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TM11-2715 Contents

Section ( I ) Guide to use of this Manual

1) Purpose
This manual provides methods and procedure based upon actual field experience, for installation of radio equipment in Truck, 1/4-ton, 4 x 4. Items required to make a complete operating installation are listed for each set. Official nomenclature followed by empty parentheses, such as Headset HS-30-( ), is used to indicate any model of equipment regardless of its procurement.

2) Equipment Installations covered include the following radio sets
SCR-284-( )
SCR-499-( )
SCR-506-( )
SCR-508-( )
SCR-510-( )
SCR-528-( )
SCR-608-( )
SCR-610-( )
SCR-628-( )
SCR-808-( )
SCR-828-( )
AN/VRC-1-( )

3) Holes and Brackets
Brackets required for installation of the radio set are normally drilled and installed prior. to delivery of Truck, 1/4-ton, 4 x 4.
Drilling instructions are given in this manual for any other necessary holes and brackets. Do not relocate any holes or brackets unless absolutely necessary.

4) Preliminary Check
Study the illustrations, the installation methods outlined, and any subsequent changes to this manual.
Caution: Truck, 1/4-ton, 4 x 4 has a 6-volt electrical system. Before installing the radio sets, be sure they are designed for 6-volt operation, or tubes may burn out or Dynamotor may be damaged.
Note: For information on ignition noise suppression see TM 11-483.

5) Operating Check
Carefully study the Technical Manual covering
the radio set before trying to operate it; then ,make a thorough operating check to determine whether the equipment has been installed and is working order.

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