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Clansman VHF Elevated Ground Spike Antenna EGSA Kit
The Clansman EGSA kit is an adaptor that allows the Ground Spike Antenna kit
£40.00 (Approximately US$ 51.20)
Clansman VHF Ground Mounted Monopole
The heavy duty Clansman Ground Mounted Monopole is a wide band vertical polarised Omni-directional antenna designed to be free standing. It does not require a antenna tuners or other adjustments for frequency and is suitable for use with ClansmanVRC-353,PRC-351,PRC-352 or any other VHF radio set with a 50 Ohm Co-axial outlet.

The antenna is low profile antenna and can easily be concealed when mounted on the ground. Inconspicuous and easily camouflaged. It was used in forward areas, where for tactical reasons a an elevated antenna is unsuitable. It can quickly be erected in any terrain. It is self standing, requiring no stays or pickets driven into the ground. It folds into a small bulk for transport.

The Antenna is in the form of a skeleton inverted pyramid with the total height of about 1.2 M mounted on an optimum-size ground plane. The elements forming the side of the pyramid are made of drawn triangular cross section aluminium. Hinges enable the structure to be folded. The tops of the elements and the centre post are joined together with insulated copper / terylene braid.

The ground plane is constructed of covered stainless steel mesh and is joined to the base of the pyramid by a moulded insulator. Earthing spikes are provided, which can be driven into the ground to prevent the antenna from moving in high winds. The Antenna is supplied in good condition, complete with accessories and canvas carry bag.

Frequency Range: 30-76 MHz
Power Rating: 70 Watts matched with any 50 Ohm Radio
Gain: 30 MHz -4.5 dB, 76 MHz -1.5 dB
VSWR: 1.5:1
Size: Unfolded 1.2 M (48), Folded 1.58 M (62)
Weight: 13 Kg including bag and accessories
Clansman VHF Ground Spike Antenna GSA Kit
The Clansman VHF Ground Spike Antenna
£58.50 (Approximately US$ 74.88)
Clansman VRC-321 25 Watt HF Selector Unit SURF
The Clansman 25 Watt HF Selector Unit SURF for use with the Clansman VRC-321 HF vehicle transceiver. It can also be used with other HF radio transmitters with output powers of up to 25 Watts.

The SURF is used when more than one radio is used in close proximately and prevents one radio interfering with the other radio. The SURF is then tuned to give optimum performance and achieve maximum range with the radio set.

NSN: 5820-99-620-8079. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman VRC-321 HF 25 Watt RF Antenna Tunning Unit TURF / ATU
The Clansman 25 Watt RF Antenna Tuner TURF, also known as ATU for use with the Clansman VRC-321 HF vehicle transceiver. It can also be used with other HF radio transmitters with output powers of up to 25 Watts.

The ATU is used to match the antennas length to the transmitting frequency for optimum performance and achieve maximum range with the radio set.

NSN: 5820-99-114-3386. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman Warning Unit Audible
The warning unit monitors the 24 volt supply rail of a vehicle and sounds a buzzer if there is a fault present.
£19.50 (Approximately US$ 24.96)
Collins PRC-515 / RU-20 Yugoslav Peoples Army HF/SSB Radio Station
RU-20 is ex-Yugoslav Peoples Army HF/SSB radio station manufactured by RIZ Zagreb factory (ex Yugoslavia) under licence from Rockwell Collins of Canada (original Collins model designation is PRC-515) for combat use.

The equipment operates in the 2 to 30 MHz band with 100Hz spacing. Selection is by decade push down switches that control a synthesizer. Modes of operation SSB (LSB, USB), AM and CW.

A transmitter output power of 20 W PEP working into a whip antenna gives the RU-20 a ground-wave communications range in excess of 20 km by day under normal conditions.

The RU-20 is suitable for use as a ground station, working into static ground- or sky-wave antennas. Working into a dipole or end-fed antenna, sky-wave communications at ranges from 50 to 2000 km or greater can be achieved. This range performance is due in part to the high-grade receiver and high efficiency built in automatic antenna-tuning unit, which is integral with the transmitter/receiver unit. The radio is carried on the operator's back. It is powered by rechargeable 25.2V/1.8Ah NiCd batteries.

The equipment and accessories are supplied in very good condition, tested and operational. Please choose from accessories options below.
CRT/CPRC-26 Receiver/Transmitter
CPRC-26 Canadian version of SRA-40. Six channel crystal controlled, FM VHF Receiver/Transmitter, 47-55.4 Mhz, 38 possible channels. Power output 250mW, requires 1.5,45,90, -3VDC. Used by the French Army and built by Phillips Telecommunications, Dated 1959. Complete with webbing, handset, and antenna.
CUA-12 Battery For Russian P-126 Radios
The CUA-12 accumulators are used with the P-126 series of Receivers. 1.5 Volt 12 Amp Hours, Silver Zinc cells supplied without electrolyte and must be filled before charging. Charge rate is 1.2 Amp for 12 hours. Made in Bulgaria, new and unissued dated 1974, untested.
CW-140 / GRC-9 Radio Canvas Bag
CW-140 / GRC-9 Radio Canvas Bag for carrying the GRC-9 radio sets. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
CW-216A Antenna & Accessories Bag
The CW-216A antenna and accessories bag is used with the PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 as well as other radio sets. The bag allows the storage of the radios accessories such as antenna rods, tape antenna, goose neck and the handset. It is designed to attach to the combat belt around the waist.
CX-4722 Cable For MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base
Connects an RT-246, RT-524 or OA-3633 to an Antenna Matching Unit MX-2799/VRC or MX-6707/VRC, providing power and tuning control signals to the matching unit via the antenna control circuits of the Radio Transmitter or Amplifier.
CX-8650B Headset Connecting Cable
The following US audio accessories as well as others can be used with this coiled cable. H-161/C, H-161/D, H-161/E Headsets and MK-1039/G Headset / Microphone. Each wire ends with a U-229/U Connector to plug into the radio or VIC-1 equipment. The headset end is terminated with moulded quick release bail-out type connector.
£16.50 (Approximately US$ 21.12)
CY-853/PRC-6 Full Crystal Kit
Full Crystal Box for the American PRC-6 Radio. The kit includes 42 Crystals.