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PRC-68 U.S. Marine Corps Radio

PRC-68 U.S. Marine Corps Radio
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Weight 2.00 Kg
Equipment Grade Grade 2
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The AN/PRC-68 was first introduced in the 1970's and was used by the U.S. Marine Corps. The radio is a small lightweight hand held device working in the VHF frequency band of 30-79.95 Mhz. Frequency Synthesizer operation with ten preset channels that can be programmed using internal selector switches. The design was so successful that it lead to the development of other radios in the series such as PRC-PRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136. The PRC-68 is probably the first military radio to use a Synthesizer Chip and is completely solid state and has built in battery saving features. Using discrete components and a modular construction the radio is easy to serviced.

The radio has a built in speaker / Microphone, Volume control and Squelch facility. External audio connector is also provided to allow operation with a H-138, H-139 and H-250 Handsets. The radio can be used with a short or long antenna and operates from a 15 Volt battery not available.

The PRC-68 radio is supplied in good working condition Grade 2 and includes the carry pouch and short antenna.

Frequency Range: 30.000 MHz - 79.95 MHz
Available Channels: 1000 possible Channels, 50 Khz steps
Minimum Channel Spacing: 50 kHz
Preset Channels: 10 Channels
Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Power Output: 1 Watt
Frequency Control: Built-in Synthesizer
Frequency Stability: 0.005 percent
Sensitivity: 0.5 microvolts for 10 dB SINAD
Squelch: Carrier operated, also sends out 150Hz tone
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +65 C
Weight with Battery: 1.3 kg
Size: 212 x 96 x 38.6 mm
Approximate Range: 2 Km with long antenna, 500 meters with short antenna