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The Items in this section are provided for study and reference as a museum display of vintage equipment!


CW-140 / GRC-9 Radio Canvas Bag
CW-140 / GRC-9 Radio Canvas Bag for carrying the GRC-9 radio sets. These bags are in used condition and may have some small holes or cuts.
CW-216A Antenna & Accessories Bag
The CW-216A antenna and accessories bag is used with the PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10 as well as other radio sets. The bag allows the storage of the radios accessories such as antenna rods, tape antenna, goose neck and the handset. It is designed to attach to the combat belt around the waist.
CX-4722 Cable For MX-6707 Antenna Mast Base
Connects an RT-246, RT-524 or OA-3633 to an Antenna Matching Unit MX-2799/VRC or MX-6707/VRC, providing power and tuning control signals to the matching unit via the antenna control circuits of the Radio Transmitter or Amplifier.
CY-853/PRC-6 Full Crystal Kit
Full Crystal Box for the American PRC-6 Radio. The kit includes 42 Crystals.
D-8385 Mains PSU for SEM-25 and SEM-35
Provides 24 Volts DC @ 10 Amps from 220 VAC. Trip fuse protected on input and outputs. Designed for use with SEM-25 and SEM-35 series of radio equipment, can also be used with other radio sets. Measures 50*22*17cm. Weight 18 KGs.
Digital Radiological Test Equipment PDR-7000
The digital Radiological Test Equipment PDR-7000 is a modern, professional Geiger counter with extensive features. Manufactured by FAG Kugelfischer in Germany to very high military standards.

The counter is auto-ranging with a built-in LCD display that shows the results both digitally and analogue. A power on self test routine makes sure the unit is functioning correctly. The Geiger Counter is so sensitive that it can measure very low normal background radiation. For example, the normal background radiation in London is between 0,07 ?Gy/h and 0,09 ?Gy/h. The unit can take readings externally with a 15 meter probe extension cable and the Gamma Probe DT 7002 as well as the Beta-Gamma Probe DT 7003 and a special probe DT 7004 for testing radiation in liquids.

Operation is by 2 standard 1.5 Volt D size batteries Not Supplied or by a external mains (220-230 V) or by a adaptor from the 12 Volt vehicle supply. The power adapters are supplied with this kit. The test equipment also comes complete with two Carrying Straps, one Earphone and several plastic bags and beakers for taking samples. The complete equipment is stored in a extremely strong airtight and watertight Aluminium carrying case. The equipment is supplied in Brand New condition.

Measurements Units: ?Gy/h or cGy/h (Intensity), in cGy (Dosage) oder CPS (Impulse).
Measuring Range: 0 to 999 cGy/h, 0 to 999 cGy or 0 to 9990 CPS.
Switch-able alarm threshold values in five steps (up to 20 or 100 ?Gy/h,0,1 or 1 or 10 cGy/h).
DM-21 Dynamotor for BC-312 / BC-314 WWII Radio Receiver
This is the DM-21 Dynamotor for the BC-312 or BC-314 Radio Sets. Supplied in NOS New Old Stock condition. There were plenty of these radios available on the surplus market back in the 50's and a many of these radios were modified over the years to run on mains voltage with a home made power supply. A new DM-21 Dynamotor would be a perfect for restoration of a radio to original specifications. The Dynamotor produces 235VAC @0.090 A from a 14VDC @3.3A power supply. It could also be used to provide HT voltage for other radios or projects.

RPM: 5400.
Input Volts: 14 VDC @3.3 Amp.
Output Volts: 235 Volts @0.090 Amps.
DOM-410 Geiger Counter
The DOM-410 Geiger Counter was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army in the late 1970's early 1980's. It is manufactured to high standard under license from SRAT. It is hermetically sealed unit and water tight.

The Beta Gamma probe has a removable Gamma shield, and is quite large, giving it a sensitivity of roughly 1 CPS background. In the CPS mode, 1000 CPS = 1 mr per hour. It has 3 Time constants Rapide, Lent, Mesure and 3 ranges 10 CPS, 100 CPS, 1000 CPS. In the Gamma only mode, the selector uses the internal gamma compensated tube, which may be removed from the side of the unit, and placed at the end of a 20 foot cable for remote monitoring. In the mr per hour mode it uses the internal gamma tube to measure 1-1000 millirads per hour.

When switched to the Rad/hr mode, the internal or remote mounted gamma only tube will measure from 1 rad per hour up to 1,000 rads per hour. Overall, it is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is robustly built and designed to take allot of abuse.

The counter has a total range of 15&#956
DOM-410 Geiger Counter External Warning Light
This is the external Warning Light Unit for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter. It is a rectangular box 11 * 10 * 4 Cm with a power and a signal cable. The power cable connects to 6-28 Volt DC external power source, which could be provided from a vehicle battery. The other cable connects to the = connection of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter. There is a red light on one side of the warning box that flashes red to indicate radiation when the reading on the Geiger Counter scale lies between 0.3 and 0.7 of the scale, depending on the selected range. The unit is supplied in very good working condition, Grade 2.
DY-88 Dynamotor Power Supply
Powers BC-1306 and RT-77/GRC-9 Radios from 6 VDC @29 Amp, 12 VDC @14 Amp or 24 VDC @6.7 Amps. Outputs 580 V @100ma, 105 V @45ma, 6.3 V @2A, 1.4 V @500ma, 6.3 V @575ma. Usable with other radios sets.
DY-88 Power Supply CX-2031 Power Cable / Connector
This is the CX-2031 power input cable for the GRC-9 radio power supply, the DY-88. These cables are about 15-20 Cm long and would have normally gone into a junction box which was mounted somewhere near the radio before they were cut off. The other end of the Junction Box would have been connected to the vehicle battery.

The connector on these cables can easily be taken apart to install a new longer cable. The connectors are also suitable for the PP-112 / GRC as well as many other American radios made in the 1950
FH-40H Geiger Counter Faulty For Spares
We have a number of these Geiger Counters that are faulty. The fault is usually the needle indicator moment. The unit comes with the wooden carry case and a some accessories including Geiger Muller Tubes. They are great for experimentation or spare parts.

The FH-40H Geiger Counter was manufactured by Frieseke and Hoepfner of Germany, was used by German, Belgium and the U.S. Atomic Energy in the 1950's and 1960's. The FH 40H Geiger Counter comes in a wooden case that contains two drawers that are loaded with accessories such as a selection of Geiger Muller Tubes all of which are of glass construction, extension cables and external probes. The unit has two ranges of 0-25 mR per hour and 0-1 R per hour and operates from normal D size batteries.

The radiation measuring instrument FH-40H Geiger Counter serves for measuring the intensity and dose rate of gamma radiation, X-rays and detecting of beta rays as well as alpha rays when using certain accessories.

The Radiometer is supplied in faulty condition Grade 4 and with some accessories, not all accessories are present in the box.
FH-40T West German Geiger Counter
The FH-40T is a very sensitive Geiger Counter for measurement of Beta and Gamma Radiation. Manufactured by Frieseke & Hoepfner in Germany it was used by the West German Army during the cold war. Measures Beta and Gamma radiation in the ranges of 0-1 R/h, 0-25 mR/h and 0-0.5 mR/h. Very low radiation levels can be measured with this device. A Probe Extension is provided for distant measurement and a Ear Piece for audible indication. The counter is radiation proof 1-10000mR/h as well as 0-320 Impulse/Minute. Analogue display of radiation level. Operates from a 6VDC Battery. Approx. Size 16 * 10 * 4.5 cm.
FT-482 Small Mount
FT-482 Small Mount for vehicle mounting of the BC-1306 radio set.

You would also neet the FM-85 Big mount for vehicle installation.
Genuine American Signal Corps BC-1000 WWII Radio
This is a genuine American Signal Corps BC-1000 Radio set that was used during WWII by the American troops fighting the Nazi Germany. This Radio is in very nice condition but does not include any accessories or the battery box, but it does include the battery tie-down straps. See pictures below.

40-48 MHz in forty one 200KHz steps, FM, IF 4.3 and 2.515 MHz, power output 300 mW RF, 200mW AF, transmission range up to 3 miles with the long antenna. The radio has a built-in 43 MHz crystal calibrator. Requires 4.5VDC 500 ma and 90VDC 25 ma.
German FSE-38/58 VHF FM Portable Transceiver
The German FSE-38/58 is a VHF FM Portable Transceiver with a frequency range of 38-58 MHz. Includes audio squelch facility. Output Power 10 and 50 mW. Powered by a 6 Volt Rechargeable Battery ( Not Supplied ) or a external 24 Volt PSU. Plug-in Crystal Frequency Selection. FSE-38/58 is modular constructed on a die-cast aluminium chassis. The water proof outer case is made from impact resistant plastic, with a aluminium front panel. Up to nine spare crystals can be stored on a holder inside the case. Uses a H-33/PT Hand Set. The radio can easy be modified for 650 mW Output.
German PRC-6/6 Empty Crystal Storage Box
Empty crystal storage box for the German PRC-6/6 radio set. Picture below shows a full crystal box for demonstration.
German SEM-52S Synthesised VHF Transceiver
The SEM-52S radio is the modern synthesised version of the SEM-52A radio set. It was until now a hard to find item and it is still used even today by the German Army. The SEM-52S is a portable handheld synthesised VHF radio transceiver which operates 46.000-57.975 MHz. 6 channels can be programmed internally by rotary switches from 400 possible channels in 25 KHz steps.

A speaker / Microphone are now built in to the radio as well as the PTT switch. Noise-operated squelch is provided for quiet operation and the radio is also DATA capable. External Audio accessories such as Handset or Headsets can still be plugged in to the radio. Power Output 1 Watt and operates from 12 Volts DC using 8 standard AA 1.5 Volt batteries.

The radio is normally worn on the left chest using the carrying harness and is very easy to operate in that position with the flexible Tape Antenna extending over your left shoulder. The antenna socket is very cleaver in design as it allows a normal BNC plug to be used or the Tape Antenna to be plugged in.

The SEM-52S is supplied in excellent working condition Grade-2 and comes pre-programmed with the following accessories, Battery Box, AA Battery Holder, Carrying Harness, Strap and the Flexible Tape Antenna.

Please Note: The girl in the picture is not included with the radio deal!! :-)

Specifications of the SEM-52S
Frequency Range: 46.000 to 57.975 MHz.
Number of Possible Channels: 400 channels
Selectable Channels: 6 Selectable Channels
Channel Spacing: 25 KHz
Output power: 1 Watt
Sensitivity: better 0,5 Micro Volt @ 20 dB S/N
Modulation mode: F3 (FM modulation)
Power Supply: 12 Volts using 8 standard 1.5 Volt AA batteries
Power consumption: receiving 70 mA, transmitting 400 mA
Provisions for data transmission and low level audio
Built in Microphone / Speaker
Dimensions: 95mm x 219mm x 39mm
Weight: 1.3 kg

Order Two Radios at the same time and save
German TTL-6607 Geiger Counter Training Unit
German made Geiger Counter used by the German Army in the mid 60's.
The TTL 6607 measures radiation in 5 ranges 0.5 r/h, 5 r/h, 50 r/h and 500 r/h. Battery check indicator and Alarm, operates from a 6V battery Not Supplied. The Geiger Counters are supplied untested and include a canvas bag. Usage instructions are written on the front panel in German.
Gertsch Model FM-6
Frequency Meter, 20-1000 Mhz, 0.0001% Accuracy. In good clean condition. Un-tested.
GRC-106 400W SSB Synthesized HF Transmitter - Receiver
The GRC-106 is a Fully Synthesized 400 Watt HF SSB mobile vehicular Receiver ? Transmitter Radio Station operating on CW and USB, 28 000 selectively tuned channels spaced in 1 KHz increments in the 2 to 29.999 MHz providing full coverage from 2 to 30Mhz frequency range. It is beautifully constructed radio station with no expense spared in its construction and makes an ideal rig for ham radio work or installing in a military vehicle such as a M151 Jeep.
H-33/PT Handset
Handset H-33/PT is a combination microphone and ear piece and push to talk switch in a plastic case. Connecting cord terminates in a U-77/U connector. Microphone impedance 40 Ohms, ear piece 300 Ohm.
H-39 Standard Clansman Radio Hand Set
Standard Clansman H-39 radio hand set. Has Clansman 7-Pin Audio Plug. Made from impact resistant black plastic, the unit is water resistant with a Push to Talk Switch.The H-39 Hand Set can be used in a Clansman vehicle harness and with all Clansman radio equipment such as the PRC-319, PRC-320, PRC-344, PRC-349, PRC-350, PRC-351, PRC-352, VRC-321, VRC-322 and VRC-353.

Supplied in good working order. NSN: 5965-99-620-5669.
H-4800/40 Latest Issue Clansman Hand Set
H-4800/40 New issue Clansman hand set, made from hard olive drab rubber with a Push to Talk Switch. Durable and water resistant, has Clansman 7-Pin Audio Plug. Can be used with most Clansman/Racal radio equipment which have the 7-Pin Audio Plug ( PRC-349, etc.).
Hand Set
Hand Set, has old Larkspur 6 pin Audio Plug, and Push to Talk Switch. Used with British C11/R-210, C-13, C-42, C-45 radio stations, and other similar radios.
Head Set and Microphone
Head Set and Microphone, has old Larkspur 6 pin Audio Plug. Push to Talk Switch on the lead. Used with British C11/R-210, C-13, C-42, C-45 radio stations, and other similar radios.
HS-30 Head Set
HS-30 Headset with CD-804 cord, for use with GRC-9, BC1306, BC-1000, and other war time radios.
Indicator Attitude
Attitude Indicator shows the aircraft's position relative to the earth's horizon. The Top part painted in light blue represents the sky (CLIMB), and the lower black part the ground (DIVE). The white (-w-) In the centre represents the aeroplane in relation to the horizon. Also has vertical and horizontal needle indicators and a red 'Power Off' warning indicator.
Interconnecting Box, Gun Control / Audio Amplifier
NSN 5820-99-900-9552 was originally intended for remote audio control of line and radio in British Armoured Vehicles. Has 4 Remote Guns Control lines. Larkspur type connectors for audio and power. Audio Gain control, Radio or Line selector control. 24 Volt operation. Can be used with Larkspur Vehicle Radio equipment such as C-13, C-45, or as a stand alone vehicle intercom system.
IP-710/APQ-99 Phantom Fighter Jet Radar Indicator
The IP-710/APQ-99 radar indicators were removed from RF-4 Phantom Fighter Jets. Made by Texas Instruments the indicator unit is part of the AN/APQ-99 radar system still in use today.

The radar system was specially developed for the RF-4 version of Phantom Jets. The AN/APQ-99 radar unit is an elevation twin lobe mono-pulse system with ground mapping and terrain following capabilities operating in the J-band frequencies.

The IP-710/APQ-99 Radar Indicator is supplied in good condition, Grade-3 Un-tested.
Iraqi PRC-638 VHF Radio From the Gulf War
Back-pack VHF, FM transceiver. These PRC-638 Radios were built in Italy by IRET for the Iraqi Army, which was then ran by Saddam Hussein. These Radios were captured from the Iraqi Army, features include digital synthesis. Four rotary knobs select the operational frequency of the radio, Arabic text on the dials. Modular construction for easy field service. ATU operates in the receive mode with either 1 or 3 Meter whips. Operates 30-76 Mhz in 25Khz steps for a possible 1840 channels. RF power output is a selectable 4 Watts high or 100mw Low. Requires 12 VDC @ Max 1.5 Amps.

This radio is supplied in nice condition, with the canvas bag, but no other other accessores. A real collectors item!
J-37 Morse Key
Morse key for use with GRC-9, BC-1306 and other war time radios. Complete with spring type leg strap.
J-37 Morse Key Desktop Version
Morse key for use with GRC-9 and other W.W.II Radios. Can be mounted on a table top.
JB-4615 Audio Cable Adapter
JB-4615 Audio Cable Adapter for use with the RT-4600. Can also be used with the PRC-25,77,68, 126 as well as many other radios with U-183/U Connector.

Converts the audio socket U-183/U on the RT-4600 and similar to one U-79/U and one U-183/U type sockets.
Larkspur Microphone
Larkspur Microphone with old Larkspur 6 pin Audio Plug. Used with British C11/R-210, C-13, C-42, C-45 radio stations, and other similar radios.
LS-166/U Speaker
The LS-166/U is used with the older style military radio sets which have a U-79/U audio connector. Speaker is permanent magnet cone type producing 3 Watts in to 8 Ohms, and is coupled through a sealed, 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms impedance transformer. Frequency response 300Hz to 7Khz, Field or vehicular use modes switch. The connecting cord is terminated with a U-77/U connector.
LS-7 Loudspeaker
LS-7 for use with BC-1306, GRC-9 or other radios. Permanent magnet type loudspeaker, with a 4 diameter cone and 4000 Ohm matching transformer in metal box. Includes cord with PL-55 Plug.
LV-80 RF Power Amp
French made RF power amp for the GRC-9 Radio set. 24 VDC input, Power output is about 80 Watts. Frequency Range 2-12 Mhz.
M-1945 Belt Suspenders
The M-1945 suspender belt is used in conjunction with the ST-120A carrying harness. It allows the transportation of a PRC-8, PRC-9 or PRC-10 radio as a back-pack.
M-63 Yugoslav Peoples Army Field Telephone
The M-63 is the Ex-Yugoslav Peoples Army Field telephone.
Range using D-10 two wire cable between two M-63 telephones up to 30km.
Range between radio and M-63 field telephone in remote radio operating role using D-10 two wire cable up to 10km. The M-63 Field Telephone Rings the other phone using the hand crank and operates with two D batteries for power.
Marconi Type AA-14201-1 Airborne HF Transceiver
No details are presently available for this set. Weight 10kg.
Please help if you know anything about this Transceiver.
MH1 Headset and Helmet
Manufactured by Marconi Secure Radio in Portsmouth, England.
The MH1 Headset with Helmet are designed for use with the Clansman vehicle radio sets such as VRC-321, VRC-322 & VRC-353 and in Vehicle control harness. It will also work with Clansman man-pack radios. The MH1 weighs approximately 650 grams and is designed to be worn with virtually all types of headgear. The helmet is easily detachable from headset. The earpieces are linked with head, neck and chin straps, all of which are adjustable to optimise fit and comfort for the wearer. The standard MH1 comprises a headset fitted with a cable connector assembly for attachment to a pressel switch assembly and an omni-position boom micro-phone. The microphone is of the pressure gradient (noise-cancelling) type. Each earpiece features an adjustable shutter device designed specifically to attenuate environmental noise. Supplied as brand new Grade 1.

Earphone Type: Rocking Armature, fully tropicalised.
Earphone Sensitivity: 120 dB relative to 20 uPa for 1 mW at 1 kHz (each earphone).
Earphone Impedance: 300 ohm + 25% at 1 kHz (each earphone).
Microphone Type: Miniature Dynamic, noise-cancelling, fully tropicalised.
Microphone Sensitivity: -69 dB relative to 1 V/Pa open circuit at 1 kHz.
Microphone Impedance: 300 ohm + 20% at 1 kHz.
Operating Temperature Range: -30 to + 70 'C.
Relative humidity: 95% at + 35 'C.
Plug and cables: supplied with 800 mm cable terminated in 7 Pin Clansman plug.
Weight: 650 grams.
MP-50 Antenna Mount
MP-50 Antenna mounting bracket with 2 diameter mounting hole. For mounting AB-15 or MP-65 type antenna mast base to military vehicles or other flat surfaces.
MP-68 Ground Plane Mast Base
Ground plane antenna when used with combinations of AB-21, AB-24, MS-116, MS-118. Whip masts installed as three radiating elements and one vertical. Has 3 diameter ceramic feed-through insulator with UHF connection. A clamp allows installation on top of 1.6 diameter masts.
MT-350 GRC-9 Vehicle Mount
The MT-350 vehicle mounting plate for the GRC-9 radio set. The MT-350 mount bolts on to the FM-85 Mount, The GRC-9 is then strapped on.
The MT-350 is supplied in good condition and includes the canvas straps.
Murphy B-40 Communications Receiver
The B-40 is a general purpose HF communications receiver which were used in the late 50's by the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. Made in the United Kingdom by Murphy Radio Company. It had to be strong and reliable, sensitive and easy to use. It was literally built like a battleship, and had to stay on frequency, when the ship fired it's guns! Consequently weight was not a factor in it's design.
Murphy B-41 Communications Receiver
B-41 is a general purpose LF communications receiver built for the Admiralty by Murphy radio Co. It looks and functions in a similar manor to a B-40 described above. It is capable of receiving CW, AM and FSK. Works on 115 or 240 VAC.
Murphy B-62B Communications Receiver
B-62B is a general purpose LF-HF communications receiver built for the Admiralty by Murphy radio Co. It looks and functions in a similar manor to a B-40 described above. It is capable of receiving CW, AM and FSK. Works on 115 or 240 VAC. Uses 15 valve, single conversion super-heterodyne, Frequency range - 150-300KHz, 0.56-1.5MHz, 3.9-10MHz, 9.5-18.5MHz, 17.6-30.5MHz. Sensitivity - 2uV CW or 4uV RT for 20dB signal to noise. Weight - 100lb!!, Dimensions - 12.75w x 15.75h x 18.75d
MX-6707/VRC Vehicle Antenna Mast Base
The MX-6707/VRC Antenna mast base and Automatic Antenna Tuner ATU operates over 30 to 76 MHz VHF range in 10 band segments. Automatic Tuning of any one of 10 segments automatically selected by a solenoid-driven switch in the matching unit. Solenoid is controlled from receiver-transmitter RT-246/VRC or RT-524/VRC, or from amplifier power supply OA-3633/GRC.
No.1 MKII Morse Key
Morse Key, type YA S414. Plastic version of the KEY, WT-8 AMP enclosed in a metal housing for use with a field radio.