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Colour and Marking of Military Vehicles - Section (I) General

1 - Purpose.
a) This bulletin is published to define the colour and marking requirements for Department of the Army military vehicles (except commercial design), construction and highway maintenance equipment, and motorised materials handling equipment.

b) Special colour and marking requirements for commercially designed vehicles in administrative use are contained in AR 58-1. Only military design vehicles will be included in this bulletin.

2 - Scope.
a) The instructions contained herein apply to all Department of the Army activities and installations using, maintaining or procuring such vehicles or equipment. Certain and specific exceptions to the normal colour and marking requirements are identified in later sections of this bulletin.

b) Instructions for application of special technical markings not shown herein are located in specific Department of the Army publications.

c) Instructions for the painting of vehicles and equipment will be found in TM 9-213, provisions of which are included in this bulletin by reference.

3 - Exceptions.
a) Requests for waivers to the provisions of these regulations or for authorisation to apply additional markings will be forwarded with full justification to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Supply and Maintenance Command, ATTN: AMSSM-MM, Washington, D.C. 20315.

b) Vehicles used for intelligence, criminal investigation, and similar purposes requiring concealment of the true identity of the activity involved may be painted and marked as deemed appropriate by the responsible commander. The proper identification of such vehicles will be marked in inconspicuous locations as prescribed in applicable Department of the Army technical publications.

4 - General.
a) Markings which are not authorised, are not of the authorised style, or are not in approved locations, per this bulletin, will be changed or relocated at the time of vehicle repainting, or when the condition of the existing marking becomes unsuitable due to deterioration or damage.

b) Vehicles and equipment will be repainted only when required for materiel preservation purposes, and not solely for the purpose of changing colours, unless necessary for safety or security. Vehicles and equipment in storage will be marked per this bulletin when withdrawn from storage or placed in service.

c) Any new markings applied will conform to the requirements of this bulletin.

d) Markings in addition to those prescribed or authorised in this bulletin will be applied only on specific approval of the Department of the Army (para. 3a) or as identified in official Department of the Army publications.

e) Markings peculiar to any vehicle, or series of vehicles, will be applied per the instructions in this bulletin. Description, identification, and location of vehicle peculiar markings will be found in the vehicle technical manual.

f) Under tactical conditions, when it becomes necessary to conceal the markings, all such prominent markings may be covered with temporary paint (Paint, temporary, lusterless, gasoline removable MIL-P-13983) on authority of the responsible commander. Such markings may also be temporarily covered with oil, dirt, mud, or other readily removable substance for camouflage purposes.

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