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D-8385 Mains PSU for SEM-25 and SEM-35
Provides 24 Volts DC @ 10 Amps from 220 VAC. Trip fuse protected on input and outputs. Designed for use with SEM-25 and SEM-35 series of radio equipment, can also be used with other radio sets. Measures 50*22*17cm. Weight 18 KGs.
Digital Radiological Test Equipment PDR-7000
The digital Radiological Test Equipment PDR-7000 is a modern, professional Geiger counter with extensive features. Manufactured by FAG Kugelfischer in Germany to very high military standards.

The counter is auto-ranging with a built-in LCD display that shows the results both digitally and analogue. A power on self test routine makes sure the unit is functioning correctly. The Geiger Counter is so sensitive that it can measure very low normal background radiation. For example, the normal background radiation in London is between 0,07 ?Gy/h and 0,09 ?Gy/h. The unit can take readings externally with a 15 meter probe extension cable and the Gamma Probe DT 7002 as well as the Beta-Gamma Probe DT 7003 and a special probe DT 7004 for testing radiation in liquids.

Operation is by 2 standard 1.5 Volt D size batteries Not Supplied or by a external mains (220-230 V) or by a adaptor from the 12 Volt vehicle supply. The power adapters are supplied with this kit. The test equipment also comes complete with two Carrying Straps, one Earphone and several plastic bags and beakers for taking samples. The complete equipment is stored in a extremely strong airtight and watertight Aluminium carrying case. The equipment is supplied in Brand New condition.

Measurements Units: ?Gy/h or cGy/h (Intensity), in cGy (Dosage) oder CPS (Impulse).
Measuring Range: 0 to 999 cGy/h, 0 to 999 cGy or 0 to 9990 CPS.
Switch-able alarm threshold values in five steps (up to 20 or 100 ?Gy/h,0,1 or 1 or 10 cGy/h).
DM-21 Dynamotor for BC-312 / BC-314 WWII Radio Receiver
This is the DM-21 Dynamotor for the BC-312 or BC-314 Radio Sets. Supplied in NOS New Old Stock condition. There were plenty of these radios available on the surplus market back in the 50's and a many of these radios were modified over the years to run on mains voltage with a home made power supply. A new DM-21 Dynamotor would be a perfect for restoration of a radio to original specifications. The Dynamotor produces 235VAC @0.090 A from a 14VDC @3.3A power supply. It could also be used to provide HT voltage for other radios or projects.

RPM: 5400.
Input Volts: 14 VDC @3.3 Amp.
Output Volts: 235 Volts @0.090 Amps.
DOM-410 Geiger Counter
The DOM-410 Geiger Counter was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army in the late 1970's early 1980's. It is manufactured to high standard under license from SRAT. It is hermetically sealed unit and water tight.

The Beta Gamma probe has a removable Gamma shield, and is quite large, giving it a sensitivity of roughly 1 CPS background. In the CPS mode, 1000 CPS = 1 mr per hour. It has 3 Time constants Rapide, Lent, Mesure and 3 ranges 10 CPS, 100 CPS, 1000 CPS. In the Gamma only mode, the selector uses the internal gamma compensated tube, which may be removed from the side of the unit, and placed at the end of a 20 foot cable for remote monitoring. In the mr per hour mode it uses the internal gamma tube to measure 1-1000 millirads per hour.

When switched to the Rad/hr mode, the internal or remote mounted gamma only tube will measure from 1 rad per hour up to 1,000 rads per hour. Overall, it is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is robustly built and designed to take allot of abuse.

The counter has a total range of 15&#956
DOM-410 Geiger Counter
The DOM-410 Geiger Counter or radiation meter was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army in the late 1970's early 1980's. It is manufactured to high standard under license from SRAT. It is hermetically sealed unit and water tight.

The internal X & Gamma sensor is easily removable and is capable of measuring from 1 Milli Rad per hour up to 1000 Rads per hour.

Six measurement ranges by direct reading on a single scale. The scale is illuminated for night reading.

Overall, it is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is portable and self contained, it is robustly built and designed to take a lot of abuse.

The DOM-410 Counter is powered by two standard 1.5 Volt D cells and is supposed to last up to 16 hours on a fresh set of batteries.

The DOM-410 counter is supplied in very good working condition with-out any accessories. Some accessories and English language manual are available separately.
DOM-410 Geiger Counter External Probe 5 Meter Extension Lead
This is the 5 Meter Extension lead for the External Beta / Gamma Probe of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

This extension lead uses very unusual connectors that are very hard to find! These connectors look similar to BNC connectors but they are not!

This lead can be modified and plugged into any of the three sockets that are provided on the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

The three sockets on the DOM-410 Geiger Counter are the External Beta / Gamma Probe Socket, External Warning Light Socket and the External Headset Socket. Please see pictures below.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter External Warning Light
This is the external Warning Light Unit for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter. It is a rectangular box 11 * 10 * 4 Cm with a power and a signal cable. The power cable connects to 6-28 Volt DC external power source, which could be provided from a vehicle battery. The other cable connects to the = connection of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter. There is a red light on one side of the warning box that flashes red to indicate radiation when the reading on the Geiger Counter scale lies between 0.3 and 0.7 of the scale, depending on the selected range. The unit is supplied in very good working condition, Grade 2.
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Internal Probe 5 Meter Extension Lead & Holder
This is the 5 Meter Extension lead and holder for the Internal Gamma Probe of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

The internal Gamma Probe is unplugged from the side of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter and plugged into this extension lead, the extension lead is then plugged in to the DOM-410 where the Gamma sensor used to be, allowing remote operation from upto 5 meters away, please see pictures below.
£23.50 (Approximately US$ 30.08)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Mounting
This is the mounting for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter. This mounting was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army to fix the DOM-410 in to vehicles.

Supplied in new condition.
£45.00 (Approximately US$ 57.60)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Plastic Neck Carry Strap
This is the plastic carry strap for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter, see pictures below.
£4.50 (Approximately US$ 5.76)
Dosimeter Carry Bag
These durable bags originally housed a British Army Dosimeter. The light weight bags are made of strong and durable Green Nylon Webbing which would not rot. Can be used to carry a radio or accessories, School bag, Fishing, Hunting, Sports, Travel, Camping, etc. and is of a suitable size to be carried as hand luggage on board aircraft. Supplied in very good condition (no tears). Can be hand carried, also has eyelets for the addition of shoulder carry straps (Not Available) to covert the bag into a back-pack. The unique side opening bag has a number of compartments and incorporates a large pocket on top for a compass, a book, passport. A clear window on the main opening flap for a map or instructions. There is a smaller compartment at the other end and a Velcro fastened pocket for very small items. The opening flaps are secured by strong Nylon straps to keep the contents secure.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
DY-88 Dynamotor Power Supply
Powers BC-1306 and RT-77/GRC-9 Radios from 6 VDC @29 Amp, 12 VDC @14 Amp or 24 VDC @6.7 Amps. Outputs 580 V @100ma, 105 V @45ma, 6.3 V @2A, 1.4 V @500ma, 6.3 V @575ma. Usable with other radios sets.
DY-88 Power Supply CX-2031 Power Cable / Connector
This is the CX-2031 power input cable for the GRC-9 radio power supply, the DY-88. These cables are about 15-20 Cm long and would have normally gone into a junction box which was mounted somewhere near the radio before they were cut off. The other end of the Junction Box would have been connected to the vehicle battery.

The connector on these cables can easily be taken apart to install a new longer cable. The connectors are also suitable for the PP-112 / GRC as well as many other American radios made in the 1950