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Our Museum Items

The Items in this section are provided for study and reference as a museum display of vintage equipment!


Reception Set PCR2

The Reception set PCR was made by PYE Radio Co. and was used as forces welfare receiver by the British Army. Frequency coverage: LW, MW, SW. There were three versions, the initial PCR also known as PCR1 and later PCR2 and PCR3 which have no internal loudspeaker. The receiver is powered by a external mains Power Supply Unit Rectifier No. 17. Supplied complete with power supply. Fair condition but untested. 18Kg with PSU.
Rejector Unit VHF Number 3
The rejector unit number 3 is used in multi-set vehicle installations to reduce interference. It is used with the Larkspur B-47, B-48, C-42, C-45 radio stations. Supplied in good condition, including some cables.
Right Angle C Type Connector by Amphenol
Military Spec. Right angle C type coaxial connector with bayonet coupling. Made by Amphenol manufacturing company in England. Perfect for radio antenna applications, avionics and telecommunications. The plug contacts are of clamp / solder type for easy fitting and is used with flexible antenna cables. Supplied in brand new condition in Black metal finish. Amphenol / Nato Part Number 5935-99-013-1583. Conforms to MIL-C-39012A, MIL-C-3898A, MIL-C-23329A, IEC 169-7 standards.
Right Angle C Type Connector by Radiall
Military Spec. Right angle C type coaxial connector with bayonet coupling. Made by Radiall manufacturing company in France. Perfect for radio antenna applications, avionics and telecommunications. The plug contacts are of clamp / solder type for easy fitting and is used with flexible antenna cables. Supplied in brand new condition in Chrome finish. Radiall Part Number R166-168. Conforms to MIL-C-39012A, MIL-C-3898A, MIL-C-23329A, IEC 169-7 standards.
RT-178 / ARC-27 UHF Aircraft Transceiver
Receiver-Transmitter, RT-178/ARC-27 UHF Aircraft Transceiver. Frequency Range 225-399.9 MHz, A2, A3 emissions. Power output: 9 watts. 18 preset frequencies on any one of 1750 frequency channels. Transmitter may be tone modulated at 1020 Hz for emergency or direction finding purposes. One guard channel in the 238- 249 MHz range can be simultaneously monitored. The Radio is supplied in good condition Grade 3 Un-Tested.
RT-196 PRC-6 Receiver - Transmitter
A new batch of early PRC-6 hand held radios as used in the Korean, and Vietnam wars. 47-55.4 MHz, Crystal Control, 200 mw Output, 13 tubes,1.5,45, and 90V DC. ( Supplied Complete, Grade 3 Untested Repairable ).
RT-294 / ARC-44
Complete Aircraft radio set, 24-51.9 Mhz, 280 channels, 100 Khz channel spacing, FM, power output 8 watts. Provides FM communication for aircraft and attachment of a homing device. Remote control unit has frequency selector with mechanical digital frequency display, on/off switch, and volume control.
The kit consists of RT-294 Aircraft radio, Dynamotor power supply, Antenna junction box, and the Remote control box. Used connectors are supplied for RT-294 and remote control.
RU-2/1 Yugoslav Peoples Army VHF Radio Station
The RU-2/1 is a ex-Yugoslav Peoples Army VHF radio starion. The radio is a low power portable VHF (FM) Radio, made by RUDI CAJAVEC, from Banja Luka (Ex Yugoslavia). The RU-2/1 has been designed to provide command communications at battalion and company level. It was also used in vehicles and by mounted troops. The RU2/1 replaced the older RUP-12 ex-Yugoslav peoples army VHF radio.

Frequency Range 30 to 69.95 MHz in 50 Khz steps. The desired frequency is set by 3 knobs on the front plate of the radio.

The radio is powered by a standard JNA 12V/6aH battery pack. It can also be powered externally from 12V Vehicle power supply.

The RU-2/1 and accessories are supplied in very good condition, tested and operational. Please choose from accessories options below.
RUP-15 Yugoslav Peoples Army HF/SSB radio station
The RUP-15 is ex-Yugoslav Peoples Army HF/SSB radio station designed by RIZ Zagreb factory (ex Yugoslavia) for combat use.

The radio operates in the 2 to 12 MHz band with 100Hz spacing and provides SSB (LSB), AM and CW facilities. Frequency Selection is by decade knobs, which control a synthesizer.

A transmitter output power of 15 W PEP working into a whip antenna gives the RUP-15 a ground-wave communications range in excess of 20 km by day under normal conditions.

The RUP-15 is suitable for use as a ground station, working into static ground- or sky-wave antennas. Working into a dipole or end-fed antenna, sky-wave communications at ranges from 50 to 1500 km or greater can be achieved. This range performance is due in part to the high-grade receiver and high efficiency manual antenna-tuning unit, which is integral with the transmitter/receiver unit. The radio is carried on the operator's back. It is powered by rechargeable 12V Ag/Zn batteries of 20Ah capacity.

The equipment and accessories are supplied in very good condition, tested and operational. Please choose from accessories options below.
Russian KH-24 / 2NK24 - 2.5 Volt 24Ah Nickel Iron Battery
The KH-24 (2NK24) Battery is a 2.5 Volt 24Ah Nickel Iron Battery, used with the R-105D, R-108D, R-109D, R-407 as well as other Russian portable radio sets. Dimensions 120*65*185mm.

The battery is supplied without electrolyte and must be filled before charging. Electrolyte is a solution of Potassium Hydroxide in distilled water with a small amount of Lithium Hydroxide. Electrolyte density 1.2 g/ml. Normal charging rate, 3.3 Amp for 6 hours. Supplied in new and un-issued condition dated 1971, untested.
Russian KN-13 / HK-13 - 1.25 Volt 14Ah Nickel Iron Battery
The KN-13 or HK-13 battery is a 1.25 Volt 14 Ah Nickel Iron Battery, used with the P-323 and P-326 as well as other Russian portable radio sets. Dimensions 80*30*120mm.

The battery is supplied without electrolyte and must be filled before charging. Electrolyte is a solution of Potassium Hydroxide in distilled water with a small amount of Lithium Hydroxide. Electrolyte density 1.2 g/ml. Normal charging rate, 2.3 Amp for 6 hours. Supplied in new and un-issued condition dated 1971, untested.
Russian KNP-20 / HKN-20 2.4 Volts 20Ah Russian Battery
The KNP-20 or HKN-20 is a Nickel Iron battery and are welded together in two's and produce 2.4 Volts 20Ah. Size 80*60*120mm.

Used with the Russian R-107 and other radios. The battery is supplied without electrolyte and must be filled before charging. Electrolyte is a solution of Potassium Hydroxide in distilled water with a small amount of Lithium Hydroxide. Electrolyte density 1.16 g/ml. Normal charging rate, 4 Amp for 6 hours. New and un-issued dated 1983, untested.
SCR-528 W.W.II Sherman Tank Radio Station
The SCR-694 radio station as used in many W.W.II US Armoured Fighting Vehicles, such as M3, M26, M5 and the famous M4 Sherman Tank.

The radio station operates from 12 Volt vehicle battery supply and includes the BC-603-D Radio Receiver 1942 dated, BC-604-D Radio Transmitter 1945 dated, CH-264 Spares Parts Box and the FT-237-C Vehicle Mount 1942 dated.

BC-603-D Radio Receiver 20-28MHz, FM, IF 2.65MHz, continuous tuning and 10 presets channels, has squelch facility with a built-in loud-speaker, uses 10 tubes.

BC-604-D Radio Transmitter 20-28MHz, FM, 20 Watts output, 10 crystal channels, uses 8 tubes.

The radio is available in good condition but untested and includes some accessories, such as spare tubes and crystals.
Solartron Adjustable Power Supply
This power supply is fully adjustable both output current and voltage. 230 - 110 Volt input, output 0-40 Volts @ 0-5 Amps. Output voltage is adjusted by thumbwheel switches with fine voltage adjustment. Current adjustment is by rotary switch. A meter is provided for monitoring the output current. Made by Solartron in England for the British Army. The PSU is supplied in good working order.
SP-253 Speaker
French made, SP-253 Loudspeaker is used with the older style military radio sets which have a U-79/U audio connector. Speaker is permanent magnet cone type producing 3 Watts in to 8 Ohms, and is coupled through a sealed, 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms impedance matching transformer. Frequency response 300Hz to 7Khz. 3 position mode switch 600 Ohm @50mw, 600 Ohm @500mw, and 8 Ohm @500mw. Water proof cast aluminium construction intended for Field or vehicular use. The connecting cord is terminated with a U-77/U connector.
ST-120A Carrying Harness
The ST-120A is the carrying harness for the PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 Radios. The carry harness allows the carrying the radio set as a back-pack radio and it is used in conjunction with the M-1945 Suspender Belt.
T-1154 W.W.II. Lancaster Bomber Transmitter
The T-1154 was the standard radio transmitter installation in W.W.II Lancaster bombers. Frequency range 200 kHz, 500kHz, 2.35MHz, 2.5MHz, 3MHz, 8MHz, 10MHz. Output power 50-80 Watts.
Requires 1200 V @200ma, 6VDC @4A.
T-17 Microphone
Carbon granule microphone with push-to-talk switch, available in metal or black plastic, for use with BC-1306, GRC-9, and other radio sets. Includes cord with PL-68 Plug.
T-195 HF Transmitter
The T-195 is ruggerised and weather proof Automatic HF Transmitter which covers the frequency range of 1.5MHz to 24.4MHz in 10 bands. The Transmitter is capable of Simplex, Duplex, or Radio Repeater operation and can transmit AM and CW (Voice or Tone) in the MF and HF range and if used with an external frequency shift keyer for RTTY operation. The T-195 was used in US Military vehicles and field command posts.
Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver
The Telefunken ELK-639 Receiver was made in Germany during 1969-1970 and used by the NAVY. Made for Fixed or Mobile applications. Frequency range is from 9.8 KHz to 30 MHz and is divided into two separate groups. Group one is from 9.8 KHz to 570 KHz in five ranges and group two from 250 kHz to 30 MHz in 10 ranges. Modes of operation are A1, a2, A3 and A4 (for facsimile) also the modes of operation F1, F4 and F6. Has a built in loudspeaker. The receiver allows the attachment of 4 different antennas and operates from 110 and 220 VAC 50-60Hz and with 21-31 VDC External power supply for mobile applications.

The Telefunken ELK-639 Communications Receiver is available Grade 3 Untested / Repairable.
The Clansman PRC-319 Electronic Message Unit EMU BA-1304
The Clansman PRC-319 Electronic Message Unit EMU BA-1304 is a removable pocket sized small alphanumeric keyboard that allows transmission of written words and data when voice transmissions would be dangerous, to coordinates and direct communication with fire control and direction computers. The unit operates using the RWOP system. It uses standard frequency shift keying (FSK) with 850 Hz shift and forward error correction (FEC) to protect against reception errors. The bandwidth is dependent on keying speed. Supplied in good condition.
Thomson TRC-300-3
Manpack HF, SSB, transceiver. Frequency range 2-30 Mhz. 28000 possible channels in 1 Hz steps. Transmits HI Power 20 Watts, LO 6 Watts. Power Supply 14.5 Volt from Nicad battery's.
Tornister Empfanger B Torn Eb German WWII Receiver & Battery Box
The set consists of two units that are clip-able together above each other, the radio receiver and power supply box. The cabinets were meant to be carried on the back of a soldier, and the units are called Tornister' and Empfanger the German word for receiver, the letter 'b' in the designation simply indicates which receiver type.

The designator was shortened to Torn E b. The Torn E b was created around 1935/36. It was in general use with the German Signal Corps, but also at higher army staffs, police and traffic control authorities.

The radio is a tuneable radio frequency type set with four filament tubes that were run from a 2 volt battery at 0.2 A. The anode current came from a 90 V. dry battery at a consumption of about 12 Ma. The set covers the frequency band 100-6970 kHz in eight ranges.

This particular set is made later in the war and is dated 1943 and is in very nice untested condition.
Tuner RF Aerial Number 6
This RF antenna tuner units are used with Larkspur C-42 radio stations. Supplied in good condition, including some cables.
UK-AC1-2870 14/28 Volt AC Adaptor
The UK-AC1-2870 AC Adaptor operates from 110-240 VAC and provides 14 or 28 Volt DC via a user selectable toggle switch with LED indication. Made in England by WIDNEY AISH LTD. This AC adapter was designed to be used with Clansman range of radios and equipment that require 14 or 28 VDC to operate and can be used with other radios and equipment that require 14 or 28 Volt DC. Internally it has two switch mode power supplies that are made by WEIR type SHS100/15 A30.

Supplied in good tested condition and includes the power input cable.
Vehicle Antenna Rod Set for Landrovers & Jeeps (Same as MS-116, MS-117 & MS-118 Antenna Rods)
This is the standard vehicle antenna rods that were fitted to many military vehicles such as the British Landrovers using the Clansman radios and American Jeeps.

The antenna rod sets are supplied as a set of three 1 meter 3 feet painted copper-coated steel antenna rods. The rods are sequentially screwed into one another and extend to 3 meters 9 feet.

Up to two extra bottom section rods can be added to extend height to 5 meters 16 feet total.

The antenna rods would fit the following American antenna mast bases, MP-65, AB-22, AB-24, as well as most British mast bases such as the Clansman Base Aerial Support No. 31 and NATO vehicle antenna mast bases. American part number for the rods is MS-116A, MS-117A, MS-118A.

The standard set is supplied as a set of 3 rods, extended rodset is also available, please choose below. The rods are supplied in good used condition, grade 2.
Vehicle Intercom Kit
Simple solution to a big problem, no need to buy a expensive radio system for your military vehicle just to add intercom facilities between the driver and commander. The system can work with or without a radio system. Duplex voice communications is possible. Can interface to Larkspur Vehicle Radio equipment such as C-13, C-45. Works on 24 VDC.
VIC-1 System Interconnecting Cable
System interconnecting cable, this cable connects the AM-1780 Audio Amplifier to the C-2289 Control Boxes. The cables are available in various short lengths, 12 inches to about 49 Inches. Please E-Mail us with your requirements.
VIC-1 System Power Cable
This is the System power cable which powers the AM-1780 Audio Amplifier. It is generally available in one length only which is about 126 Cm, 49 Inches.
VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom system Basic Kit
The VIC-1 basic kit includes one AM-1780 Junction box / audio amplifier and two C-2298 Control Boxes.

AM-1780/VRC Audio Amplifier Is the main junction box for the AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System. It provides control of the 24 Volt DC power to the associated crewmember control boxes and to the radio system that may be connected to the amplifiers. The amplifiers also amplify and control the audio signals in the intercommunication (intercom) and radio circuits.

C-2289 Control Box The standard Crewmember Control Box, The C-2298/VRC allows vehicle crewmembers to select, by means of the MONITOR switch and the audio accessory controls, to communicate with other crewmembers via the intercom circuit, or remotely operate or monitor any radio equipment connected to the AM-1780/VRC.

AN/VIC-1 Vehicle Intercom System Over-View
The AN/VIC-1 is a part of electrical harness of vehicles such as Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Self Propelled Howitzers. The AN/VIC-1 Intercommunications system provides tactical vehicle crew members with facilities for communications with radio connected to the system, as well as facilities for communicating with each other. It includes the AM-1780 and intercommunications remote control box C-2298. The number of remote control units used are dependent upon type of vehicle and its operational requirements.
  • Can support 2 Transmit / Receive radios and 2 Receive only radios.
  • Provides up to six intercom stations.
  • Push to talk can be selected for all stations or just the commanders station.
  • Each intercom station can select ALL or Radios A/B/C or intercom only operation.
  • Radio volume is reduced automatically when intercom is keyed.
  • Passive mode operation of radio's audio when the system is not powered.
  • Simplifies radio and intercom wiring.
  • Stations can use a Headset, CVC Helmet, H-180 headphones, H-250 Handset or M-80 Microphone.
  • Ruggedly constructed, water resistant and weather proof to military specification.
  • Operates from 24 Volt DC vehicle power supply.
VRC-9 Vehicle Radio Set RT-67 & PP-112
The VRC-9 Tactical Vehicle Radio station is a Transmitter / Receiver which operates in the frequency range of 27-39 Mhz FM. They were mounted in Jeeps M-38A1 as well as other vehicles. 1960's dated used by US Army and some NATO countries.

Receiver-Transmitter, Frequency Range 28-39 MHz, continuous tuning or presets, FM, 2 or 15 Watt Output, uses 27 tubes, operates from 24VDC PP-112, Power supply, Tube line-up: 4 * 1U4,2.00E+24, 2 * 1A3, 2 * 1L4, 4 * 1R5, 1S5, 4 * 3Q4, 3A4, 3 * 3A5, 2 * 3B4 and 6AK5.

The station on offer is tested and operational Grade 2 and includes the following units listed below. Accessories such as LS-166 Speaker, H-33/PT handset or Antenna equipment is not included but is available separately.

RT-67/GRC Radio Transmitter / Receiver
CX-1211/GRC Interconnecting Cable
PP-112/GRC 24 Volt Power Supply
MT-299/GRC Vehicle Mounting Plate with power input cable
Wireless Set No. 17 MkII
The Wireless Set No.17 was a portable transceiver developed in 1941 and was used during W.W.II as a small ground station for communication between searchlight Section HQ and detachments, Anti-Aircraft batteries or Royal Engineers detachments. Frequency range 44-64MHz. RF output 0.3W, R/T only. Range up to 15 miles. The cabinet is made of oak wood. The Transceiver is on top section of the cabinet and In the bottom section accessible from behind, there is space for a 2V 16A battery, and two 60V batteries.
Wireless Set No. 31
British version of American BC-1000. Man pack transceiver developed in 1948, for short range communication in Infantry, Company and Battalion HQ. Frequency range 40-48MHz. RF power output 0.3W. FM. Range up to 5 miles. Similar to US Signal Corps SCR-300 (BC-1000) with minor modifications. Supplied in excellent condition and with some accessories.
Wireless Set No. 62 MK II
It is tropicalised and can float itself without suffering water damage. After its use by an airborne division in the last stages of WWII, modifications were made to allow its dropping by parachute and for use on the move. The upgraded No 62 Mk II version has better reception performance and due to its aluminium construction weighs 30lbs. Power is provided by a 12V accumulator, output power 0.5-1.1 Watts, range 15 miles R/T or 25 miles CW.
Wireless Set No. 88 AFV Type A
Wireless Set No. 88 was the first British developed tactical VHF-FM Radio set. Light weight Manpack Transceiver developed in the late 40's as a replacement for the No. 38 Set. An amazing feat of engineering to cram in 14 Tubes into such a small space. It's primary use was for short range Infantry and Company / Platoon communications.
Frequency range 38.01-42.15 MHz. RF output power 0.25 Watts. Crystal Controlled FM. Transmitting Range up to 2 miles. Type A has 4 pre-set crystal controlled channels operating on 40.20 Mhz, 40.90 Mhz, 41.40 Mhz and 42.15 Mhz. Power requirements are 90VDC @40mA and 1.5VDC @1.05A
Wireless Set No.88 AFV Type A & Power Supply LF Amplifier No. 2
This unit comes with a Wireless Set Number 88 and a Power Supply and LF Amplifier Unit No. 2. The unit includes most cables and a handset.
Wireless Set No38
W.W.II Dated, WS 38 A man packed set designed for use by assault troops with a range of up to 5 miles. Frequency Range 7.3-9 MHz, Power Output 0.2 Watts. Please email for availability.
Wireless Set Number 19 MKIII PSU
Wireless set number 19 MKIII Power Supply with internal dynamotor.
Wireless Set Number 58 PSU
This PSU is fitted inside the WS-58 backpack and provides the various voltages that the radio needs from batteries that are stored in the back pack. It is supplied with the original leads and plug.
WRT-2 500 Watt US Navy Ship Transmitter
Here is a transmitter for a serious radio ham or collector / restorer who likes a challenge and wants a piece of US naval history. Perhaps you are restoring a radio room in a ship and need some units or the complete transmitter.

These transmitters were made by Cosmos Industries and some of them are from the famous USS Gurke D-783 which was a DD type destroyer before it was finally sunk in 1977 in naval exercises. See

Only a few hundred WRT-2's were ever manufactured by a few manufacturers for the US Navy and very few remain in existence in private collections and ship museums today, most were sunk in naval exercises or destroyed.