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Radios and Equipment


RT-524 Handle Protectors
RT-524 Handle protectors screw on to the left and right side of the RT-524 Radio transmitter. It provides additional protection to the radios existing handles. They can also be used if existing handles are missing or broken.

The handle protectors are supplied in pairs left and right side and are in used condition, as removed from radios.
£16.50 (Approximately US$ 21.12)
BC-1000 Dummy Antenna Module A-28
American / French BC-1000 A-28 Dummy Antenna module. Used for adjusting and testing the BC-1000 transmitter output. Has a light indicator to show optimum setting.
£14.50 (Approximately US$ 18.56)
Clansman PRC-349 12 Volt 0.55Ah Rechargeable Battery Pack
Clansman PRC-349 12 Volt 0.55Ah sealed rechargeable Nickle Cadmium battery pack. NSN: 6140-99-661-4865. Supplied in used condition.
£13.50 (Approximately US$ 17.28)
6 Volt 1.7Ah Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack
6 Volt Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack, rated capacity 1.7Ah. Believed to have been used in emergency lighting applications. Normal charge 170mA for 14 hours.

The battery pack measures 210mm long * 25mm in diameter, NSN: 6140-99-126-4421. The battery pack is supplied in used condition.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
Clansman Respirator Microphone
Gas Mask Microphone designed to be used with the Anti-Gas No. S6 Respirator.
Rocking Armature motor unit, 300 Ohm impedance at 1000Hz.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
Clansman Trailing Wire Antenna for PRC-350, PRC-351, PRC-352
Clansman Trailing Wire Antenna for PRC-350, PRC-351, PRC-352 Man-Pack radios. The antenna plugs in to the antenna socket of the radio, total length 120 Cm (47 inch). NSN: 5820-99-620-8346. Supplied in very good condition.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter External Probe 5 Meter Extension Lead
This is the 5 Meter Extension lead for the External Beta / Gamma Probe of the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

This extension lead uses very unusual connectors that are very hard to find! These connectors look similar to BNC connectors but they are not!

This lead can be modified and plugged into any of the three sockets that are provided on the DOM-410 Geiger Counter.

The three sockets on the DOM-410 Geiger Counter are the External Beta / Gamma Probe Socket, External Warning Light Socket and the External Headset Socket. Please see pictures below.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
PRC-349 Module 5
PRC-349 brand new spare Discriminator Module number 5. NATO Part Number 5820-99-643-8404.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
RA-440 Throat Microphone Element Single Transducer Type (Black)
The single transducer type comprises two moulded housings, which are hinged in front of the throat. The leather microphone pads align to the contours of the throat for maximum comfort in use. This assembly is attached to an elastic neck strap incorporating a safety release feature. Although twin housings are mounted on the neckband, only one is fitted with a microphone transducer, the other being a dummy unit. The transducer is a high quality moving iron magnetic type.

Specifications: Transducer type: moving iron. Sensitivity (into 150 ohms load): -51dB nominal re 1V for normal speech. Impedance: 155 ohms ?20% at 800Hz. Frequency response: rising to approx. 2.5kHz for higher intelligibility. Noise exclusion: a white noise sound field of 120dB produces an electrical output 6dB less than the speech output quoted.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
Throat Microphone Element Twin Transducer Type (White)
The twin transducer type incorporates two microphone housings on a flexible rubber moulded cable assembly designed to fit comfortably without undue pressure. Two microphone elements are fitted so as to provide maximum sensitivity where this is required.

Specifications: Transducer type: moving iron. Sensitivity (into 300ohms load): -50dB re 1V for nominal speech. Total impedance: 300 ohms. Frequency response: rising to approx. 2.5kHz for higher intelligibility. Noise exclusion: a white noise sound field of 120dB produces an electrical output 6dB less than the speech output quoted.
£12.50 (Approximately US$ 16.00)
Dosimeter Carry Bag
These durable bags originally housed a British Army Dosimeter. The light weight bags are made of strong and durable Green Nylon Webbing which would not rot. Can be used to carry a radio or accessories, School bag, Fishing, Hunting, Sports, Travel, Camping, etc. and is of a suitable size to be carried as hand luggage on board aircraft. Supplied in very good condition (no tears). Can be hand carried, also has eyelets for the addition of shoulder carry straps (Not Available) to covert the bag into a back-pack. The unique side opening bag has a number of compartments and incorporates a large pocket on top for a compass, a book, passport. A clear window on the main opening flap for a map or instructions. There is a smaller compartment at the other end and a Velcro fastened pocket for very small items. The opening flaps are secured by strong Nylon straps to keep the contents secure.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
Passive Oscilloscope Probe Type M-12X1
The Oscilloscope Probe Type M-12X1 is a miniature X1 passive probe intended for use with a wide range of oscilloscopes. These probes were manufactured to the highest specification in England for use in the military workshops and have a NATO Stock Number Z4-6625-99-726-2877. The probes modular construction facilitates simple field replacement of the major parts (see dismantling section below). The probe is supplied Brand New with a complete range of accessories.
£10.00 (Approximately US$ 12.80)
Clansman Hand-Set Storage Pouch
This is a British Army MOD issue handset storage pouch for Clansman Handsets. It is Intended for the Clansman PRC-350 radio kit but can be used with all other back pack radio handsets. The pouch has two belts or yoke loops that can be attached to existing PLCE Yoke or Belt. The Pouch has a zip opening that allows easy access to the handset. Supplied in good used condition. NSN: 5965-99-620-8031.
£8.50 (Approximately US$ 10.88)
Clansman PRC-351 & PRC-352 Back-Pack Frame Adaptor
The Clansman PRC-351 & PRC-352 Back-Pack Adaptor. Screws on to the side of the radio allowing the radio to be mounted on a Clansman GS or a Light Weight carry frame. Supplied with fixing screws.
£8.50 (Approximately US$ 10.88)
Clansman Base Aerial Support Rubber Gasket
New Rubber gasket for the Racal antenna Bases, 5330-99-949-1082.
This grubber gasket is suitable for the Clansman Base Aerial Support No. 31 MK6 and Clansman Base Aerial Support No. 31 MK2
£7.50 (Approximately US$ 9.60)
DOM-410 Geiger Counter Plastic Neck Carry Strap
This is the plastic carry strap for the DOM-410 Geiger Counter, see pictures below.
£4.50 (Approximately US$ 5.76)
BE375, Sarbe 5 - Special Forces (SAS) Rescue Radio
SAS versions (Green Colour) in good condition and including pull cord and antenna. They are Grade 3, untested off the pile. They probebley work, we are not allowed to sell them as tested and serviced, you can imagine why!

BE375 - Sarbe 5 Rescue Radio, Tx / Rx , Emergency frequency 243.0 Mhz, Auxiliary Frequency 282.8 Mhz. Batteries are not available.
Clansman Adapter Unit
Converts 7 pin Clansman audio to US style audio equipment. Has 5 pin US U-229/U style Connector.
Clansman Interconnecting Box Radio Adapter (IBRA)
The interconnecting Box Radio Adapter enables Clansman Radios to be used to their full potential in a Larkspur harness, and provides the Intercom Amplifier for the Larkspur Harness.
DOM-410 Geiger Counter
The DOM-410 Geiger Counter or radiation meter was used by Dutch, French and Belgian Army in the late 1970's early 1980's. It is manufactured to high standard under license from SRAT. It is hermetically sealed unit and water tight.

The internal X & Gamma sensor is easily removable and is capable of measuring from 1 Milli Rad per hour up to 1000 Rads per hour.

Six measurement ranges by direct reading on a single scale. The scale is illuminated for night reading.

Overall, it is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is portable and self contained, it is robustly built and designed to take a lot of abuse.

The DOM-410 Counter is powered by two standard 1.5 Volt D cells and is supposed to last up to 16 hours on a fresh set of batteries.

The DOM-410 counter is supplied in very good working condition with-out any accessories. Some accessories and English language manual are available separately.
Larkspur B Box
Larkspur Rebroadcast Unit B box is part of a two radio set installation.
Larkspur Control Unit C Box
The Larkspur Control Unit C box is the operator's control unit for controlling one or two radio sets in a vehicle.
Larkspur Control Unit Number 31
Larkspur Control Unit Number 31
Larkspur I Box
The Larkspur I box provides intercom function in systems that do not have a built-in intercom amplifier already installed in the radio.
Larkspur Interconnecting Box 2 Way, 4 Way
Larkspur Interconnecting Box 2 Way, 4 Way
Larkspur Interconnecting Box 4 Way Number 4
The Larkspur Interconnection Box 4 way Number 4 was the primary LT distribution unit, used in almost all vehicle radio installations.
Larkspur J1 Box
The Larkspur J1 Box enables several crew members to work a radio set and have have intercom function. The J1 Box also allows the radio set to be connected to one other radio set.
Larkspur O Box
The Larkspur O Box allows 2 headsets to be connected to a radio set. A volume control is provided.
R-1155 W.W.II. Lancaster Bomber Receiver
The R-1155 was the standard radio Receiver installation in W.W.II Lancaster bombers. Used by the British Royal Air Force. The receiver was used to provide communications, direction finding and homing functions. Using 10 tubes, it was the companion receiver to a T-1154 Transmitter.
UK/TRC-471 Transportable UHF Radio Relay Equipment (Triffid)
We now have in stock some UK/TRC-471 (Triffid) equipment. Various units of this system is available. Please email for details.