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Jeep Parts Catalogue - Fuel Pump Assembly


Part Name

Ford Part Number

Willys Part Number
A BAIL, assembly FM-GPW-9387 WO-115657
B SEAT FM-GPW-9388 WO-113460
C BOWL FM-GPW-9355 WO-A-1494
D SCREEN FM-GPW-9365 WO-115654
E GASKET FM-GPW-9364 WO-115656
F COVER FM-GPW-9354 WO-115650
G SCREW FM-31628-S7 WO-113439
H WASHER FM-34803-S7 WO-52221
J DIAPHRAGM, assembly FM-GPW-9398 WO-115644
K CLAMP FM-11A-9361 WO-115653
L VALVE, assembly FM-11A-9352 WO-115651
M SCREW FM-26466-S7 WO-51546
N GASKET FM-GPW-9363 WO-115652
P SPRING FM-GPW-9396-B WO-116694
Q SPRING FM-GPW-9380 WO-115643
R ARM FM-GPW-9399 WO-115641
S LINK FM-1NC-9381 WO-115880
T PIN FM-GPW-9378 WO-A-1046
U BODY, with LEVER, assembly FM-GPW-9386 WO-A-1045
V SEAL FM-GPW-9469 WO-115870
W WASHER FM-GPW-9468 WO-115869

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