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Complete Command Set List

1. Navy ATA/ARA Components:
Navy Type Manufacturer's Designation Name of Major Unit or Accessory Designation
CBY-21531 Receiver Dynamotor 7351
CBY-21626 Transmitter Dynamotor 5168
CBY-23155 Receiver Control Box (2-RX) 6546
CBY-23243 Transmitter Control Box 7095
CBY-23251 Receiver Control Box (3-RX) 5014
CBY-29125 Antenna Relay 5017
CBY-29126 Antenna Relay Shock Mount 7056
CBY-46085 Receiver Shock Mount (2-RX) 5694
CBY-46104 Receiver, 1.5-3.0 Mc 5005
CBY-46105 Receiver, 3.0-6.0 Mc 5006
CBY-46106 Receiver, 6.0-9.1 Mc 5007
CBY-46110 Receiver Rack (2-RX) 5018
CBY-46129 Receiver, 190-550 Kc 7839
CBY-46145 Receiver, 520-1500 Kc 7950
CBY-46149 Receiver Rack (3-RX) 7537
CBY-46150 Receiver Shock Mount (3-RX) 7060
CBY-49107 Switch Panel Adapter (each RX except 46145) 6433
CBY-50083 Modulator 5013
CBY-50084 Modulator Shock Mount 7058
CBY-52208 Transmitter, 3.0-4.0 Mc 5009
CBY-52209 Transmitter, 4.0-5.3 Mc 5010
CBY-52210 Transmitter, 5.3-7.0 Mc 5011
CBY-52211 Transmitter, 7.0-9.1 Mc 5012
CBY-52212 Transmitter Rack (2-TX) 5020
CBY-52213 Transmitter Shock Mount 7062
CBY-52232 Transmitter, 2.1-3.0 Mc 7916
CBY-62036 Auxiliary Outlet Adapter (use w/46145 only) 9074
  Receiver Control Box Mounting Plate (2-RX) 6831
  Receiver Control Box Mounting Plate (3-RX) 7054
  Transmitter Control Box Mounting Plate 7083
  Receiver Test Set 7918
  Transmitter Test Set 7919

Receiver Rack, Battery 6578
Receiver Rack, Modulator 6784
Receiver Rack, Receiver Control Box 6577
Modulator, Transmitter Control Box 6963
Transmitter Rack, Modulator 6964
Modulator, Battery 6965
Transmitter Rack, Antenna Relay 6967

Tube Extractor 7489
Bristo Wrench #6 8021
Phillips Screw Driver #1A 8020
Knob Assembly, local tuning 6743

Splined Cable Components:
Casing 3406
Shafting 1174
Nut 1167
Sleeve 6585
Spline 6788
Tag 6789

Dials for Receiver Control Box:
190-550 Kc 6051
520-1500 Kc 6052
1.5-3.0 Mc 7575
3.0-6.0 Mc 6053
6.0-9.1 Mc 6054

Miscellaneous: (RX=Receiver, TX=Transmitter)
RX Dynamotor Brushes (Low Voltage) 23609-3
RX Dynamotor Brushes (High Voltage) 23609-4
TX Dynamotor Brushes (Low Voltage) 23609-6
TX Dynamotor Brushes (High Voltage) 23609-9
NOTE: Each brush part number must be suffixed with the appropriate "+" or "_". For example,  on the 28 VDC end of the RX dynamotor, you would need both a 23609-3(+) and a 23609-3(-).  Each brush is marked appropriately, and so is each brush holder.

Shock absorber unit:
In 2-RX or 2-TX shock mount 5185
In 3-RX shock mount 5195
In modulator shock mount 7067
In antenna relay shock mount 7065

NOTE: The above information was taken from:
First Edition of Final Instruction Book for Model ATA and Model ARA Aircraft Radio Telegraph and Telephone Transmitting and Receiving Equipment. Aircraft Radio Corporation Boonton, New Jersey Contract Number NOs-74192 dated June 29, 1940.

2. SCR-274N Components:
A-61-A Dummy Antenna (for transmitter tests)
BC-442 Antenna Relay
BC-450 Remote Control (for 3 receivers)
BC-451 Remote Control (for up to 4 transmitters)
BC-453 Receiver 190-550 Kc
BC-454 Receiver 3.0-6.0 Mc
BC-455 Receiver 6.0-9.1 Mc
BC-456 Modulator
BC-457 Transmitter 4.0-5.3 Mc
BC-458 Transmitter 5.3-7.0 Mc
BC-459 Transmitter 7.0-9.1 Mc
BC-473 Remote Control (for 1 receiver)
BC-496 Remote Control (for 2 receivers)
BC-696 Transmitter 3.0-4.0 Mc
BC-946 Receiver 550 Kc - 1.5 Mc
DM-32 Dynamotor (to power receiver from 28 volts DC)
DM-33 Dynamotor (to power modulator & transmitter from 28v)
FT-220 Mounting Rack (for 3 receivers)
FT-221 Shock Mount (for 3 receivers)
FT-222 Mounting Plate (for 3-receiver remote control box)
FT-225 Shock Mount (for modulator)
FT-226 Mounting Rack (for 2 transmitters)
FT-227 Shock Mount (for 2 transmitters)
FT-228 Mounting Plate (for transmitter control box)
FT-229 Shock Mount (for antenna relay)
FT-230 Adapter (for remote control of receiver, plugs into lower front of receiver, has only a "pull-type" handle)
FT-231 Shock Mount (for 1 receiver)
FT-232 Shock Mount (for 1 transmitter)
FT-233 Mounting Rack (for 1 receiver)
FT-234 Mounting Rack (for 1 transmitter)
FT-235 Mounting Plate (for 1-receiver remote control box)
FT-240 Mounting Plate (for 2-receiver remote control box)
FT-260 Adapter (for local control of receiver, plugs into lower front panel of receiver, has headphone jack, volume control, and switch.)
FT-262 Shock Mount (for 3 transmitters)
FT-264 Mounting Rack (for 4 receivers)
FT-276 Mounting Rack (for 3 transmitters)
FT-277 Mounting Rack (for 2 receivers)
FT-278 Shock Mount (for 4 receivers)
FT-279 Shock Mount (for 2 receivers)
FT-331 Mounting Rack (for 4 transmitters)
FT-332 Shock Mount (for 4 transmitters)
I-84 Receiver test unit
I-85 Transmitter test unit
MC-211 Right-angle adapter for splined cable
MC-215 Splined cable for receiver remote control (these came in various lengths from 18" to 13 feet!)
MC-237 Local tuning knob (spinner type) for receiver (may also carry MC-236 designator or 6743 part number.)
RC-54 Receiver Test Set (Includes I-84 test unit)
RC-55 Transmitter Test Set (Includes I-85 test unit and A-61-A dummy antenna)

PL-147 Plug, 2-pin, part numbers 6578 or 9127
PL-148 Plug, 3-pin, part numbers 6965 or 9126
PL-151 Plug, 6-pin, part numbers 6784 or 9123
PL-152 Plug, 8-pin, part numbers 6577 or 9125
PL-153 Plug, 18-pin, part numbers 6963 or 9121
PL-154 Plug, 12-pin, part numbers 6964 or 9122
PL-156 Plug, 5-pin, part numbers 6967 or 9124
PL-157 Plug, 2-pin, part numbers 3146 or 7543 (discontinued)
PL-192 Plug, adapter to permit local control of receiver, part number 6787

NOTE: The connectors have two part numbers. One for the "standard" wiring harness, and one for an open wiring harness. (One has a backshell, the other does not.) The two variants are the basic plug number, and the basic number plus an "A" suffix.

3. AN/ARC-5 Components:
Manufacturer's Item Name Name of Major Unit or Accessory Designation
C-24/ARC-5 Receiver Local Control Box 6434
C-25/ARC-5 Antenna Loop Control Box 9608
C-26/ARC-5 Receiver Remote Box 9601
C-27/ARC-5 Receiver "Lock-Tuned" Control Box 9850
C-29/ARC-5 Transmitter Control Box 9314
C-30/ARC-5 Transmitter Control Box (VHF/HF) B32611
C-30A/ARC-5 Transmitter Control Box 9910
C-38/ARC-5 Main Control Box 9610
C-39/ARC-5 Auxiliary Control Box (no microphone relay) 9901
C-42/ARC-5 Receiver Control Box (VHF only) B33131
C-43/ARC-5 Receiver Control Box (VHF/HF) B33090
C-48/ARC-5 Auxiliary Control Box (with microphone relay) 9902
DY-2A/ARR-2 Receiver Dynamotor 7351
DY-8/ARC-5 Transmitter Dynamotor 5168
IN-83 Insulator beads for antenna lead  
J-16/ARC-5 Jack Box (no microphone relay) 9905
J-17/ARC-5 Junction Box 9903
J-22/ARC-5 Jack Box (with microphone relay) 9867
J-22A/ARC-5 Jack Box (with microphone relay, vol. cont.) 9907
J-28/ARC-5 Junction Box ("Y" in cable from VHF Transmitter control box to VHF transmitter & receiver) 9609
J-34/ARC-5 Junction Box ("Y" junct. in cable 9376) 9562
MD-7/ARC-5 Modulator 9313
MT-4/ARR-2 Mounting Plate (C-26, C-42) 7053
MT-5/ARR-2 Receiver shock mount (1-RX) 7059
MT-7A/ARR-2 Receiver rack (1-RX) 7509
MT-62/ARC-5 Receiver shock mount (2-RX) 5694
MT-63/ARC-5 Receiver rack (2-RX) 5018
MT-64/ARC-5 Receiver shock mount (3-RX) 7060
MT-65/ARC-5 Receiver rack (3-RX) 7537
MT-66/ARC-5 Receiver shock mount (4-RX) 7061
MT-67/ARC-5 Receiver rack (4-RX) 5019
MT-68/ARC-5 Transmitter shock mount (1-TX) 7062
MT-69/ARC-5 Transmitter rack (1-TX) 9306
MT-70/ARC-5 Transmitter shock mount (2-TX) 7063
MT-71/ARC-5 Transmitter rack (2-TX) 9307
MT-72/ARC-5 Transmitter shock mount (3-TX) 7064
MT-73/ARC-5 Transmitter rack (3-TX) 9593
MT-74/ARC-5 Transmitter shock mount (4-TX) 7065
MT-75/ARC-5 Transmitter rack (4-TX) 9594
MT-76/ARC-5 Modulator shock mount 7058
MT-77/ARC-5 Antenna relay shock mount 7056
MT-78/ARC-5 Mounting plate (C-27, J-16, J-22/22A) 9451
MT-80/ARC-5 Mounting plate (C-29, C-30/30A, C-39, C-48, J-28, J-34) 7083
MT-85/ARC-5 Mounting plate (J-17) 9904
MT-98/ARC-5 Mounting plate (C-38, C-43) 7054
MT-159/ARC-5 Antenna loading coil shock mount 7057
MX-19/ARC-5 Audio adapter 9595
MX-20/ARC-5 Power adapter 9074
MX-21/ARC-5 Remote control adapter 6433
R-20/ARC-5 Receiver, 1.5-3.0 Mc  
R-21/ARC-5 Receiver, 3.0-6.0 Mc  
R-22/ARC-5 Receiver, 6.0-9.0 Mc  
R-23/ARC-5 Receiver, 190-550 Kc 9602
R-24/ARC-5 Receiver, 520-1500 Kc 9603
R-25/ARC-5 Receiver, 1.5-3.0 Mc 9604
R-26/ARC-5 Receiver, 3.0-6.0 Mc 9605
R-27/ARC-5 Receiver, 6.0-9.1 Mc 9606
R-28/ARC-5 Receiver, VHF (100-156 Mc) B33595
R-112/ARC-5 Receiver, VHF (100-125 Mc tunable - rare!)  
R-113/ARC-5 Receiver, VHF (125-156 Mc tunable - rare!)  
R-148/ARC-5 Receiver, 190-550 Kc  
RE-2/ARC-5 Antenna Relay 5017
T-15/ARC-5 Transmitter, 500-800 Kc 9315
T-16/ARC-5 Transmitter, 800-1300 Kc 9316
T-17/ARC-5 Transmitter, 1.3-2.1 Mc 9317
T-18/ARC-5 Transmitter, 2.1-3.0 Mc 9308
T-19/ARC-5 Transmitter, 3.0-4.0 Mc 9309
T-20/ARC-5 Transmitter, 4.0-5.3 Mc 9310
T-21/ARC-5 Transmitter, 5.3-7.0 Mc 9311
T-22/ARC-5 Transmitter, 7.0-9.1 Mc 9312
T-23/ARC-5 Transmitter, VHF (100-125 Mc) B32616
T-89/ARC-5 Transmitter, VHF (100-125 Mc tunable - rare!)  
T-90/ARC-5 Transmitter, VHF (125-156 Mc tunable - rare!)  
TN-6/ARC-5 Antenna loading coil 9607

NOTE: Both HF and VHF equipment is shown in the list above, unlike the original lists in the manual. Equipment in the "VHF" list in the manual included: C-30, C-30A, C-42, C-43, DY-2, R-28, T-23, and the IE-35-A and AN/GRM-1 test equipment.

The following appeared on a separate list under the heading "Major Units Usable With Several Aircraft Equipments": C-38, C-39, C-48, J-16, J-17, J-22, J-22A, MT-78, MT-80, MT-85, and MT-98 (some of which were already on that list).

Above taken from: Handbook of Operating Instructions for Model AN/ARC-5 Aircraft Radio Equipment, NAVAER 08- 5Q-95, dated 21 February 1944.

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