but no other accessories. H-33/PT Handset is available separately.
BC-1306 HF Radio Trasmitter - Receiver
Radio Set SCR-694 is a HF two-way radio Receiver / Transmitter and radio telegraph unit which can provide communication between moving or stationary vehicles, or as a portable field radio set. The radio set can provide communication for up to 15 miles on voice (AM) and 30 miles on (CW) between moving vehicles, and a much longer range if used in stationary position with a long antenna. Frequency range is 3,800 kHz - 6,500 Khz. Uses tubes and works from 6, 12 or 24 Volts DC.
BC-1306 SCR 694 Stand Alone Station
This bundle is for the basic Man-Pack / Field installation. The basic bundle includes the following Items, additional items for the installation such as, speaker can be selected from the list below.

1) BC-1306 Radio Receiver / Transmitter.
2) DY-88 Dynamotor Power Supply with input cable.
3) HS-30 Head Set.
4) T-17 Microphone.
5) CD-1086 Power Cable 1.2 Meters.
BC-1306 SCR 694 Man-Pack - Field Station
This bundle is for the basic Man-Pack / Field installation. The basic bundle includes the following Items, additional items for the installation such as, speaker can be selected from the list below.

1) BC-1306 Radio Receiver / Transmitter.
2) GN-58 Hand Generator with Seat & Legs.
3) HS-30 Head Set.
4) T-17 Microphone.
5) CD-1086 Power Cable 2.14 Meters.
HS-30 Head Set
HS-30 Headset with CD-804 cord, for use with GRC-9, BC1306, BC-1000, and other war time radios.
CD-1086 Power Cable
This is the power cable for connecting the BC-1306 or the GRC-9 Radio Sets to the DY-88 or PE-237 Power Supply. CD-1086 Power Cable is available for Jeep / Manpack installations 2.2 Meters or slightly longer and 1.2 meter for stand alone station configuration.
FT-482 Small Mount
FT-482 Small Mount for vehicle mounting of the BC-1306 radio set.

You would also neet the FM-85 Big mount for vehicle installation.
BC-1306 SCR 694 W.W.II Jeep Installation
This bundle is for the basic Jeep installation. The basic Jeep bundle includes the following Items, additional items for the jeep installation such as mounting plates, speaker can be selected from the list below.

1) BC-1306 Radio Receiver / Transmitter.
2) DY-88 Dynamotor Power Supply with input cable.
3) HS-30 Head Set.
4) T-17 Microphone.
5) CD-1086 Power Cable 2.14 Meters.
BX-49 Crystal and Coil Kit for BC-611
Crystal and Coil Kit for BC-611. Box is dated 1943. Has 12 sets of coils and crystals.
R-390 Radio Receiver
0.5-32 Mhz, thirty-two 1Mhz bands, mechanical digital dial, PTO, AM/CW, bandwidths: 0.1/1/2/4/8/16 kHz (0.1&1 xtal, others mech), 7&9 pin tubes, dual audio chains, single RF stage, 125 ohm balanced antenna input with twin axial or unbalanced with C connector, rack mount 10.5 high.
VHF Comms Rx / Tx. All in one unit. Goes into a standard aircraft instrument panel cut out.
ATU and Ground Plane Antenna for SEM-25/35
New and unissued ground plane antenna with ATU for the SEM-25 or SEM-35. Whip masts installed as three radiating elements and one vertical. Has 3 diameter ceramic feed-through insulator with UHF connection. A clamp allows installation on top of 1.6 diameter masts. Comes complete with antenna sections, cables and a canvas carry bag.