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Giant Amp Meter

Giant Amp Meter
SKU 1505
Weight 2.50 Kg
Equipment Grade Grade 2
£24.50 (Approximately US$ 31.36)
A giant Amp Meter that wouldn't look out of place in frankenstine's lab. Solid heavy metal construction with glass window. The meter is capable of measuring currents levels up to 75 Amps @60Hz AC. Works OK with 50Hz AC. Connection is by thick terminals provided on it's base. Mounts on to any flat surface using 10 bolts.Ideal item to monitor current use with old Lister Generator Engines and in keeping with the engines old solid construction.

Length 18cm, Height 16cm, Width 12cm (Length 7, Height 6.5, Width 4.75), Weight 2.5Kg.