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Clansman Initiate Box BCC-425

Clansman Initiate Box BCC-425
SKU 2336
Weight 1.00 Kg
Equipment Grade Grade 2
£32.00 (Approximately US$ 40.96)
The Clansman Initiate Box BCC-425 is used with the Clansman PRC-351 or the PRC-352 man-pack radio sets when they are installed and used in a vehicle configuration. The Initiate Box interfaces the man-pack radio set to the Antenna Tuning Unit BCC-543 (TUAAM) and to the vehicle antenna.

The TUAAM is normally fitted very near the antenna mast base of the vehicle or inside the antenna box typically found on Land Rovers wing. It automatically matches the selected frequency of the radio to the antenna installed in the vehicle to give optimum performance and achieve maximum range with the radio set. All Tuning and matching functions are carried out automatically by sensing the antenna impedance at the required operating frequency. NSN: 5820-99-630-6488.