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AB-129 Semi-Rigid Antenna Base
The AB-129 is a semi-rigid antenna base for use with PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 and other portable radios. The antenna base is used with the AT-271A long antenna rod and can be slightly bent to any position, acting as a shock absorber for the long antenna. Overall length 19.4 Cm.
Air Speed Indicator
Aircraft speed indicator in Knots. Made by Pandect Precision Components Ltd. in England, Part Number PPC-2367/79. Available in limited numbers, supplied in very good condition. Connection is by a 19 pin connector at the back of the unit. No further details are presently available.
£38.00 (Approximately US$ 48.64)
Airlite 62 Pilots Head-Set
The Airlite 62 pilots headsets are made by Clement Clarke International Ltd, in England and are available with normal or noise cancelling microphones and/or with PTT switch. The headsets are little used and are in good condition. CAA approval number WR603.
AirLite-62- Head-Set and Microphone with standard 6 pin jack plug.
AirLite-62NC- Head-Set with Noise cancelling Microphone, standard 6 pin jack plug.
AirLite-62NC/PTT- Head-Set with Noise cancelling Microphone, PTT Switch and standard 4 pin jack plug.
AM-1780/VRC Audio Amplifier for VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System
The AM-1780 is the main junction box / audio amplifier for the AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System. It provides control of the 24 Volt DC power to the associated crewmember control boxes and to the radio system that may be connected to the amplifiers. The amplifiers also amplify and control the audio signals in the intercommunication (intercom) and radio circuits.

AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System Over-View

The AN/VIC-1 is a part of electrical harness of vehicles such as Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Self Propelled Howitzers. The AN/VIC-1 Intercommunications system provides tactical vehicle crew members with facilities for communications with radio connected to the system, as well as facilities for communicating with each other. It includes the AM-1780 and intercommunications remote control box C-2298. The number of remote control units used are dependent upon type of vehicle and its operational requirements.
  • Can support 2 Transmit / Receive radios and 2 Receive only radios.
  • Provides up to six intercom stations.
  • Push to talk can be selected for all stations or just the commanders station.
  • Each intercom station can select ALL or Radios A/B/C or intercom only operation.
  • Radio volume is reduced automatically when intercom is keyed.
  • Passive mode operation of radio's audio when the system is not powered.
  • Simplifies radio and intercom wiring.
  • Stations can use a Headset, CVC Helmet, H-180 headphones, H-250 Handset or M-80 Microphone.
  • Ruggedly constructed, water resistant and weather proof to military specification.
  • Operates from 24 Volt DC vehicle power supply.
AM-66-A RF Power Amp
French made RF power amp for the GRC-9 radio set. 24 VDC input, Power output is about 100 Watts. Frequency Range 2-12 Mhz.
AN-130 Antenna for BC-1000
AN-130 Antenna for use with the American / French BC-1000 Radios. The antenna is in two sections that is extendable to total height of 83 Cm and has a flexible base. The antenna is supplied in very good condition.
AN-ARM-92 Test Set
This test set is available in untested condition and includes some accessories.
AN/ARC-73 VHF Aircraft Transceiver
VHF Aircraft radio set made by Collins Radio Co. The radio set consists of , R-1123A (51X2B) receiver, T-879 (17L-7A) transmitter, C-4074 (614U) remote tuning control and MT-2699 rack. T-879 transmitter covers 116-149.95 Mhz AM in 50 KHz steps, 680 channels, 25 watts output. 100mw side-tone level into 500 Ohms, Mic impedance 100 Ohms, Antenna impedance 52 Ohms.
R-1123A receiver covers 108-151.95 Mhz in 50 KHz steps, 720 channels. Sensitivity 3uv, 500 Ohms audio, Antenna impedance 52 Ohms.
AN/PRC-25 Vietnam Era US Back-Pack VHF Radio
The AN/PRC-25 was the most widely used radio set in Vietnam war by the US troops. The radio is known as the Prick 25 and is very similar to the modern PRC-77 in looks and operation. The radio is a light weight Synthesised VHF man-pack, solid state with the exception of one tube. 2 Watts power output. The radio provides 920 channels in 2 VHF frequency bands 30-52.95 MHz, and 53-75.95 MHz FM, channel spacing 50 KHz. Requires 12.5-15 Volts DC @800 ma and 3 Volts DC for tube heater voltage. Frequency selection by front panel knobs, frequency display by digital mechanical read-out.

The radio is supplied in grade 2, serviced and tested condition and includes the battery box. Other accessories are not included, but maybe available seporatly, Please Ask!
AN/SGC-1A Radio Teletype Terminal Set
The AN/SGC-1A Radio Teletype Terminal Set permitted the transmission and reception of radioteletype messages between stations that were similarly equipped. It employed 200 Hz audio frequency shift keying FSK using 500 and 700 Hz tones to represent mark and space conditions. This terminal set was manufactured in 1950 by the Remler Company Ltd. of San Francisco and operates from 115 VAC 50-60Hz. Supplied in good condition, Grade 3 Untested.
£125.00 (Approximately US$ 160.00)
Antenna Rod Set for MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base
AS-1730 Lower Antenna rod and AT-1095 Upper rod. For use with the MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base. Fibre glass construction. Total length 10.5 feet, 3.25 meters.
These rods were used in Hummvee and Mutt Jeeps with VHF radio sets sush as the RT-524/VRC and R-442/VRC.
AT-271A Long Antenna Rod
The AT-271A long antenna rod is for use with PRC-8, PRC-9, and the PRC-10 and other portable radios. The antenna sections are connected together with steel wire and is made-up of seven sections totalling just over 3 meters in length. The antenna rods are to be used with AB-129 Semi-Rigid antenna base.
AT-272A Flexible Goose Neck
The AT-272A is the flexible antenna section for use with PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 and other portable radios. The goose neck is used with the AT-272A Tape antenna and can be bent to any position. Overall length 21Cm.
AT-272A Tape Antenna
The AT-272A Tape Antenna is for use with PRC-8, PRC-9, and PRC-10 and other portable radios. The antenna is very flexible and would not easily break. Total length 75.5 Cm.
ATU and Ground Plane Antenna for SEM-25/35
New and unissued ground plane antenna with ATU for the SEM-25 or SEM-35. Whip masts installed as three radiating elements and one vertical. Has 3 diameter ceramic feed-through insulator with UHF connection. A clamp allows installation on top of 1.6 diameter masts. Comes complete with antenna sections, cables and a canvas carry bag.