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M-1945 Belt Suspenders
The M-1945 suspender belt is used in conjunction with the ST-120A carrying harness. It allows the transportation of a PRC-8, PRC-9 or PRC-10 radio as a back-pack.
M-29/U Microphone
100 Ohm carbon microphone element in a plastic case with push to talk switch and connecting cord terminating in a U-77/U connector.
£22.50 (Approximately US$ 28.80)
M-63 Yugoslav Peoples Army Field Telephone
The M-63 is the Ex-Yugoslav Peoples Army Field telephone.
Range using D-10 two wire cable between two M-63 telephones up to 30km.
Range between radio and M-63 field telephone in remote radio operating role using D-10 two wire cable up to 10km. The M-63 Field Telephone Rings the other phone using the hand crank and operates with two D batteries for power.
Marconi Type AA-14201-1 Airborne HF Transceiver
No details are presently available for this set. Weight 10kg.
Please help if you know anything about this Transceiver.
MH1 Headset and Helmet
Manufactured by Marconi Secure Radio in Portsmouth, England.
The MH1 Headset with Helmet are designed for use with the Clansman vehicle radio sets such as VRC-321, VRC-322 & VRC-353 and in Vehicle control harness. It will also work with Clansman man-pack radios. The MH1 weighs approximately 650 grams and is designed to be worn with virtually all types of headgear. The helmet is easily detachable from headset. The earpieces are linked with head, neck and chin straps, all of which are adjustable to optimise fit and comfort for the wearer. The standard MH1 comprises a headset fitted with a cable connector assembly for attachment to a pressel switch assembly and an omni-position boom micro-phone. The microphone is of the pressure gradient (noise-cancelling) type. Each earpiece features an adjustable shutter device designed specifically to attenuate environmental noise. Supplied as brand new Grade 1.

Earphone Type: Rocking Armature, fully tropicalised.
Earphone Sensitivity: 120 dB relative to 20 uPa for 1 mW at 1 kHz (each earphone).
Earphone Impedance: 300 ohm + 25% at 1 kHz (each earphone).
Microphone Type: Miniature Dynamic, noise-cancelling, fully tropicalised.
Microphone Sensitivity: -69 dB relative to 1 V/Pa open circuit at 1 kHz.
Microphone Impedance: 300 ohm + 20% at 1 kHz.
Operating Temperature Range: -30 to + 70 'C.
Relative humidity: 95% at + 35 'C.
Plug and cables: supplied with 800 mm cable terminated in 7 Pin Clansman plug.
Weight: 650 grams.
MP-50 Antenna Mount
MP-50 Antenna mounting bracket with 2 diameter mounting hole. For mounting AB-15 or MP-65 type antenna mast base to military vehicles or other flat surfaces.
MP-65 Vehicular Mast Base
MP-65 Mast base for MS-116, MS-117, MS-118 or AB-21, AB-22, AB-23, AB-24 mast sections. Spring action with 4 * 3 diameter ceramic insulator. Antenna connection is on the bottom of mast base. Requires a 2 diameter mounting hole.
£32.50 (Approximately US$ 41.60)
MP-68 Ground Plane Mast Base
Ground plane antenna when used with combinations of AB-21, AB-24, MS-116, MS-118. Whip masts installed as three radiating elements and one vertical. Has 3 diameter ceramic feed-through insulator with UHF connection. A clamp allows installation on top of 1.6 diameter masts.
MT-350 GRC-9 Vehicle Mount
The MT-350 vehicle mounting plate for the GRC-9 radio set. The MT-350 mount bolts on to the FM-85 Mount, The GRC-9 is then strapped on.
The MT-350 is supplied in good condition and includes the canvas straps.
Murphy B-40 Communications Receiver
The B-40 is a general purpose HF communications receiver which were used in the late 50's by the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. Made in the United Kingdom by Murphy Radio Company. It had to be strong and reliable, sensitive and easy to use. It was literally built like a battleship, and had to stay on frequency, when the ship fired it's guns! Consequently weight was not a factor in it's design.
Murphy B-41 Communications Receiver
B-41 is a general purpose LF communications receiver built for the Admiralty by Murphy radio Co. It looks and functions in a similar manor to a B-40 described above. It is capable of receiving CW, AM and FSK. Works on 115 or 240 VAC.
Murphy B-62B Communications Receiver
B-62B is a general purpose LF-HF communications receiver built for the Admiralty by Murphy radio Co. It looks and functions in a similar manor to a B-40 described above. It is capable of receiving CW, AM and FSK. Works on 115 or 240 VAC. Uses 15 valve, single conversion super-heterodyne, Frequency range - 150-300KHz, 0.56-1.5MHz, 3.9-10MHz, 9.5-18.5MHz, 17.6-30.5MHz. Sensitivity - 2uV CW or 4uV RT for 20dB signal to noise. Weight - 100lb!!, Dimensions - 12.75w x 15.75h x 18.75d
MX-6707/VRC Vehicle Antenna Mast Base
The MX-6707/VRC Antenna mast base and Automatic Antenna Tuner ATU operates over 30 to 76 MHz VHF range in 10 band segments. Automatic Tuning of any one of 10 segments automatically selected by a solenoid-driven switch in the matching unit. Solenoid is controlled from receiver-transmitter RT-246/VRC or RT-524/VRC, or from amplifier power supply OA-3633/GRC.