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Home :: Collection of Japanese W.W.II Radios

Collection of Japanese W.W.II Radios

By LTC William L. Howard (Deceased)
About the Author

Section ( I ) Collection of Japanese W.W.II Military Radios
Basic Reference Works.
Where To Find These Sets.
Construction of a Radio In A Japanese POW Camp.
Japanese Radio Data Plates Explained.
Japanese Radio Data Plates Gallery.
Japanese Headsets.

Section ( II ) Japanese Military Radios
A Japanese "Type" Radio Station ( Generic Set ).
Type 94-2 Ground to Air Wireless Set Mark 2
Type 94-3 A Wireless Station.
Type 94-3 C Wireless Set.
Type 94-5 Wireless Station.
Type 94-6 Radios.

Section ( III ) Very Rare Japanese Radio Sets
Mark 66 Wireless Set.
Type 97 Light Wireless Set.
Japanese Weather Warning Radio.

Section ( IV ) Japanese Aircraft Radios
Type 3 Aero Mark 5 Radio.
Type 99 Series Radios.

Section ( V ) Japanese Naval Aircraft Radios
Japanese Naval Aircraft Radios.
Type 1 Aircraft Radio Direction Finder and Homing Device.
Type 96 Series, Naval Aviation Radios.
Type 1 No 3 Aircraft Radio.
Type 98 No. 4.
Type 99 Air Wave Measuring Apparatus.

Type 99 Japanese Navy Morse Code Trainer.

Section ( VI ) Japanese Tank and Vehicle Radio Sets
Japanese Tank and Vehicle Radios.
TTK Model 147 Mobile Wireless Set B.

Section ( VII ) Wire Communication Equipment
Pre War OKI Electric Telephone.
Type 92 Field Telephone.
The Model No 2 Trench Telephone.
Japanese 8 Line Cordless Switchboards.
Japanese 10 Line Cordless Switchboards.
Japanese 12 Line Cordless Switchboards.
Type 98 Telephone Intercept Set.
Sound Powered Telephone.
Japanese Type 95 Telegraph Set.
Japanese Telephone / Telegraph Device.

Section ( VIII ) Naval Telephone Communication Equipment
The Naval Landing Force Telephone.
Navy Ships Battle Telephone.
Navy Sound Powered Telephone.

Section ( IX ) Signal Lights
The Model 100 Signal Light.
Generator Powered Signal Lamp.
Hand Held Spring Motor Signal Lights.

Section ( X ) Other Japanese Military Radio Sets
Mark 39 Type C Transmitter and Mark 45 Type C Receiver.
Mark 53 Type C Receiver.
Model 92 Mark 3 Improvement 1.
Model 92 Special Receiver Improvement 3.
Model 92 Special Receiver Improvement 4.
Model 93 Short-Distance Short Wave Direction Finder Improvement 1.
Model 94 Mark 1.
Model 94 Mark 1 Wireless Set.
Model 94 Mark 2 B Wireless Set.
Model 94-2 B Wireless Set, Remoting Units.
Model 95.
Model 95 Mark 4.
Mobile Wireless Set C Mark 1 and Mark 305 Type Transmitter.
Model 2 Short Wave Mobile Transmitter.
Japanese HRO Type Receivers.
Japanese Model R-140M
The 1568 Set.
Experimental Wireless Set, Model 5.
NEC Experimental Radio Set.
Japanese Training Transmitter.
TM Handy Wireless Set.
Model TM Short Wave Mobile Wireless Set Improvement 3.

Section ( XI ) Japanese Military Field Generators
Japanese Military Field Generator.

Section ( XII ) Conclusions
Miscellaneous Radios not covered in the text.
Reference Sources and Acknowledgements.

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