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GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver

GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver
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GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver
The GRC-106 is a Fully Synthesized 400 Watt HF SSB mobile vehicular Receiver ? Transmitter Radio Station operating on CW and USB, 28 000 selectively tuned channels spaced in 1 KHz increments in the 2 to 29.999 MHz providing full coverage from 2 to 30Mhz frequency range. It is beautifully constructed radio station with no expense spared in its construction and makes an ideal rig for ham radio work or installing in a military vehicle such as a M151 Jeep.

The Radio station consists of two major units that are the Receiver / Transmitter, Radio RT-841/GRC with 100 Hz steps and the HF Amplifier, Radio Frequency AM-3349/GRC 106.

Vernier tuning +/- 500 Hz which allows the receiver section to be continuously tuned over the entire frequency range. The frequency stability is excellent at 5 parts in 10/8 in 24 hours of operation. The Receiver First IF 20 or 30 MHz, Second IF 2.85 Mhz and the Third IF is 1.75 Mhz. Bandwidth is 3.2 KHz which is derived from the crystal filter. Receive sensitivity is less than 0.3 microvolt for 10db signal to noise ratio.

The Transmitters output power is 400w PEP on SSB and compatible AM and 200w average on CW and FSK. Transmitting range is 50 miles with whip antenna and 1000 miles with doublet antenna. The station is very heavy at about 55 Kg.

The station operates from 24-28 VDC @ up to 50A in full power transmit mode. The receiver section requires only 1A at 24VDC to operate.

The Radio station is supplied in good condition, serviced and tested working and includes Power supply cables, interconnecting cable, High Voltage Antenna Cable, LS-166 Speaker, a Microphone, H-33/PT Handset, RC-289 Adapter Box, Manual, Mounting Bracket, even the heavy duty Antenna Mast Base in included. Everything you need to get the station up and running as stand alone or vehicle operation.