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In this section we are going to park our sold out items, items in this section are no longer available. The listings in this section are provided for reference. These items may be reactivated once they are back in stock. Please feel free to email us.


PRC-9 Receiver/Transmitter
Radio set AN/PRC-9, frequency range 27.0 to 38.9 MHz, Super-Heterodyne FM Receiver / Transmitter. Man-Pack or Vehicular fixed station operation.1 Watt transmitter Output. Uses 16 miniature wire ended tubes. Power requirements 1.5V, 6V, 67.5V, 135V powered by BA-279 battery.

The AN/PRC-9 is part of a family of radios AN/PRC-8, AN/PRC-9, and AN/PRC-10 which were used as a squad radio by US Army in Korea and Vietnam Wars and by many NATO countries. Made in USA in 1950's and 60's, each radio had a different frequency range.

AN/PRC-8 >>>> 20.0 to 27.9 MHz
AN/PRC-9 >>>> 27.0 to 38.9 MHz
AN/PRC-10 >>>> 38.0 to 54.9 MHz

These PRC-9's are supplied in good complete untested condition Grade 3 with a Battery Box which may be slightly corroded. No other accessories is supplied with the radio set. The H-33/PT Handset, antenna rod may be available separately.
Clansman PRC-350 Selective Unit RF 2 Watt SURF
The Clansman Selective Unit Radio Frequency SURF 2 Watt for use with the Clansman PRC-350 VHF radio set. The SURF is used when more than one radio is used in close proximately and prevents one radio interfering with the other radio. The SURF is then tuned to give optimum performance and achieve maximum range with the radio set. NSN: 5820-99-630-6154. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman PRC-320 Selective Unit RF 12 Watt SURF
The Clansman Selective Unit Radio Frequency SURF 12 Watt for use with the Clansman PRC-320 HF radio set. The SURF is used when more than one radio is used in close proximately and prevents one radio interfering with the other radio. The SURF is then tuned to give optimum performance and achieve maximum range with the radio set. NSN: 5820-99-630-6174. Supplied in good condition.
VRC-9 Vehicle Radio Set RT-67 & PP-112
The VRC-9 Tactical Vehicle Radio station is a Transmitter / Receiver which operates in the frequency range of 27-39 Mhz FM. They were mounted in Jeeps M-38A1 as well as other vehicles. 1960's dated used by US Army and some NATO countries.

Receiver-Transmitter, Frequency Range 28-39 MHz, continuous tuning or presets, FM, 2 or 15 Watt Output, uses 27 tubes, operates from 24VDC PP-112, Power supply, Tube line-up: 4 * 1U4,2.00E+24, 2 * 1A3, 2 * 1L4, 4 * 1R5, 1S5, 4 * 3Q4, 3A4, 3 * 3A5, 2 * 3B4 and 6AK5.

The station on offer is tested and operational Grade 2 and includes the following units listed below. Accessories such as LS-166 Speaker, H-33/PT handset or Antenna equipment is not included but is available separately.

RT-67/GRC Radio Transmitter / Receiver
CX-1211/GRC Interconnecting Cable
PP-112/GRC 24 Volt Power Supply
MT-299/GRC Vehicle Mounting Plate with power input cable
ST-120A Carrying Harness
The ST-120A is the carrying harness for the PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 Radios. The carry harness allows the carrying the radio set as a back-pack radio and it is used in conjunction with the M-1945 Suspender Belt.
M-1945 Belt Suspenders
The M-1945 suspender belt is used in conjunction with the ST-120A carrying harness. It allows the transportation of a PRC-8, PRC-9 or PRC-10 radio as a back-pack.
Clansman Light-Weight Carry Frame / Back-Pack for PRC-320,344,351, 352
The light weight carry frame is used to carry a Clansman PRC-320, PRC-344 or PRC-351, PRC-352 and other Clansman back-pack radios. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman PRC-344, PRC-351, PRC-352, PRC-320 Hand Generator / Charger
The Clansman Hand Generator is used with the Clansman back-pack radios such as the PRC-344, PRC-351, PRC-352, PRC-320. It clips on between the radio and the battery and by turning the hand crank it generates 24 Volt DC for charging a standard Clansman 24 Volt battery to operate the radio. An indicator lamp lights up to indicate when the hand crank is being turned at the right speed. NSN: 5820-99-114-3390. Supplied in good condition.
CW-216A Antenna & Accessories Bag
The CW-216A antenna and accessories bag is used with the PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 as well as other radio sets. The bag allows the storage of the radios accessories such as antenna rods, tape antenna, goose neck and the handset. It is designed to attach to the combat belt around the waist.
Clansman PRC-319 Dipole Balun
This is a Clansman PRC-319 Dipole Balun. A Balun is a device that interfaces or matches the balanced antenna input of a radio to an unbalanced antenna load and is mainly connected to HF man-pack radios connected to a dipole wire antenna. The word Balun is derived from the words of BALanced to UNbalanced. A common example of where a Balun would be needed is at the feed point of a dipole antenna when a coaxial antenna wire from a radio is used. If a Balun is not used then the radios performance would be affected. NSN: 5820-99-734-7838. Supplied in good condition.
Clansman VHF Ground Mounted Monopole
The heavy duty Clansman Ground Mounted Monopole is a wide band vertical polarised Omni-directional antenna designed to be free standing. It does not require a antenna tuners or other adjustments for frequency and is suitable for use with ClansmanVRC-353,PRC-351,PRC-352 or any other VHF radio set with a 50 Ohm Co-axial outlet.

The antenna is low profile antenna and can easily be concealed when mounted on the ground. Inconspicuous and easily camouflaged. It was used in forward areas, where for tactical reasons a an elevated antenna is unsuitable. It can quickly be erected in any terrain. It is self standing, requiring no stays or pickets driven into the ground. It folds into a small bulk for transport.

The Antenna is in the form of a skeleton inverted pyramid with the total height of about 1.2 M mounted on an optimum-size ground plane. The elements forming the side of the pyramid are made of drawn triangular cross section aluminium. Hinges enable the structure to be folded. The tops of the elements and the centre post are joined together with insulated copper / terylene braid.

The ground plane is constructed of covered stainless steel mesh and is joined to the base of the pyramid by a moulded insulator. Earthing spikes are provided, which can be driven into the ground to prevent the antenna from moving in high winds. The Antenna is supplied in good condition, complete with accessories and canvas carry bag.

Frequency Range: 30-76 MHz
Power Rating: 70 Watts matched with any 50 Ohm Radio
Gain: 30 MHz -4.5 dB, 76 MHz -1.5 dB
VSWR: 1.5:1
Size: Unfolded 1.2 M (48), Folded 1.58 M (62)
Weight: 13 Kg including bag and accessories
Clansman VRC-321 HF 25 Watt RF Antenna Tunning Unit TURF / ATU
The Clansman 25 Watt RF Antenna Tuner TURF, also known as ATU for use with the Clansman VRC-321 HF vehicle transceiver. It can also be used with other HF radio transmitters with output powers of up to 25 Watts.

The ATU is used to match the antennas length to the transmitting frequency for optimum performance and achieve maximum range with the radio set.

NSN: 5820-99-114-3386. Supplied in good condition.
BG-172 Canvas Accessories Bag for GRC-9 and BC-1306
Canvas Bag for long-wire antennas, cables, and other accessories for the GRC-9 and BC-1306 radio stations. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
UK-AC1-2870 14/28 Volt AC Adaptor
The UK-AC1-2870 AC Adaptor operates from 110-240 VAC and provides 14 or 28 Volt DC via a user selectable toggle switch with LED indication. Made in England by WIDNEY AISH LTD. This AC adapter was designed to be used with Clansman range of radios and equipment that require 14 or 28 VDC to operate and can be used with other radios and equipment that require 14 or 28 Volt DC. Internally it has two switch mode power supplies that are made by WEIR type SHS100/15 A30.

Supplied in good tested condition and includes the power input cable.
Clansman UK-IBMU-810 Intelligent Battery Management System IBMS
The Clansman Intelligent Battery Management System IBMS type UK-IBMU-810. Manufactured by Widney Aish Ltd, Poole, England.

The unit is a microprocessor based battery charger and conditioner for Clansman Nickel Cadmium batteries. The system comprises of two main units, The IBMS and the interchangeable battery tray. Depending on the battery tray installed the IBMS is capable of simultaneously charging up to eight different Nickel Cadmium ôNiCdö batteries at the same time.

Power on self test ôBITEö and it can provide independent status reports for all the batteries installed in the battery tray. A tactical operation facility enables all the visual LED indicators to be blacked out and all audible warnings to be stopped while the system is operating under a black out conditions.

The IBMS performs four types of battery management operations: Fast Charging in 5 hours, Slow Charging over 15 hours, Trickle Charging until the battery is removed and Conditioning over 24-70 hours. In addition to battery charging and conditioning operations it can also detect faulty batteries.

The IBMS can be used in a mobile field role ôinstalled in a vehicleö or installed at a base station. The IBMU can operate from any 28 volt DC power supply capable of delivering 6A. This would normally be a vehicle power supply or an AC adapter such as the Clansman UK-AC1-2870 ôavailable elsewhere on this website.
BG-150 Accessories Bag For BC-1000 Radio
The BG-150 canvas accessories bag for the BC-1000 radio. It consists of three compartments, the first for the storage of AN-130 antenna, the second for storage of AN-131 antenna and the third for storage of TS-15 hand set and HS-30 headset. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
DY-88 Power Supply CX-2031 Power Cable / Connector
This is the CX-2031 power input cable for the GRC-9 radio power supply, the DY-88. These cables are about 15-20 Cm long and would have normally gone into a junction box which was mounted somewhere near the radio before they were cut off. The other end of the Junction Box would have been connected to the vehicle battery.

The connector on these cables can easily be taken apart to install a new longer cable. The connectors are also suitable for the PP-112 / GRC as well as many other American radios made in the 1950
BA-279 Dry Battery
The BA-279 is the original battery for the PRC-8, PRC-9, and the PRC-10 series of radios. The BA-279 is supplied as New-Old-Stock. They are well past sell-by date and are probably dead. The battery's case is of metal construction and for those who like to keep radio equipment original is ideal for fitting a BA-511A PSU and batteries inside the case.