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DOM-410 Geiger Counter

DOM-410 Geiger Counter
SKU 2335
Weight 10.00 Kg
Equipment Grade Grade 2
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R/h to 1000R/h using the two probes, the external probe is the high sensitivity and measures lower rates. The internal probe measures higher rates.

Internal probe measures X or Gamma from 1mR/h to 1000R/h, external probe measures Beta/Gamma from 15 R/h to 15mR/h

The DOM-410 Counter is powered by two standard D cells and is supposed to last up to 16 hours on a fresh set of batteries.

The Counter is supplied in very good working condition with accessories and manual. English language manual and external warning light are available separately.

Supplied with the kit are the following items:
DOM-410 Counter.
Spare Battery Holder.
Shoulder Strap.
Gamma Sensor which can be plugged internally or externally.
External Gamma Probe Extension Lead and adapter.
Gamma Probe Holder.
External Beta / Gamma probe.
Beta / Gamma probe extension lead.
Paper Operators Manual (Not in English).
Metal storage box for the kit.