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T-1154 W.W.II. Lancaster Bomber Transmitter
The T-1154 was the standard radio transmitter installation in W.W.II Lancaster bombers. Frequency range 200 kHz, 500kHz, 2.35MHz, 2.5MHz, 3MHz, 8MHz, 10MHz. Output power 50-80 Watts.
Requires 1200 V @200ma, 6VDC @4A.
T-17 Microphone
Carbon granule microphone with push-to-talk switch, available in metal or black plastic, for use with BC-1306, GRC-9, and other radio sets. Includes cord with PL-68 Plug.
T-195 HF Transmitter
The T-195 is ruggerised and weather proof Automatic HF Transmitter which covers the frequency range of 1.5MHz to 24.4MHz in 10 bands. The Transmitter is capable of Simplex, Duplex, or Radio Repeater operation and can transmit AM and CW (Voice or Tone) in the MF and HF range and if used with an external frequency shift keyer for RTTY operation. The T-195 was used in US Military vehicles and field command posts.
Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver
The Telefunken ELK-639 Receiver was made in Germany during 1969-1970 and used by the NAVY. Made for Fixed or Mobile applications. Frequency range is from 9.8 KHz to 30 MHz and is divided into two separate groups. Group one is from 9.8 KHz to 570 KHz in five ranges and group two from 250 kHz to 30 MHz in 10 ranges. Modes of operation are A1, a2, A3 and A4 (for facsimile) also the modes of operation F1, F4 and F6. Has a built in loudspeaker. The receiver allows the attachment of 4 different antennas and operates from 110 and 220 VAC 50-60Hz and with 21-31 VDC External power supply for mobile applications.

The Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver is available Grade 3 Untested / Repairable.
Telephone Set J
The field telephone set type J is a light weight 2 wire portable telephone set built into a metal case, the top of which can be closed without interference with the the instrument inside. It was used by British Army for field communication. The Telephone set J operates by batteries which are no longer available. Built in hand generator to ring the other phone. Supplied in good condition but untested as we don't have batteries.
£45.00 (Approximately US$ 57.60)
The Clansman PRC-319 Electronic Message Unit EMU BA-1304
The Clansman PRC-319 Electronic Message Unit EMU BA-1304 is a removable pocket sized small alphanumeric keyboard that allows transmission of written words and data when voice transmissions would be dangerous, to coordinates and direct communication with fire control and direction computers. The unit operates using the RWOP system. It uses standard frequency shift keying (FSK) with 850 Hz shift and forward error correction (FEC) to protect against reception errors. The bandwidth is dependent on keying speed. Supplied in good condition.
Thomson TRC-300-3
Manpack HF, SSB, transceiver. Frequency range 2-30 Mhz. 28000 possible channels in 1 Hz steps. Transmits HI Power 20 Watts, LO 6 Watts. Power Supply 14.5 Volt from Nicad battery's.
Throat Microphone Element Twin Transducer Type (White)
The twin transducer type incorporates two microphone housings on a flexible rubber moulded cable assembly designed to fit comfortably without undue pressure. Two microphone elements are fitted so as to provide maximum sensitivity where this is required.

Specifications: Transducer type: moving iron. Sensitivity (into 300ohms load): -50dB re 1V for nominal speech. Total impedance: 300 ohms. Frequency response: rising to approx. 2.5kHz for higher intelligibility. Noise exclusion: a white noise sound field of 120dB produces an electrical output 6dB less than the speech output quoted.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
Tornister Empfanger B Torn Eb German WWII Receiver & Battery Box
The set consists of two units that are clip-able together above each other, the radio receiver and power supply box. The cabinets were meant to be carried on the back of a soldier, and the units are called Tornister' and Empfanger the German word for receiver, the letter 'b' in the designation simply indicates which receiver type.

The designator was shortened to Torn E b. The Torn E b was created around 1935/36. It was in general use with the German Signal Corps, but also at higher army staffs, police and traffic control authorities.

The radio is a tuneable radio frequency type set with four filament tubes that were run from a 2 volt battery at 0.2 A. The anode current came from a 90 V. dry battery at a consumption of about 12 Ma. The set covers the frequency band 100-6970 kHz in eight ranges.

This particular set is made later in the war and is dated 1943 and is in very nice untested condition.
TR-PP-11 Receiver/Transmitter
Six channel, 47-55.4 MHz, FM, Walkie-Talkie, 500 MW output, crystal controlled. Supplied with Antenna but no crystals. The crystals may be available separately, please enquire.
£65.00 (Approximately US$ 83.20)
Tuner RF Aerial Number 6
This RF antenna tuner units are used with Larkspur C-42 radio stations. Supplied in good condition, including some cables.