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Spare Parts for Radios


FT-515 Side Antenna Holder for GRC-9
The side antenna holder for the GRC-9 radio. The FT-515 allows the IN-127 Antenna Mast Base to be fitted to the radio when the radio is used in a horizontal position.
£11.50 (Approximately US$ 14.72)
DY-88 Dynamotor
Dynamotor from a DY-88 PSU, Motor Speed 6000 RPM.

Input Voltage: 7.2 Volts DC or 24.5 Volts DC or 29 Volts DC.Input Current: 22 Amps @7.2VDC or 11 Amps @24.5VDC or 5.5 Amps @29VDC.Output Voltage: 580 Volts.Output Current: 100 Mili-amps.
£25.00 (Approximately US$ 32.00)
BX-49 Crystal and Coil Kit for BC-611
Crystal and Coil Kit for BC-611. Box is dated 1943. Has 12 sets of coils and crystals.
BX-53 Spare Parts and Tube Box Empty Box
Empty BX-53 Spares and Tube box for the BC-1306 and GRC-9 Radios.
Please note: the pictures shows a full box with spare parts.
£8.50 (Approximately US$ 10.88)
PRC-6/6 Miniature Tube Set
Spare Tubes for the German PRC-6/6 radio. This set include the following miniature tubes in new condition.4* DF61, 2* 1AD4, 1* 5672, 1* 5678, 1* 6397. Total 9 tubes.
£23.50 (Approximately US$ 30.08)
German PRC-6/6 Empty Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6 radio set. Picture below shows a full crystal box for demonstration.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
PRC-6 Crystal Pair
Crystals for the American PRC-6 sold as matched pairs. (No choice on Frequency).
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
CY-853/PRC-6 Full Crystal Kit
Full Crystal Box for the American PRC-6 Radio. The kit includes 42 Crystals.
£45.00 (Approximately US$ 57.60)
PRC-6/6 Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
PRC-349 Module 5
PRC-349 brand new spare Discriminator Module number 5. NATO Part Number 5820-99-643-8404.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)