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Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder and Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder

Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder and Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder
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These Racal MA-4230A Morse Encoder Unit and the Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder Unit were originally made by Racal for Iraqi Army before the Gulf War and have Arabic letters on the keypad.

The units are supplied as a pair, one MA-4230A Morse Encoder and one MA-4231 Morse Decoder and in very good condition, like new.

The MA-4230A Morse Encoder Unit enables a message to be transmitted in Morse code. The Morse message is entered using an alpha-numeric keyboard therefore no knowledge of the Morse code is necessary to operate the unit. The MA-4231 Morse Decoder decodes the Morse code being received and displays it one letter at the time on its red dot matrix display or sends it to a printer. Both units are powered by an internal rechargeable battery which provides approximately 16 hours use without recharging. The case fully sealed and waterproof.

Message entry is done via the keyboard which contains forty three Arabic alpha-numeric tactile keys, including SP space and seven function keys. Three indicators are provided showing when power is available, data is being emitted, and when the store is nearly full. The power indicator extinguishes when the battery voltage is low, and when the unit is switched off.

1024 character, non-volatile electronic memory Message store, Normal Transmission speed of 15 w.p.m. and High Speed 120 w.p.m. Keyed Tone Data output - Normal frequency: 1.0kHz. Amplitude: 20mV 3dB from 300 source. Contact closure Data output - normal speed only Contact rating 0.5A max.

The equipment can be operated in the store mode or the manual mode. In the store mode a message (of up to 1024 characters) can be loaded into the store prior to transmission, and then emitted in Morse code automatically when required. The message can be emitted at normal speed, or quirted at high speed. In addition, a repeat function allows continuous repetition of the message at normal speed. A clear store facility is provided.

In store mode the message is emitted as machine Morse, i.e. with fixed time relationships of dots, dashes, inter-element, inter-character and inter-word spacing. A stored message can be retained for up to thirty days, provided that the battery was fully charged at the time of storage. In manual mode characters are emitted one by one, as keys are depressed, provided they are entered slowly. When fast entry is carried out a buffer store allows up to sixteen characters to be stored whilst waiting to be emitted.

Dimensions of MA-4230A Morse Encoder and the Racal MA-4231 Morse Decoder: Length 175mm, Width 120mm, Height 49mm. Weight: 1.1 kg. Operating temperature: -10C to +55C, Storage temperature: -40C to +70C.

MA-4230A Morse Encoder Key Functions
Store (STO): Applies power, enables the store mode, i.e. message entered into store, no signals emitted.
Clear (CL): When depressed at the same time as STO erases any stored messages.
Transmit (TX): Causes the stored message to be transmitted at normal speed. At end of message OFF is automatically selected.
Squirt (SQl): Causes the stored message to be transmitted at high speed, preceded by a pre-tone to synchronize the MA-4231A Morse Decoder. At end of message OFF is automatically selected.
Repeat (RPT): Initiates the same action as transmit except that the message is repeated continuously until OFF is manually selected.
Manual (MAN): Applies power and enables the Manual mode. Message is directly emitted. Up to sixteen characters can be stored whilst waiting emission.
OFF: Switches off the equipment. Message store remains energized with contents retained.