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Larkspur A-13 HP High Power Man-Pack Radio Station
The A-13 is a British HF man-pack transceiver. The A-13 was developed primary for infantry use. It was also used by amphibious forces and the Special Forces. Frequency range: 2-8MHz, crystal calibrator, transistorised.
£450.00 (Approximately US$ 576.00)
Larkspur B Box
Larkspur Rebroadcast Unit B box is part of a two radio set installation.
Larkspur C-41 Transmitter & R-222 Receiver Radio Relay Station
This is the Larkspur C-41 / R-222 radio station which was used as a vehicle based medium radio relay station for brigade, division or corps communications.

The C-41 Transmitter is a wide band VHF FM
£285.00 (Approximately US$ 364.80)
Larkspur Control Unit C Box
The Larkspur Control Unit C box is the operator's control unit for controlling one or two radio sets in a vehicle.
Larkspur Control Unit Number 31
Larkspur Control Unit Number 31
Larkspur I Box
The Larkspur I box provides intercom function in systems that do not have a built-in intercom amplifier already installed in the radio.
Larkspur Interconnecting Box 2 Way, 4 Way
Larkspur Interconnecting Box 2 Way, 4 Way
Larkspur Interconnecting Box 4 Way Number 4
The Larkspur Interconnection Box 4 way Number 4 was the primary LT distribution unit, used in almost all vehicle radio installations.
Larkspur J1 Box
The Larkspur J1 Box enables several crew members to work a radio set and have have intercom function. The J1 Box also allows the radio set to be connected to one other radio set.
Larkspur J2 Box
The J2 Junction Box is used for a two radio set AFV and other vehicle installations.
£38.50 (Approximately US$ 49.28)
Larkspur Junction Distribution Box Number 9

£115.00 (Approximately US$ 147.20)
Larkspur Microphone
Larkspur Microphone with old Larkspur 6 pin Audio Plug. Used with British C11/R-210, C-13, C-42, C-45 radio stations, and other similar radios.
Larkspur Morse Key
NSN 5820-99-102-5319. Can be used with Larkspur Radio Equipment. Has standard Larkspur audio connectors.
£43.50 (Approximately US$ 55.68)
Larkspur O Box
The Larkspur O Box allows 2 headsets to be connected to a radio set. A volume control is provided.
LS-166/U Speaker
The LS-166/U is used with the older style military radio sets which have a U-79/U audio connector. Speaker is permanent magnet cone type producing 3 Watts in to 8 Ohms, and is coupled through a sealed, 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms impedance transformer. Frequency response 300Hz to 7Khz, Field or vehicular use modes switch. The connecting cord is terminated with a U-77/U connector.
LS-7 Loudspeaker
LS-7 for use with BC-1306, GRC-9 or other radios. Permanent magnet type loudspeaker, with a 4 diameter cone and 4000 Ohm matching transformer in metal box. Includes cord with PL-55 Plug.
LV-80 RF Power Amp
French made RF power amp for the GRC-9 Radio set. 24 VDC input, Power output is about 80 Watts. Frequency Range 2-12 Mhz.