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You can submit articles or other useful information about military radios or military vehicles for publication on this site.
They can be reviews, personal accounts, tips etc. It can be printed or electronic text, with or with-out pictures. Please note by submitting articles you give Army Radio Sales Co. permission to publish this material. We may have to change the format or layout of your articles to HTML format and layout.

Have a look at some of the articles already published, to get an idea of how the final work would look like. Send your articles to sales@armyradio.com


Article Title


The HP / Agilent E3631A Power Supply Repair Gerry Sweeney
Model AQST East German 'HRO' Receiver Neil Clyne G8LIU
Communication Equipment of The North Vietnamese Army William L. Howard
Collection of Japanese W.W.II Military Radios William L. Howard
  Russian Military Radios William L. Howard
  The Iraqi Radios of Desert Storm Dennis Starks
  Captured Equipment of Desert Storm William L. Howard
  Collection of German W.W.II. Radios William L. Howard
Information on the German SEM-52A VHF Radio Set Alan D. Tasker
  BC-348 and BC-224 Aircraft Radio Receivers Ken Corwin
  U.S. Military Portable Radios Alan D. Tasker
Russian Military Batteries Richard Walker
Saving Old Military Batteries William L. Howard
SPY Radios of W.W.II. William L. Howard
R-5223 Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
AR-7 Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
AR-8 Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
RCA AR-88D and AR-88LF Radio Receivers Ray Robinson
B-29 Receiver Ray Robinson
B-40 Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
Command Sets Ray Robinson
CR-6 Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
R-1155 Lancaster Bomber Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
RA-217D Radio Receiver Ray Robinson
The Enigma Code Breach Jan Bury
Russian ZIL Radio Truck Joe Bell
Radiation and Boatanchors David Stinson & Jerry Proc
  FSE-38/58 Alignment & Modifications Details Various Authors
SEM-52A Speaker/Microphone Modification Ben Azari
The Radio Restoration Aboard HMCS HAIDA Jerry Proc
  Power Up Dave Strom
Delco PRC-64 Battery Adapter Major Breckinridge S. Smith
Making BC-611 Batteries Major Breckinridge S. Smith
PRC-47 Variable Tune Modification Major Breckinridge S. Smith
Russian to English Electrical / Electronic Dictionary Joe Bell
Antique Lister CS Diesel Engine Project Ben Azari

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