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PRC-9 Receiver/Transmitter

PRC-9 Receiver/Transmitter
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Weight 10.00 Kg
Equipment Grade Grade 3
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Radio set AN/PRC-9, frequency range 27.0 to 38.9 MHz, Super-Heterodyne FM Receiver / Transmitter. Man-Pack or Vehicular fixed station operation.1 Watt transmitter Output. Uses 16 miniature wire ended tubes. Power requirements 1.5V, 6V, 67.5V, 135V powered by BA-279 battery.

The AN/PRC-9 is part of a family of radios AN/PRC-8, AN/PRC-9, and AN/PRC-10 which were used as a squad radio by US Army in Korea and Vietnam Wars and by many NATO countries. Made in USA in 1950's and 60's, each radio had a different frequency range.

AN/PRC-8 >>>> 20.0 to 27.9 MHz
AN/PRC-9 >>>> 27.0 to 38.9 MHz
AN/PRC-10 >>>> 38.0 to 54.9 MHz

These PRC-9's are supplied in good complete untested condition Grade 3 with a Battery Box which may be slightly corroded. No other accessories is supplied with the radio set. The H-33/PT Handset, antenna rod may be available separately.