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Genuine American Signal Corps BC-1000 WWII Radio
This is a genuine American Signal Corps BC-1000 Radio set that was used during WWII by the American troops fighting the Nazi Germany. This Radio is in very nice condition but does not include any accessories or the battery box, but it does include the battery tie-down straps. See pictures below.

40-48 MHz in forty one 200KHz steps, FM, IF 4.3 and 2.515 MHz, power output 300 mW RF, 200mW AF, transmission range up to 3 miles with the long antenna. The radio has a built-in 43 MHz crystal calibrator. Requires 4.5VDC 500 ma and 90VDC 25 ma.
German FSE-38/58 VHF FM Portable Transceiver
The German FSE-38/58 is a VHF FM Portable Transceiver with a frequency range of 38-58 MHz. Includes audio squelch facility. Output Power 10 and 50 mW. Powered by a 6 Volt Rechargeable Battery ( Not Supplied ) or a external 24 Volt PSU. Plug-in Crystal Frequency Selection. FSE-38/58 is modular constructed on a die-cast aluminium chassis. The water proof outer case is made from impact resistant plastic, with a aluminium front panel. Up to nine spare crystals can be stored on a holder inside the case. Uses a H-33/PT Hand Set. The radio can easy be modified for 650 mW Output.
German PRC-6/6 Empty Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6 radio set. Picture below shows a full crystal box for demonstration.
German SEM-52S Synthesised VHF Transceiver
The SEM-52S radio is the modern synthesised version of the SEM-52A radio set. It was until now a hard to find item and it is still used even today by the German Army. The SEM-52S is a portable handheld synthesised VHF radio transceiver which operates 46.000-57.975 MHz. 6 channels can be programmed internally by rotary switches from 400 possible channels in 25 KHz steps.

A speaker / Microphone are now built in to the radio as well as the PTT switch. Noise-operated squelch is provided for quiet operation and the radio is also DATA capable. External Audio accessories such as Handset or Headsets can still be plugged in to the radio. Power Output 1 Watt and operates from 12 Volts DC using 8 standard AA 1.5 Volt batteries.

The radio is normally worn on the left chest using the carrying harness and is very easy to operate in that position with the flexible Tape Antenna extending over your left shoulder. The antenna socket is very cleaver in design as it allows a normal BNC plug to be used or the Tape Antenna to be plugged in.

The SEM-52S is supplied in excellent working condition Grade-2 and comes pre-programmed with the following accessories, Battery Box, AA Battery Holder, Carrying Harness, Strap and the Flexible Tape Antenna.

Please Note: The girl in the picture is not included with the radio deal!! :-)

Specifications of the SEM-52S
Frequency Range: 46.000 to 57.975 MHz.
Number of Possible Channels: 400 channels
Selectable Channels: 6 Selectable Channels
Channel Spacing: 25 KHz
Output power: 1 Watt
Sensitivity: better 0,5 Micro Volt @ 20 dB S/N
Modulation mode: F3 (FM modulation)
Power Supply: 12 Volts using 8 standard 1.5 Volt AA batteries
Power consumption: receiving 70 mA, transmitting 400 mA
Provisions for data transmission and low level audio
Built in Microphone / Speaker
Dimensions: 95mm x 219mm x 39mm
Weight: 1.3 kg

Order Two Radios at the same time and save
German TTL-6607 Geiger Counter Training Unit
German made Geiger Counter used by the German Army in the mid 60's.
The TTL 6607 measures radiation in 5 ranges 0.5 r/h, 5 r/h, 50 r/h and 500 r/h. Battery check indicator and Alarm, operates from a 6V battery Not Supplied. The Geiger Counters are supplied untested and include a canvas bag. Usage instructions are written on the front panel in German.
Gertsch Model FM-6
Frequency Meter, 20-1000 Mhz, 0.0001% Accuracy. In good clean condition. Un-tested.
Giant Amp Meter
A giant Amp Meter that wouldn't look out of place in frankenstine's lab. Solid heavy metal construction with glass window. The meter is capable of measuring currents levels up to 75 Amps @60Hz AC. Works OK with 50Hz AC. Connection is by thick terminals provided on it's base. Mounts on to any flat surface using 10 bolts.Ideal item to monitor current use with old Lister Generator Engines and in keeping with the engines old solid construction.

Length 18cm, Height 16cm, Width 12cm (Length 7, Height 6.5, Width 4.75), Weight 2.5Kg.
£24.50 (Approximately US$ 31.36)
GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver
The GRC-106 is a Fully Synthesized 400 Watt HF SSB mobile vehicular Receiver ? Transmitter Radio Station operating on CW and USB, 28 000 selectively tuned channels spaced in 1 KHz increments in the 2 to 29.999 MHz providing full coverage from 2 to 30Mhz frequency range. It is beautifully constructed radio station with no expense spared in its construction and makes an ideal rig for ham radio work or installing in a military vehicle such as a M151 Jeep.