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Vehicle Antenna Rod Set for Landrovers & Jeeps (Same as MS-116, MS-117 & MS-118 Antenna Rods)
This is the standard vehicle antenna rods that were fitted to many military vehicles such as the British Landrovers using the Clansman radios and American Jeeps.

The antenna rod sets are supplied as a set of three 1 meter 3 feet painted copper-coated steel antenna rods. The rods are sequentially screwed into one another and extend to 3 meters 9 feet.

Up to two extra bottom section rods can be added to extend height to 5 meters 16 feet total.

The antenna rods would fit the following American antenna mast bases, MP-65, AB-22, AB-24, as well as most British mast bases such as the Clansman Base Aerial Support No. 31 and NATO vehicle antenna mast bases. American part number for the rods is MS-116A, MS-117A, MS-118A.

The standard set is supplied as a set of 3 rods, extended rodset is also available, please choose below. The rods are supplied in good used condition, grade 2.
Vehicle Intercom Kit
Simple solution to a big problem, no need to buy a expensive radio system for your military vehicle just to add intercom facilities between the driver and commander. The system can work with or without a radio system. Duplex voice communications is possible. Can interface to Larkspur Vehicle Radio equipment such as C-13, C-45. Works on 24 VDC.
VIC-1 System Interconnecting Cable
System interconnecting cable, this cable connects the AM-1780 Audio Amplifier to the C-2289 Control Boxes. The cables are available in various short lengths, 12 inches to about 49 Inches. Please E-Mail us with your requirements.
VIC-1 System Power Cable
This is the System power cable which powers the AM-1780 Audio Amplifier. It is generally available in one length only which is about 126 Cm, 49 Inches.
VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom system Basic Kit
The VIC-1 basic kit includes one AM-1780 Junction box / audio amplifier and two C-2298 Control Boxes.

AM-1780/VRC Audio Amplifier Is the main junction box for the AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System. It provides control of the 24 Volt DC power to the associated crewmember control boxes and to the radio system that may be connected to the amplifiers. The amplifiers also amplify and control the audio signals in the intercommunication (intercom) and radio circuits.

C-2289 Control Box The standard Crewmember Control Box, The C-2298/VRC allows vehicle crewmembers to select, by means of the MONITOR switch and the audio accessory controls, to communicate with other crewmembers via the intercom circuit, or remotely operate or monitor any radio equipment connected to the AM-1780/VRC.

AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System Over-View
The AN/VIC-1 is a part of electrical harness of vehicles such as Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Self Propelled Howitzers. The AN/VIC-1 Intercommunications system provides tactical vehicle crew members with facilities for communications with radio connected to the system, as well as facilities for communicating with each other. It includes the AM-1780 and intercommunications remote control box C-2298. The number of remote control units used are dependent upon type of vehicle and its operational requirements.
  • Can support 2 Transmit / Receive radios and 2 Receive only radios.
  • Provides up to six intercom stations.
  • Push to talk can be selected for all stations or just the commanders station.
  • Each intercom station can select ALL or Radios A/B/C or intercom only operation.
  • Radio volume is reduced automatically when intercom is keyed.
  • Passive mode operation of radio's audio when the system is not powered.
  • Simplifies radio and intercom wiring.
  • Stations can use a Headset, CVC Helmet, H-180 headphones, H-250 Handset or M-80 Microphone.
  • Ruggedly constructed, water resistant and weather proof to military specification.
  • Operates from 24 Volt DC vehicle power supply.
Vintage 8mm Cine Aerial Reconnaissance Camera
These 8mm Cine Film Cameras were used on board British Military Aircraft for Reconnaissance purpose. The cameras are made by FUJI Photo Optical Co. in Japan for the Royal Air Force. Nato Number 1240-99-727-7420. Model Fujinon Single-8 FG-8.
£38.50 (Approximately US$ 49.28)
VRC-9 Vehicle Radio Set RT-67 & PP-112
The VRC-9 Tactical Vehicle Radio station is a Transmitter / Receiver which operates in the frequency range of 27-39 Mhz FM. They were mounted in Jeeps M-38A1 as well as other vehicles. 1960's dated used by US Army and some NATO countries.

Receiver-Transmitter, Frequency Range 28-39 MHz, continuous tuning or presets, FM, 2 or 15 Watt Output, uses 27 tubes, operates from 24VDC PP-112, Power supply, Tube line-up: 4 * 1U4,2.00E+24, 2 * 1A3, 2 * 1L4, 4 * 1R5, 1S5, 4 * 3Q4, 3A4, 3 * 3A5, 2 * 3B4 and 6AK5.

The station on offer is tested and operational Grade 2 and includes the following units listed below. Accessories such as LS-166 Speaker, H-33/PT handset or Antenna equipment is not included but is available separately.

RT-67/GRC Radio Transmitter / Receiver
CX-1211/GRC Interconnecting Cable
PP-112/GRC 24 Volt Power Supply
MT-299/GRC Vehicle Mounting Plate with power input cable