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Radios and Equipment


BC-1306 & GRC-9 Remote Control Kit RC-261
RC-261 Wire Remote Control Kit, used with GRC-9, BC-1000, SCR-619, BC-1306, and other similar radio sets. This kit allows remote operation of a transceiver, from 0.5 Miles away, using 2 core field telephone wire. Has Hi/Low impedance matching switch, operates on 3 VDC using two BA-30 D cells.

RC-261 Remote Control Kit, Includes RM-53 Local Control Box and RM-52 Remote Control Box.
£48.50 (Approximately US$ 62.08)
Clansman Land-Rover Wing Antenna / ATU Box
The Clansman vehicle Wing ATU/Antenna box normally mounts on the wing of a British Army Land-Rover and other fighting vehicles. ATU such as BCC-543 is fitted inside with the Antenna Mount on top. The antenna box ix intended for vehicle radio installations such as Clansman VRC-353.

The box along with antenna mount and rods can also be used with a normal broadcast car type radio / CD player or CB to keep your Land Rover looking original with-out fitting a military radio in the vehicle. NSN: 5820-99-637-0735. The box is supplied in good used condition. Antenna base and rods are available separately.
£48.50 (Approximately US$ 62.08)
Clansman Interconnecting Box 3-Radio (IB3) ANR Version
This is the Clansman Gold Top ANR Active Noise Reduction version of the Interconnecting Box 3-Radio or IB3. The IB3 is the main unit in the Clansman vehicle harness. It provides the Intercom Amplifier, local/remote rebroadcast and a stabilised DC power supply for the rest of the harness and can be connected up to three Clansman radios. There is audio socket for the local operator, a remote user can also be connected into the harness to use an installed radio or to have intercommunication with the crew. Supplied in good working condition, Grade 2. NSN: 5820-99-842-2189.
£53.50 (Approximately US$ 68.48)
Clansman PRC-351 / PRC-352 20 Watt RF Power Amplifier
The Clansman PRC-351 / PRC-352 20 Watt RF Power Amplifier effectively upgrades the 4 Watt output of Clansman PRC-351 to a 20 Watt PRC-352 Radio.

Operating frequency of this RF amplifier is in the VHF band of 30-76 Mhz in 3 selectable ranges: 30-40 Mhz, 40-55 Mhz, 55-76 Mhz. Requires 24 VDC to operate.

The amplifier can not be used on high power transmit using the radios normal whip antenna and instead a Ground-Spike Antenna is used. The amplifier can only be used on high power as a fixed radio station or in a vehicle using the vehicles antenna system. For mobile man-pack operations the battle antenna is fitted and the radio is operated on low power bypassing the amplifier as a PRC-351.

The RF amplifier works with other VHF radios and needs about 1.5 watts of input power to produce 20 Watts of output power. Connections are by standard BNC antenna plugs. NSN: 5820-99-114-3640. Supplied in good condition.
£55.00 (Approximately US$ 70.40)
Clansman Interconnecting Box 2-Radio (IB2)
This is the standard Clansman Interconnecting Box 2-Radio or IB2. The IB2 is the main unit in the Clansman vehicle harness. It provides the Intercom Amplifier, local/remote rebroadcast and a stabilised DC power supply for the rest of the harness and can be connected up to two Clansman radios. There is audio socket for the local operator, a remote user can also be connected into the harness to use an installed radio or to have intercommunication with the crew. Supplied in good working condition, Grade 2. NSN: 5820-99-117-6250.
£58.50 (Approximately US$ 74.88)
Clansman VHF Ground Spike Antenna GSA Kit
The Clansman VHF Ground Spike Antenna
£58.50 (Approximately US$ 74.88)
TR-PP-11 Receiver/Transmitter
Six channel, 47-55.4 MHz, FM, Walkie-Talkie, 500 MW output, crystal controlled. Supplied with Antenna but no crystals. The crystals may be available separately, please enquire.
£65.00 (Approximately US$ 83.20)
RWA-72M Geiger Counter
Russian made Geiger Counter, used by East German Army. With German writing, operates from a 6V rechargeable battery Not Supplied.
£68.50 (Approximately US$ 87.68)
Clansman 14.4/24 Volt Dual Battery Adapter Charging Tray
This is the Clansman 14.4/24 Volt Dual Battery Adapter Charging Tray, when connected to a Clansman DCCU Charger would charge two of the following batteries at the same time.

Two Clansman 24 Volt 1 or 4 Amp Rechargeable batteries as used with the Clansman PRC-319, PRC-320, PRC-344, PRC-351, PRC-352 radio sets. Or two 14.4 volt 4 Amp Rechargeable Batteries that are typically used with the Clansman PRC-350 radios, or one of each type.

Battery tie down straps with two charging indicator lights and a switch to turn them off is on top of the unit along with the 4-pin DCCU Charging socket. These units are supplied in good used condition, tested and operational. DCCU connecting lead and batteries are available separately. NSN: 6130-99-132-0689
£75.00 (Approximately US$ 96.00)
Clansman Interconnecting Box 2-Radio (IB2) ANR Version
This is the Clansman Gold Top ANR Active Noise Reduction version of the Interconnecting Box 2-Radio or IB2. The IB2 is the main unit in the Clansman vehicle harness. It provides the Intercom Amplifier, local/remote rebroadcast and a stabilised DC power supply for the rest of the harness and can be connected up to two Clansman radios. There is audio socket for the local operator, a remote user can also be connected into the harness to use an installed radio or to have intercommunication with the crew. Supplied in good working condition, Grade 2. NSN: 5820-99-125-4663.
£75.00 (Approximately US$ 96.00)
Clansman PRC-349 Mass Battery Charger
Simultaneously charges up to 6 PRC-349 12 Volt rechargeable batteries at the same time, LED Battery indicator. Connects to a 14 or 28 Volt Clansman Battery Charger to operate. Batteries are not supplied with charger but are available seporatly.
£75.00 (Approximately US$ 96.00)
Wireless Set B44 MKIII
The B44 is a British VHF AM man portable transceiver which was part of Larkspur range of military radios. It was used for communication within light Anti-Aircraft regiments. Frequency range 60-95MHz with three crystal controlled channels. RF output 3 Watts AM and an operating range of up to 15 miles. Supplied Grade 3 Un-Tested condition.
£75.00 (Approximately US$ 96.00)
Clansman Elevated Wide Band VHF Antenna Kit The Pineapple Antenna
This is the Clansman Elevated Wide Band VHF Antenna Kit. Wide band antennas can work with-out an ATU Antenna Tuner Unit
£80.00 (Approximately US$ 102.40)
P-147N Receiver
The Russian P-147N is a very small 4 channel Crystal Controlled short range VHF FM receiver. It was used as a manpack set for Platoon communications. Frequency range 44.0-51.8MHz in 100kHz. 100kHz channel spacing. Fully transistorised with thick film technology. Powered by 6-7.5V rechargeable battery or external 9V dry batteries. Sizes 58 * 45 * 126mm.
£95.00 (Approximately US$ 121.60)
P-126 Receiver/Transmitter
The Russian P-126 is a small short range VHF FM transceiver. Manufactured in 1962 it is a ruggedly constructed light weight battery operated radio. It was used by Russian and East German Army's as a manpack set for short range Platoon to Company communications.
£105.00 (Approximately US$ 134.40)
BC-1306 & GRC-9 Field Hand Crank Generator GN-58
GN-58 Field Hand Crank Generator for use with BC-1306 and GRC-9 radio sets. Outputs 425 VDC @115ma, 105 VDC @32ma, 6.3 VDC @2.5A, 1.4 VDC @465ma. The kit comes complete with Hand Cranks, Legs and Seat.
£108.50 (Approximately US$ 138.88)
Larkspur Junction Distribution Box Number 9

£115.00 (Approximately US$ 147.20)
AN/SGC-1A Radio Teletype Terminal Set
The AN/SGC-1A Radio Teletype Terminal Set permitted the transmission and reception of radioteletype messages between stations that were similarly equipped. It employed 200 Hz audio frequency shift keying FSK using 500 and 700 Hz tones to represent mark and space conditions. This terminal set was manufactured in 1950 by the Remler Company Ltd. of San Francisco and operates from 115 VAC 50-60Hz. Supplied in good condition, Grade 3 Untested.
£125.00 (Approximately US$ 160.00)
Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder and Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder
These Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder Unit and the Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder Unit were originally made by Racal for Iraqi Army before the Gulf War and have Arabic letters on the keypad.

The units are supplied as a pair, one MA-4230A Morse Encoder and one MA-4231 Morse Decoder and in very good condition, like new.

The MA-4230A Morse Encoder Unit enables a message to be transmitted in Morse code. The Morse message is entered using an alpha-numeric keyboard therefore no knowledge of the Morse code is necessary to operate the unit. The MA-4231 Morse Decoder decodes the Morse code being received and displays it one letter at the time on its red dot matrix display or sends it to a printer. Both units are powered by an internal rechargeable battery which provides approximately 16 hours use without recharging. The case fully sealed and waterproof.

Message entry is done via the keyboard which contains forty three Arabic alpha-numeric tactile keys, including SP space and seven function keys. Three indicators are provided showing when power is available, data is being emitted, and when the store is nearly full. The power indicator extinguishes when the battery voltage is low, and when the unit is switched off.

1024 character, non-volatile electronic memory Message store, Normal Transmission speed of 15 w.p.m. and High Speed 120 w.p.m. Keyed Tone Data output - Normal frequency: 1.0kHz. Amplitude: 20mV ? 3dB from 300 source. Contact closure Data output - normal speed only Contact rating 0.5A max.

£125.00 (Approximately US$ 160.00)
STR37E VHF Aircraft Radio Transceiver
The STR37E VHF Aircraft Radio Transceiver is made by STC Standard Telephone and Cable. It is a small VHF Aircraft Radio Transceiver that can be directly panel mounted in the aircrafts cockpit, easy frequency selection by two large knobs mounted on the front panel. It operates in the frequency range of 116.00 MHz to 135.95 MHz, 400 total channels with 50KHz Channel Spacing. The Squelch and Volume Control along with the ON/OFF Switch are also mounted on the front panel. Transmitter Power Output 1 Watt. It is very nicely constructed with metal chassis. Uses a standart 36 pin Centronics connector on the back panel for DC power and audio interface to speaker / headset and microphone. The radio runs from a standard aircraft 28 Volt power supply.

These radios are supplied in very nice condition and include the test certificate.

The Centronics pin-out is:
Pin-1 Negative & case (GND)
Pin-2 Radio +ve (+28 Volts)
Pin-3 PTT
Pin-19 Panel Bulb +ve (+28 Volts)
Pin-21 & Pin-22 Audio output
£150.00 (Approximately US$ 192.00)
R-4 Receiver
1.5 - 12.5 Mhz, with PSU.
£225.00 (Approximately US$ 288.00)
Russian P-105M Receiver/Transmitter
The P-105M transceiver was developed in the early 60's by the Russians as a replacement for the P-105D, family of manpack transceivers. Used by Russian and East German armies, primarily by Infantry for Company to Battalion communication. the radio operates in one continuous band with output power of approximately 1 Watt. Modulation is FM. Powered by two sets of 2.4V rechargeable batteries which are no longer available. Supplied in very nice untested condition with some accessories!.

P-105M VHF 36-46.1 Mhz.
£235.00 (Approximately US$ 300.80)
Russian P-105D, P-108D, P-109D Receiver/Transmitter
The P-105D, P-108D, and P-109D family of manpack transceivers were manufactured by the Russians in the early 50's and are very similar in looks to WWII German radios that they were based on!

These radios were used by Russian and East German armies to provide radio communication within the Division at all levels down to Company HQ, Infantry and Artillery. Operating in one continuous band, output power is approximately 1.2 Watts. Modulation FM. Power was provided by two sets of 2.4V rechargeable batteries which are no longer available. This radio is a P-105D with metal case, frequancy range VHF 36-46.1 Mhz. Supplied in very nice untested condition with some accessories!
£250.00 (Approximately US$ 320.00)
French ER-56-A VHF Radio Station
French made Remote Control VHF FM radio station operating in the range of 27-39.9 Mhz. Approximately 25 Watts output, with squelch function. Operates from 110-220VAC 50/60 Hz. The station includes Power Supply, Transceiver, Mount, Remote Control Head and Interconnecting Cables.
£255.00 (Approximately US$ 326.40)
Racal VRM5080 VHF 50 Watt Tank Radio Transceiver
The Racal VRM-5080 is a modern 50 Watt VHF FM Radio Transceiver designed for installation in armoured or soft-skin military vehicles. The radio covers the 30 to 76 MHz frequency band and comes with an integrated control / keyboard unit with a built in Red LED readout display.

The radio incorporates a built-in test sequence which automatically checks transceiver performance and displays results.

A 16 Kbits/s data capability is also incorporated in the transceiver and options extend the facilities to include built-in pseudo-white-noise encryption of both data and speech.

The front panel which is removable provides full-control over a simple serial data line. It can be relocated and mounted anywhere on a tank with a radio located in the hull or a similar remote position. The control panel also provides control of two radios from a single remote position.

The control panel enables selection of operating frequency and up to nine pre selected channels as well as encryption codes and the transceiver mode. An alphanumeric display gives read-out of frequency and status.

First announced in September 1979, the VRM5080 was in production by Racal Radio Ltd in Reading, England for users worldwide and by Kapsch for the Austrian Army. These radios are supplied in good used condition, tested and operational Grade 2.

Mode: F3E narrowband FM simplex
Frequency range: 30-76 MHz
Number of channels: 1841 with 9 pre-programmable
Channel Spacing: 25 kHz spacing
Power Output: High Power: 50 Watts, Medium Power: 10 Watts, Low Power: 5 mW
Power Supply: 24 V DC (nominal) negative earth
Power Consumption: high power: 7.5 A max, low power: 1.5 A max
Temperature Range, Operating: -40 to + 70?C
Temperature Range, Storage: -40 to + 70?C
Weight: 13.5 kg

Download Technical Manual

£265.00 (Approximately US$ 339.20)
PRC-77 Back-Pack VHF Radio
The AN/PRC-77 is a light weight Synthesised VHF man-pack radio. Solid state construction with 2 Watts power output. The radio provides 920 channels in 2 VHF frequency bands 30-52.95 MHz, and 53-75.95 MHz FM. These PRC-77 Radios have a channel spacing of 25 KHz. Requires 12.5-15 Volts DC @800 ma. Frequency selection by front panel knobs, frequency display by digital mechanical read-out.

The radio is supplied in good tested condition and includes the battery box with D Size Battery Adapter, but no other accessories!
£275.00 (Approximately US$ 352.00)
RT-77/GRC-9 Backpack or Vehicular Transceiver
The AN/GRC-9 Radio Station is a low-power radio transmitter and receiver that was used in either ground or vehicles applications. Made in USA or under licence in Germany and France.
Receiver Section, covers 2-3.6, 3.6-6.6, and 6.6-12 MHz continuously tuneable in 3 bands AM-CW, 456 KHz IF, 200 KHz Calibration Points. AF and RF Gain Controls and Headset jacks. Tubes 2* 1L4, 3* 1R5, 1* 1S5, 1* 3Q4. May require a new grid bias battery. Requires 1.4 VDC @450ma and 105 V @20ma.
£275.00 (Approximately US$ 352.00)
Larkspur C-41 Transmitter & R-222 Receiver Radio Relay Station
This is the Larkspur C-41 / R-222 radio station which was used as a vehicle based medium radio relay station for brigade, division or corps communications.

The C-41 Transmitter is a wide band VHF FM
£285.00 (Approximately US$ 364.80)
RT-524/VRC VHF Vehicle Radio Station For M-151 Mutt Jeep, Humvee
Receiver-transmitter, FM, 30-74.95MHz, 50 KHZ spacing, 920 channels. Manual tuning version of RT-246/VRC with built-in loud-speaker. The RT-524/VRC is the major part of AN/VRC-12 vehicle radio station typically used in M151 Truck, Utility ?-Ton, 4x4 Mutt Jeeps series of vehicles as well as in older Humvee's and tanks.

Operates from 24 VDC vehicle battery or power supply. Transmitter output power 8W (low) and 35W (high).

Noise-operated squelch as well as an advanced tone-operated squelch (150 Hz) is provided. The tone squelch provides reliable retransmission when two receiver-transmitter are used as an automatic relay station.

The AN/VRC-12 is a combat-proven vehicular radio set that lends its self particularly well to applications of tactical deployment and specific operational missions because of their ability to be assembled into various configurations and of being installed on most types of military vehicles such as M-151 Mutt Jeeps, Humvees, heavy armour, etc.

The RT-524 is supplied in good working order Grade 2. Some Accessories and cables are also available.

£365.00 (Approximately US$ 467.20)
R-1051B HF Communications Receiver
From the mid 1960's through to the 1990's the R-1051 and its variants were the HF receiver of the choice for the U.S. NAVY. Easy to operate it was the work horses of every ships radio room. The receiver was used in all Navy ships from patrol boats through to carriers. With its amazing stability, it was tune and forget!

R-1051B Radio receiver, frequency range 2-30 MHz, 2-4 microvolt sensitivity, direct digital frequency synthesis, 0.1 KHz tuning increments, modes of operation USB, LSB, ISB, AM and FSK. Bandwidths: 3.1 and 6 KHz depending to operating mode. Operates from 115 VAC 48-450 Hz 55 Watt. Made in USA by General dynamics.

The R-1051B is a Triple conversion Superheterodyne HF receiver. Solid state construction except for two 6BZ6 tubes, which are used as the RF amplifiers in the front end delivering excellent performance and immunity to signal overload. The receiver is isolated against signal leakage to prevent enemy detection of the local oscillators.

The frequency selection is done by turning mechanical decade knobs. The Mhz stage is tuned by an internal motor. Frequency stability is 1X10-8 per day! The B model has a 100 Hz synthesizer which can be unlock for accurate tuning.

The receiver is supplied tested and operational Grade 2. Grade 3 Untested may also be available, please E-Mail for details.

R-1051B Receiver Specifications:
Frequency Range: 2.0 to 29.9999 MHz in 0.1 kHz increments
Receiver Type: Triple conversion Superheterodyne
Frequency Stability: 1 part in 10 to the 8th power per day
Frequency Accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 Hz at 5 MHz
Modes of Operation: LSB, USB, ISB, AM, CW, and FSK
Sensitivity: 1 uV for 10 dB (S + N / N) in SSB mode, 2 uV in CW and FSK modes, and 4 uV in AM mode
Receiver IF: First IF 20 or 30 MHz, second IF 2.85 MHz, third IF 500 KHz
IF Rejection: -75 dB
Image rejection: -80 dB
Bandwidth: SSB, 3.2 KHz, AM and CW, 7 KHz
Antenna: 50 ohm impedance
Power Consumption: 55 watts
Power Requirements: 115 VAC 48-450 Hz
Audio output: 60 mV (minimum) into 600 ohm balanced, two local headsets connections
£375.00 (Approximately US$ 480.00)
Clansman RT-320 / PRC-320 30 Watt HF Transceiver
The Clansman RT-320 / PRC320 is a lightweight HF/SSB radio station designed as part of the British Army's Clansman range of radio equipments for combat use throughout the world. It was used by long-range patrols and Special Forces because of its sky-wave range performance and hand generator system.
The equipment operates in the 2 to 30 MHz band with 100 Hz channel spacing, which gives a choice of 280 000 frequencies. Selection is by decade knobs which control a micro-miniature synthesizer locked to a temperature compensated reference oscillator, giving a high order of stability under all environmental conditions.
£425.00 (Approximately US$ 544.00)
Larkspur A-13 HP High Power Man-Pack Radio Station
The A-13 is a British HF man-pack transceiver. The A-13 was developed primary for infantry use. It was also used by amphibious forces and the Special Forces. Frequency range: 2-8MHz, crystal calibrator, transistorised.
£450.00 (Approximately US$ 576.00)