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Jeep Parts Catalogue - Differential Assembly - Sectional View


Part Name

Ford Part Number

Willys Part Number
A GEAR SET FM-GPW-14209 WO-A-789
B OIL SEAL FM-GP-4676-A WO-639265
C YOKE FM-GP-4842 WO-A-1445
D NUT FM-356126-S WO-636569
E CONE and ROLLERS FM-GP-4630 WO-52878
F CUP FM-GP-4628 WO-52879
G SHIM SET FM-GPW-18386 WO-A-6745
H CONE and ROLLERS FM-86H-4621 WO-52876
J CUP FM-86H-4616 WO-52877
K PIN FM-GP-4241 WO-636360
L SHIM SET FM-GPW-18388 WO-A-6744
M CONE and ROLLERS FM-GP-4221 WO-52880
N CUP FM-GP-4222 WO-52881
P OIL SEAL FM-GP-3034 WO-A-779
Q SHAFT FM-GP-3017-A WO-A-1729
R WASHER FM-34941-S7 WO-53029
S BOLT FM-20046-S2 WO-51523
T GEAR FM-GPW-4236 WO-A-794
V SHAFT FM-GP-4211 WO-A-798
W COVER FM-GP-4016-A WO-A-10231
X CASE FM-GP-4206 WO-A-793
Y GASKET FM-GP-4035 WO-A-782
Z SHAFT FM-GP-3016-A WO-A-1727
AA SCREW FM-355511-S WO-A-871
AB STRAP FM-GP-4281 WO-A-792

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